That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

My current job is being phased out and management has not shared anything about the future. About a year ago they mentioned at a meeting for us all to start looking for jobs. Although it's a large company and we are all most likely going to be moved, there's no guarantee that we all will keep the same pay. I took their advice and started looking. I applied for a job that's more in line with my education and I've never actually had a shot at doing what I went to school for. The problem is, the job I applied for is only part-time and the pay starts off a bit lower than I'm accustomed to. It does have the potential to make much more than I currently do though, over time.What makes it so tough is, if I got that new job it could be beneficial in the long run because it's for a school district and they have excellent benefits packages. So, do I pass up this new opportunity to do what I'm trained for? Or should I stick with whatever my current job leaves me with? I'm almost certain that they'll try and say that they did all they could but will have this lower paying position to offer me.

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So I work in an office. A big office. Alone. I have coworkers, but most of them work out of our other office. There is one person that works one day a week with me,and another one for a half day per week. So I am here by myself most of my work week. You would think I have it made, right? No boss up my ass, and as long as I get my work done, I'm in good shape. Right? WRONG! The problem is, is that I don't have enough work to keep me busy. My boss knows this, but won't give me more to do. Another annoyance is that I am "out of sight, out of mind". Nobody communicates with me from the other office, and when I email or call them with something, they act like it's a big annoyance that I am calling. The only reason I am here is because they need me here to make the office not look empty. I would quit, but the other issue is, is I kind of need the money. Don't get me wrong! I am happy to have a job!! But I don't think people realize how working alone is so soul sucking.

posted to work by Yoko, Keeper of Musclebeasts (3 comments)

So I messed up at work today. Recently, about a week ago, I started working at a food place in my town, and I have made some pretty terrible mistakes. Sure MY manager understands that I am still a rookie and that this is my first job, but I am afraid that she will still fire me. Money has been short during my shifts, and I locked the screen so I couldn't do any transactions for a good 30 minutes. Man I feel like a stupid idiot. I am going to get fired. Be easy on me please.

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you can either work for someone and add to thier riches or you can work for self???

what is better?

posted to work by Andy, Necromancer of the Forgotten Lands (4 comments)

My father ran one of the biggest Bank in the Country, my mother was a professor of Medicine, I was brought up in a big house with a big garden. We had gardeners and house stewards who cooked and cleaned and nannies who looked after us. I went to one of the best Universities, wore great designer clothes, we had three modern saloon cars and I was driven about in these chauffeured cars whenever I wanted. I went to one of the best schools, then to one of the best university and got a first class degree in Accountancy. I worked for a prestigious Accontancy firms in Town, earned good money, travelled and saw the world. I have just finished a Masters Degree. So what makes you think anything you say or write will bother me. Your father was a driver for British Rail, you grew up on an Estate and was drinking and smoking from 12, you can barely read and write your own langusge properly and was being fucked in friends dingy rooms at 16, some of your best friends that you hang arond with are all unmarried mothers at 15, Most of you live on Welfare and get bossed and pushed around by those useless langky lads, unambitious underachievers with zero prospects, all roaming around the same Estate as you, stabbing eachother and smoking pot. Prison next stop. What nonsense or rubbish can your kind say other than dogs vomit, Am I going to pay attention to trash or allow the shit of shit any space in my head. Your condition speaks for itself, don't blame me, fackoff and go get a little life, you piece of rotten garbage. Our worlds are different, as is our minds, your kind I employ to clean outside my house.

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I feel sad


I have been feeling sad for a while now. at least for a year, I had this sinking feeling at the back of my heart. it isn't easy, to have such ambitions and yet not achieve it. life has been really tough, struggling every moment to get what I want, taking a step back and making countless sacrifices. my psychology is affected too. less confident , less willing to go out and meet people. the days aren't easy at all. I feel like crying every night, just that the tears won't flow out.

God I pray to you to give me strength to carry on. The grittiness to pull through such hard times. The courage to advance forward. at work, i feel as if i have been relegated to the bottom, being tasked with mindless work, attached to a junior. I feel so useless. Maybe this is the reason on why I am feeling so depressed. I have no opportunity to make an impression on my superior.

It's hard. Putting myself through such punishing schedule and not seeing me making progress. I just need to cry. After get the strength to grit on. I just have to push myself and learn as fast as I can.

posted to work by Max, Gunner of Arts and Crafts (3 comments)

I'm in middle school and you would imagine how hard it is to get a simple job to pass time, all of the damn jobs I find you've got to be 16 and older for! like what the heck, and being my parents are way to protective, so baby sitting and pet siting are out of the question completely. I just wanted a simple job to pass the time while getting some extra! IS IT THAT HARD TO ASK FOR! welp, just needed to get that off my chest, teehee

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She said u are hilarious dickhead company where you boss somewhere residing in Portugal...:)*

posted to work by Taylor, Ranger of the Wildlands (1 comment)

All Check your land, the piece I sore you on on Boxing Day last year, Your security fence has been tampered with,

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Hi Fearless blogging moderators

Could you please block and delete and bloke SHOULD WE HAVE…. And all the GAYLE HARRIS posts as thy are obviously Spam?

Thanks the blogging community

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God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment. I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path, and to lead me to find the proper things to say and do in this quest. I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given me, but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment. Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I may return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance. Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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Usually common in base scale subjects, when running low on energy, the brain is able to protect itself from harm by triggering a protein that reduces the frequency of electrical impulses. This usually initiates an inability to maintain maximum cerebral functioning and intro-spective appraisals of stimuli or conclusive determinates.

Published in Proceedings of the Dundee Academy of Sciences, the findings could lead to new treatments for patients who are at risk of stroke because their energy supply from blood vessels feeding the brain has become compromised. This may be due to inadequate stimulation or direct failure of comprehension or stunted developement at primary source.

Many areas or cerebral regions of the brain constantly consume as much energy as leg muscles during marathon running. Even when asleep, the brain needs regular fuel. Much of this energy is needed to fire up action potentials, tiny electrical impulses that travel along nerve cells in the brain that trigger the release of chemical messages at nerve endings, allowing the brain to process information and control bodily functions.

Normally, the bloodstream should supply enough glucose and oxygen to the brain to generate enough energy required for these action potentials to be fired up. But things can go wrong if the blood vessels feeding the brain become narrowed or blocked, restricting the supply of vital nutrients. An over indulgence of negative assimilation and absence of critical nuero facualties due to under-development is a main factor in this regard.

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it hits me bad the thing i know won't happen it just makes me sad

good politics they say do it cause you need it it is everywhere

you've been giving your best quality work, here and there but politics overpowers it all

you try to prove performance is what matters but they like them more

they, who are all friendly they, who are all funny they, who knows how to small talk with the bosses

you keep telling yourself i don't need to be selected I don't need to please my bosses with non-work things

you keep telling yourself i'm just here for the money and benefits i'm already content

but deep inside you know you are good and you're born a leader

deep inside you overflow with potential and you know it

listen to you heart listen to it hear what it wants

it wants to ignite it wants to be with people and do some god damn awesomness

think, and think are you happy? are you, appreciated?

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it hits me bad the thing i know won't happen it just makes me sad

good politics they say do it cause you need it it is everywhere

you've been giving your best quality work, here and there but politics overpowers it all

you try to prove performance is what matters but they like them more

they, who are all friendly they, who are all funny they, who knows how to small talk with the bosses

you keep telling yourself i don't need to be selected I don't need to please my bosses with non-work things

you keep telling yourself i'm just here for the money and benefits i'm already content

but deep inside you know you are good and you're born a leader

deep inside you overflow with potential and you know it

listen to you heart listen to it hear what it wants

it wants to ignite it wants to be with people and do some god damn awesome things

think, and think are you happy? are you, appreciated?

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Just a confession. So if you're black and capable and are wondering why you didn't get the job. Well it's because somebody like me, somebody who knows what contribution your people have made to this country, will put on a smile and go through the motions but will never hire or promote you.

posted to work by Adrian, Matriarch of the craft table (8 comments)

It’s not the first time I’d thought like that. I realised once the feeling had begun to wash away that I’d been almost entombed by the concept for all of 5 minutes and then it was faded. I was so whimsical.

My monthly gift was playing havoc with my emotions, and my value system, and I had starting thinking earthly ‘outside-of-the-box’ type thoughts: thoughts of what would happen if I insisted on being naked 24/7? I appreciate that it’s indecency or whatever and that I could be arrested but the concept is mostly about the thought of stopping the flow of blood. Without clothes or sanitary towels or even tampons how would I ever stop the endless trickle of blood? I spend most of my sanity whilst I’m having a period checking myself and all relevant furniture to ensure I haven’t marked it, left a stain or a spot of myself behind for someone else to find and inevitably be disgusted by. So what if I decided that throughout my period I wouldn’t wear clothes or appropriate flow stopping mechanisms and would instead, definitively bleed upon everything I sat on? I think ultimately people would get used to it. For instance how do people deal with periods on far off islands inhabited by tribes-people that don’t follow a traditional sense of clothing? Reeds, I assume, are pretty useless at absorption so your grass skirts are no good to me. Or to them for that matter, how do they cope?

I realised once I’d dragged my inside-self away from dancing round the fire with my new tribe family that this was born from panic of leaving a spot on the sofa I was sitting on at work. I made a decision to check, once again, before leaving the room; although I’ve no idea what I’d do if it was marked? How do you announce that you’ve inadvertently but whilst being fully conscious of the possibility bled on office furniture?

The family I was working with were innocently putting together train tracks and making an ever-developing road map for the little magnetic train to worm around. The interpreter was penetrating the background noise with random loose statements about what they were saying to each other; most of it was rather obvious. ‘He’s explaining why he’s lining the train carts up like he is’, ‘he’s showing him how the wooden track pieces fit together’. Yes my eyes are, apparently, multi-lingual thank you all the same. He wasn’t even speaking to me but to my work partner so I’m not sure why I’m so defensive of his information giving. He then said ‘Dad is telling him, he used to enjoy playing with cars when they all lived together, back home, he is pleased he remembers how’. The final part of the statement seemed somehow referenced to the fact that the 4 year old was yet to speak a word to Dad: we’d all been sat here listening, first to Dad then the interpreter chat relentlessly trying to get a response from him. That’s when I thought it first. I can only assume that my current state somewhat hindered my viewpoint but still, it seemed that Dad was edging for his son to be something other than what he was. The child was not unhappy, he had smiled, given positive body language, engaged in play with Dad and most importantly sat on the floor in his company for almost two hours. He must at least enjoy his company? Why couldn’t his Dad just be happy for the precious nice moments they’d spent together instead of wanting more?

I have friends that would initially say ‘because he’s a man and they’re never satisfied’ but I don’t know if it’s as cut and dry as all that myself. My guess is that he feels somewhat badly done to because the boy won’t speak. He was ‘denied’ any access to him for over a year and now he doesn’t grasp why the child isn’t the same as he was over a year ago, at 4 years old. It’s highly likely that the child has little recollection of Dad and whilst I can appreciate the complex dimensions of reintegrating a paternal relationship I do also understand why Dad just wants his little boy back. Perhaps my initial resistance to Dad’s attitude was untimely. I can’t imagine how that feels for him.

I decide there and then to be more open to others emotions when I’m at work. And remind myself how lucky I am that my parents and I have always ‘known’ each other. Not necessarily always liked one another or gotten along but still they’ve accepted my difficulties and subjective tastes because of who I was long before my opinion became my personal priority. I accept that it’s human nature and as long as we continue to experience the world we shall always be ‘ever-changing’ and growing into new people – I am simply grateful that we work on our differences, calling each other out and reminding one another to be bigger ears than mouths. Quickly I’m reminded that the setting for my latest revelation (as my 20’s appears to be full of them) is not as private as it seems inside my head and the family in front of me begin to pack away the trainset of conversation and papers are being shuffled into bags on my side of the table. I know I must once again listen to what’s being said and not just gaze mindlessly into the room and give the suggestion of being human.

I walk through the main entrance door the opposing way, out into the sunshine, a new woman. Not just one person but the amalgamated knowledge, fears, prejudices and assumptions of everyone I have ever met. I am powerful with the knowledge of the many. I am once again part of the world on which I walk in both mind and spirit. I know now that if the vast majority of people wear clothes during their period then so should I. I’m not about to dash their hundreds of years of feminine knowledge on a whim that I’m the one with the right idea. I am not superwoman, and not solely because I’d trip over her cape if I had to wear it. I am one of many thousands of women that have been in my position and I will take their instruction gladly as they’ve done it all before.

Then I remember that I didn’t check my seat for a spot. What would the feminine council say about that?

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Please co-worker. Don't bring your kids to work. They're not cute or adorable. And I honestly don't care about their baseball practice. So don't tell me. I'm more obsessed with the single, pretty adults who aren't knocked up.

posted to work by Ash, Lover of the Wicked (6 comments)

You're fat. Accept it. Move on. You're kale-juice diet isn't working. Wearing all black makes you look more like a shoplifter than a model. And no, black clothing doesn't hide your folds of fat. You suck. And so when you're mean, I get it. Your life sucks. And just to be clear. Your husband IS sleeping with better looking women.

posted to work by Yoko, Matriarch of Imagination (6 comments)

My boss is a real piece of work ... After 18 months of keeping alive a technology that was built on a crumbling infrastructure she called me in to her office. She claimed my trouble shooting skills were at best questionable So I replied " Wasn't I who discovered a bad switch in one of the buildings and correct me if I am wrong but wasn't also me that uncovered DHCP\DNS issues with the ip address being shared by two pc's at one time. Then I thought so why did I receive the star of excellence given to employees for outstanding work for the organization. After all her half ass attempts and excuses I simply said" Why can't you be honest with me and simply say we have to lay you off due to budget cuts" I mean it wasn't like I had not anticipated being let go, I just felt like i should have expected more from my boss. Just be honest and sincere. Too much to ask for in this Dog eat dog world

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about his obsession with NuWave Solutions receptionist Ms. Brazzell. LOL!

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Ask Stephen L. Taylor about IC-CAP copyright infringement. LOL!

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Ask Stephen L. Taylor about his NuWave Solutions expense account. LOL!

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Ask Stephen L. Taylor about the EADIS Contract!! LOL ;-)

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I really cannot stand my sister in law. She is so fake. Her kids are a nightmare. All she does is talk about what she has eaten, how she finds time to tan & workout, brags about things her kids are doing way earlier than anyone else's kid(I wish she had a reason to brag about their behavior or manners lol) Everytime we visit, my husband of course wants to spend time with his brother, who spends most of his time anywhere but around his wife & kids. So I end up sitting there for hours with her. It is like going back to highschool. My only hope is that this is an act that will eventually wear off. Maybe she will not stay stuck in highschool for eternity. The only thing that gets me by is thinking she keeps up the facade to avoid the reality that her husband drinks from the time he comes home until his head hits the pillow, he finds any side jobs he can on his days off & she has no control over her kids.

posted to work by Brett, Student of the Satisfied (4 comments)

So I live in a small town of about 2,000 people. There aren't many places to work, but I am sick of the people who I work with. There are about twenty employees at my job and only three of them are guys. The rest are female. (Including myself) So there is a crap ton of drama. I don't want to sound conceited or anything, but I am very mature for my age. I don't act my age at all. I am nineteen years old. My birthday is on the 22nd, but still. I am fairly young, and I can't stand people who constantly talk crap.

At my job, all of the other woman are constantly talking crap about one another behind their backs. Then there is me and one other coworker who is sick of it.

Recently, my manager has been training me in on the cash office. However; I am NOT a supervisor. They gave me cash office and are making me open the store when needed, but they aren't paying me like a supervisor.

What should I do?

posted to work by Ash, Prostitute of the Hungry (1 comment)

Retail had never crossed my mind as something I would have liked to get into. Not because there is anything particularly wrong with it, but because I always thought that I would be quite quite inefficient at selling anything to anyone. Those who know me well have divided opinions on this. Mum thinks that I will be excellent at it because I am able to engage with 90% of the people I meet (unless they have a problem with me). My 18 year old friend thinks I suck at it because I am too nice.

Leaving their opinions aside, allow me to elaborate how it has gone on thus far. It has been a hell of a ride. Developing instincts to tell who is a buyer and who is a tyre kicker is taking its toll on me. Admittedly, it's not just that. I feel that I would be feeling better about going through this process had I gotten a normal manager.

Now comes the rant. My manager is the sort of person who does not like to hear that he is wrong and that he made a mistake. And I am the sort of person who has a very solid moral integrity. I readily admit if I am wrong and try to make instant amends. I believe in damage control and feel that rather than taking too much time at finger-pointing, one should move on and try to finish the job. I am honest and am critical of myself without the prompting of others. This means that I do work well. Of course this depends on the type of mentoring I get as a newbie in the industry.

My manager and the cronies that he has in place throughout our store are unbearable. They make me do all the cleaning while they sit around on their phones sending texts to their many love interests.

On one particular day my manager (let's call him Harry for privacy's sake) made me run around to find a certain set of keys which would open the main electrical switchboard. Keys which he had all along! When I finally found it he told me smiling that he had had the keys all along. And funny thing is that a trusted colleague of mine said that "If he says he was trying to make you learn then that's a good thing". Lol. This is where the kiss-ups come in. They are the ones who make your life even more unbearable.

By the way, finding the keys to the switchboard was not the conclusion to that "learning experience". My quite intelligent manager gave me a crash course on physics and the dynamics of electricity as well. He actually made me find the tripped wires (circuit breakers or whatever else they are called) and switch them on. Needless to say that this IS a huge violation of OH and S compliance, but somehow because I work with lame kiss-ups and haters this was a "learning experience" for me. I hope someone sane reads this and does agree with me that in no case whatsoever is an untrained employee (untrained in terms of electrical engineering) supposed to touch anything like that. I do understand that it was a simple task, however I do hope that people understand that I would not like to take the risk of doing something that, if I did it wrong, would not only kill me but also may put other people at risk (I work in a complex that has at least 100 other staff). The kiss-up, who I thought was a close friend, has now begun to treat me like a retard. In reality I think he is the one who is a retard. I mean why else would one say "it might be for your own learning process" to something dangerous like electricity. Him saying that electrified me from inside. It just made me realise that I can't count on friends either. At the end of the day, everyone you make into a friend at the workplace can become your enemy. Especially in retail. That's the "lesson" I have gleaned from my whole experience. They say still waters run deep. Same with this guy. And no...I am not and have never been attracted to him. So it's not a rant that has unrequited love running it as an undercurrent.

Kiss-up number 2 is just that....a kiss-up. This person will do get into the mangers good books. ANYTHING. Cheshire Kitten she is, she likes to be admired and fussed over. She is the two-faced Medusa while I am the lass who wears my heart on my sleeves and a red badge of courage. I do NOT feel a need to lie about who I am to fit in with the crowd at work. I have the courage to do that and in reality no one should lie to fit in either. A group that accepts you should do so with your unique qualities. Cheshire Kitten does not get that. She has to be one of them so she has to be a carbon copy of them. A bit sad for her. She will obviously not get enough light to grow in life. (Please disregard the Biology analogy)

Leaving her shallow and despicable nature aside, let's have a look at what I have been doing wrong thus far. Firstly, I yelled at kiss-up 2, then I gave my manager a piece of my mind and it looks like my patience with kiss-up 1 may wane soon. I have been so frustrated and hence it has boiled over on those two occasions. What worries me is that I am actually the most gentle and patient person I have met ;). No seriously. so for me to get angry so quickly and to react quite scathingly is actually a cause for concern.

After much rumination I have come up with meditation and listening to religious songs to relax me and to give me some semblance of normalcy. I feel as if I have changed from inside. I need to re-build myself and to get back the calm, tolerant, confident and NICE, KIND, GENEROUS and IN-CONTROL person that I was. Just one of the ways that one is affected by company that is quite different to what she has come to accept as norm.

So at the moment I feel a bit sad as I feel that I have become a horrible person. I just need to work on my inner-strength and bring out the nice person in me. Even if my colleagues are a&$h*#%s. I also think that I need to be bit weary of Kiss-ups in general. I don't know whose side they are on .... but I know they are not running with my team.

How do I do this?

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So all the newly hired and old favorite women come and go into the US postal Inspectors gallary for "bottoms up" training. People in the building who share access,main st building 1153 main st st johnsbury vt, allow these women newly hired and some with time in grade who fit the mold of sneaky, go through the Caledonia district attorny's office ,get buzzed into the center hallway,to walk down the 50 ft to the US Postal Inspectors Gallary. These are intended for postal inspectors use during investigations. These days fake investigations or trumped up investigation are made up to facilitate a parade of women daily use of the area ,getting payed overtime to assess fictional problems for the sole purpose of secret sex. When the ovulation period begins the Post Master gladly arrives and help with bottoms up training. The hideous part being training the women to be devious towards their husband for money. The women are given cash stipends and overtime pay from long time ,time-card fraud ring in place at the facility with total. Since they are new they are loaded up with hours not worked for the sex they provide to hte post master. The Caledonia District Attorney's office receives free lunch money in a white envelope a old small man delivers every two weeks, part hush money, part ay for lookout duties front office personnel do, if a unlikely event a real US Postal Inspector enters the Caledonia District Attorny's Office seeking entry to hallway as soon as out of sight the office person gang member will call and allert the neighbor post office of his coming. So there is reason plus keys are available to District Attorny's office personnel as executive wash rooms. With the squeezing of women gratitude by inflating their job description become apparent through peer's jeering, some quit when they find out they are not acting postal inspector's, their is a long list of women who have left St Johnsbury Vermont Post Office recently. Some activity early saturday mornings indicated,added with funny baggage used by ST Johnsbury PD for meetings with large suitcases in tow for brief meetings with tall district attorney indicate drug evidence is being removed from Police evidence locker, through the district attornys office ,it sits in the us postal inspectors gaalery untill a small old man picks the package up in the early saturday mornings ,on (you guessed it) a fictional investigation. missugeage of the us postal inspectors gallery at st johnsbury vt post office is a crime to women who are miss lead to their new job discription ,so as to squeeze all and more gratitued from them having a new job. The drug evidence moving through is just the way ti is ,like many corrupt police force their needs to be a change in this case back to a honest force.

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I really don't like the way black people and immigrant Indians look, talk, act and smell. I can't stand their cultures, their food and I know for a fact that both groups drive down wages in a professional setting. Also, like it or not, white people generally don't want to live near these groups or be friends with them. Please, go back to Africa and India. Seriously. Already!

posted to work by Frankie, Supervisor of the Irredeemably Moist (11 comments)

Piece of advice for those who're new to the corporate office culture. Especially young college grads who're dreading this. Corporate office politics is nothing more than learning to deal with Aholes. That's it. Do your job, don't say anything to anybody and you'll be fine. The Ahole, you can ignore. The Ahole is likely obese, has no friends, no social life, is a crappy individual and will spend their retirement years in an old folks' home. Really. It's that simple.

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??? aaa


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posted to work by Andy, Scout of the Irredeemably Moist (1 comment)

To everyone who is established in their profession or field:

If you are not actively looking to break down the process of how you got where you are for the next kid that comes along, if you are passing judgment and handing out condescension to those who have not yet learned what you have learned, if you think other people can read your mind and hand out chastisement or set them up for failure when they don't... You. Are. A. Big. Jerk.

Stop. Just Stop.

By the way, I've come to learn, this is one of the primary evils in this world.

posted to work by Max, Historian of Darkness (2 comments)



I've been stuck recently on what to do with my current job situation and have no idea how to resolve my issues. For one, I am young, in college, have a girlfriend and a full time job. I love sports and golf and play volleyball 3-4times a week. Recently work has been so boring, as I am a salesman and stand for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week every week. Our district manager is completely awful, knows absolutely nothing, and does not communicate what so ever. The turn over rate for the job is ridiculous and I can name maybe 5 people who have been here the year that I've been, and maybe 20 who aren't.

I make decent money and it's a very effortless job, but the down time and work/life balance is absolutely terrible. 12-8, 5 days a week, and my two days off are filled with my school homework and small amounts of girlfriend. golf and volleyball which I feel like I am not getting nearly enough fun time. I have things that must be paid so I don't want to take a pay cut, but the job is miserable. Being young, I don't have the long list of experience to get into a similar position with other companies, but my job now is absolutely terrible. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do? My main concerns are money, work/life balance. I'm not to worried about the job as long as I have enough money to pay my bills and a little extra fun money.

posted to work by Ari, Tour Guide of the Financial Services department (1 comment)

All I do is post this and get paid. I just had to confess .. http:// myjobearning .com/? invite=8950

posted to work by Rex, Consultant of Darkness (1 comment)

The world has changed alot since the old days but the fact still remains that African Americans never get the fair treatment they deserve. I currently work for Wells Fargo and many of my co workers that are Black have witnessed some form of discrimination during their Time of employment at Wells. My whole department is all Blacks and not one African American is a manager or of superior. I wonder if this was John Stumph's plan when he decided to take on Wells Fargo to promote and advance anyone but of color? Strange I know but true. Its even worst when you have someone in leadership just out right comment on Facebook how they dislike our race. But do you think his or her peers will speak up? Heck NO! Its a plan to make people think one of the biggest Lenders in this world is all about EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. When is working for Wells know better. How can you be on a job for 5 years cross train and add all these things to your resume in the same position but never promoted? STRANGE HUH??? But your good enough to train the new person that got role whos only been there 6 months but he or she is white. Dont get me wrong i hate bringing up the race card but its hard not to. This company needs to be expose so the employees that are being discriminated against can be heard.. THIS IS A MOVEMENT! !

posted to work by Blaine, Monk of Light (8 comments)

Title of writeup: Harvest Court controversy (najib's son quitting )

Word count: 877 words

Near the twilight of the tumultous year better remembered as 2011,Harvest Court Industries was at one time nearing a total organization collapse, with interest in its exploits dropping nearly as fast as the timber they were managing. However, the sudden knowledge that Nazifuddin Najib, Najib's  son is going to be a major stakeholder in their company has resulted in a sudden boost in their business, with the price of the stock skyrocketing by a whole third of a ringgit to reach a new value of a ringgit and eighteen cents (Lee, 2011) . This has definitely resulted in a huge boost of company interest because having such a major power player in the nation as a main company boon will definitely garner publicity , as well as help  lead other major players into the company in order to assist the company to become a major leader of the nation in general.

This certainly boosted the activities of Harvest Court as tabloids were written, with every move they make gaining the interest of the mass media, as well as the public alike. They were now in a prime position to take the stock exchange world by storm, as well as gather more consumers to take an interest in their public, which might essentially boost their reputation to that of one of the nation's leading economy leaders. That was not to be.

On a later date , this boost of morale was quickly cut off by the fact that Nazifuddin eventually decided to quit the company and this resulted in a massive loss of financial support, as well as the gradual disappearance of Harvest Court industries from the eyes of the public (,2011) . Every company has a chance to survive and thrive without a power player. However, it is extremely important for a company to retain any powerful contacts or names that it enlists to be in their ranks. Only then can a company truly thrive .Powerful people band together like moths to a flame, and it is evident that Nazifuddin's entrance into Harvest Court will eventually lead others to also join the ranks which might eventually lead to the company's crowning as one of the major power players of the nation's economy.

It was all for naught as the departing of Nazifuddin will certainly reduce or completely kill off any interest that any other public figure or major organization might have in the company. This certainly lead to a huge negative impact and share prices dropped by an estimated fourty cents, which lead to huge losses for the company just from one major figure departing. In terms of financial relations, this is a huge loss of intagible assets, as interest, loyalty , as well as perceived power and dominance are all important elements of a successful business. Without any of these important elements supporting an organization, it is like a skyscraper being supported by nothing more than a precarious pillar in its middle.. which is to say that it can collapse at any moment, and it will do so as other businesses move to capitalize on the squandered advantage.

Furthermore, this departing of such a major figure will lead to insecurities among the public about the organization's legitimacy as well as sow doubt among major opinion leaders. “If even someone like Nazifuddin decided to leave, what good will it do if I join? Surely there is a very good reason that Nazifuddin left. “ There will be plenty of discomforting thoughts for the public, and even if they do not want to admit it, the worst enemy of a business is not betrayal, nor fear. It is doubt itself for that leads to the false impression that the business may not be trustable, as well as surely turn the attention of powerful public figures away from Harvest Court .They might decide to support their competitors or other established names in the industry indeed, which will all but surely lead to ill effects for Harvest Court. 

Last but not least, the departing of Najib's son is going to prevent Harvest Court from getting a lot of tangible assets such as his financial wealth. This prevented them from gaining a decisive advantage over their competitors because the financial wealth of a nation's leader is nothing to scoff at, which will definitely result in a grave loss for Harvest Court.  Additional intangible assets such as strategic alliances or strong partnerships will be more difficult to attain with this drastic turn of events, because many corporations will want to have good relations with Harvest Court to get into Nazifuddin's good books.. because this will lead to many marketing opportunities as well as provide even more good platforms for customer-centred publicity stunts. There will be so many “what-ifs” and questions asked about what could have been, had this never happened. Harvest Court would still be right on track to win over the nation's interest , as well as surpass its competitors. 

All in all, this turn of events is going to result in nothing but disaster for Harvest Court, with their magnum opus against the rest of the corporations gone, only time will tell if they end up surviving the disaster or collapse among the rubble, emerging only a shadow of the major power they once was. 

Reference List: 1) Stan Lee (2011) ,Retrieved from Hornbill Unleashed 2) Author of Malaysiansmustknowthetruth blog (2011) , Retrieved from Malaysiansmustknowthetruth

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Today I am struggling to become Resilient...My life has a dark cloud hanging over it, that I've been trying to get out from under for a few years. It all started when I graduated from Nursing School, passed the boards and began working as an Registered Nurse. The first job I applied for was my dream job, working in a psychiatric hospital, helping people who needed me, learning more and getting paid well. I easily got the job and have never been happier. All good things come to an end and after working there for a few months I found my unit to be grossly understaffed, with no discernible intention from management to staff at safe levels, according to their own policies. Also I found out that I was blatantly lied to about a 'code team' that was trained to protect me and de-escalate dangerous situations. I was on one of the most violent units in the hospital and the code team amounted to randomly selected staff members for the day that opted to not respond to our codes for the most part because of the danger and frequency (around 20 a day). Left with no other choice than to watch my staff and patients be harmed I had to jump in an help my staff to physically restrain patients. My job was to supervise but due to negligent staffing that was impossible. In many of these crises I was spit on, bitten, hit, kicked, while dogging urine, blood or feces. Eventually my back was irreparably damaged and I had to quit working. During this time I sunk into a major depression and couldn't pay my bills. The Nursing Board decided to take away my license because I defaulted on my student loans. Through all this all I wanted was to be a RN again. It made me proud and gave my life real meaning to help people who needed me. I fought through the bureaucracy of the Nursing board, got out of default with my student loans and after years got my license back! Well hold on no need to celebrate yet.... Apparently this horrible infraction of getting hurt at work and not able to pay my bills for a short time, carries the penalty, even after paying fines and jumping through hoops, of a permanent (as in forever) disciplinary mark on my license which makes it impossible to find a job to hire me. So my career is permanently taken from me and I have no other way to make a living. Even prison has an end to your sentence! Because I was injured and didn't have precious money for a short period. So day to day now I am trying to find the will and way to go on.... It's such a struggle, but I will get through this!

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This week in Tradewinds’ “Quotes of the week”, Anders Zorn of Golden Ocean touched a subject no one talks about, but everyone knows. How desperate brokers are manipulating low educated chartering people into accepting much lower rates. He pointed that the broker houses, due to their current sizes, have transformed themselves in the sorts focus on booking, don't focus on the principal. I see it as the Wolves of Wall street movie gone wrong (my poetic allowance to his comments) or maybe a a re-run of Jerry Maguire. While Tradewinds is somehow making fun – as it does sounds funny – no one has been so close to the truth and he had the guts to spit it out.

normally I receive calls or "skypes" from fifteen different brokers with the same accounts, very few with the real cargo, most of them with the usual operators. Sometimes they work in the same broker shop. The all calling for the their one-off illusive off-market orders. The clever chartering guy would have known the off market orders are just an operator trying to operate in a market cargo, an order a broker is fishing so he try his “close-friend” operator to bite a for market cargo or the operator is actually working on his own stem. Because no one talks to each other anymore and hides behind skype, real “Charteringmanship” is disappearing. So real conversations where one can really understand what is going are becoming less and less a practise of our business. Decision making chartering guys are mislead into making decisions on single skype lines. Gut feeling about the market or how to manage the brokers expectations? no, that is not allowed. I have to fix my ship today for low money because I am too scare to fix when she is actually open in three weeks or make broker tells me it is the right decision. How can that be?

Today I had a broker telling me what to do with one of my boats. I told him to get out of my face with his stupid nonsense and later in the day I tried to call him again on another issue. He refused to talk to me – which I find strange: Someone with no responsibility – apart from linking the two parties – who initially offered me 9k for my boat and told me I was crazy to ask 12k (in the end his charterers clean fixed with me at 11.5k, fixture done during the week fifteen) gets offended when he is put in his place by a principal and gets offended I am not listening to “his” rate. What is going on folks? Do I as a principal have to bow to the rates imposed by the brokers and their feelings? What about my feelings when I have to bite the bullet and take a shitty rate? Get out of here!

One can ask any research department from a large broker’s house and they will confirm the cargo volumes on a worldwide basis are somehow stable, except for some geographic issues such as war/conflict like zones. We all know that there are, however, more ships floating then actual cargoes, which causes the in-balance in the supply / demand graph. But it doesn't mean we all have to operate below opex or operators to operate below opex – I do accept your argument that when the vessel is on time charter to an operator, owners will get their money independently the market. But for how long will they? We all know the rumors and if there's smoke, there is fire.

We have a new generation of non-shipping educated individuals who are very thirsty to book and performing, which we all like, but they are failing to understand their needs are irrelevant when the owners/operators they represent (sorry folks you don't represent your "cargo" owners when you talk to me, you also represent me when you are talking to your cargo owners) are under so much pressure. We do not need manipulative brokers, who sole purpose is to make their commission even if that means misleading weaker minded chartering guys into accepting lower rates. We need to re-think how we are looking at the deals in front of us.

It is time to Owners chartering professionals grow some thick skin and stop accepting what brokers tell us. Be a shipowner, don’t let yourself be manipulated by the hands of those thinking they know it all, when all they want is their commission. Lately I am having more fun fixing directly with actual cargo owners or ship owners, when I am dealing with brokers.

I see a a very friendly type of broker backed by large institutions at first they are friendly and seem interested in what you are developing, but they are not investing 500 million dollars in state of the art equipment, they don't care. They are not your friends, as your friends don’t treat you like a bitch. Markets are difficult, we all know that and we cannot enable brokers to take advantage of a pessimistic state of mind of the market.

We are owners and operators, let’s start behaving like that. Let’s be proud as our predecessors were, respect their legacy and write our own history. We know when everything seems to be dead in the water, we still hang on to it a little longer and make the best of it – on our terms!

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. (Aristotle Onassis)


S.O. Battlefield

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Everyone's boss may be bad but I believe mine is the meanest, most rude, inconsiderate person I have ever met. Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes I do as well as my coworkers. but instead of whining about their mistakes she singles ME out, and just humiliates me in front of everyone, and the whole room goes quiet. Being the youngest at the job is hard enough especially when you don't have any friends there but she just makes it ten thousand times worse. Wanna tell me your work stories? put it in the comments, i'd love to read them.

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A good friend of mine was deliberately sabataged by a co-worker.

It cost her alot of money. I am still angry that it happened to her. She got through it but she shouldn't have taken the blame for someone else's error.

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I am a 24 yr old woman. I am currently going to school online. I was offered an escort job where I am guaranteed $125 per client. I could really use the money not just for school but to support my kids and myself. But I don't want to tel my husband, because I'm worried he wouldn't understand my motivation for even considering the job offer. What would anyone suggest, go for it and tell him, go for it and keep it quiet or just forget it?

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I can't BELIEVE you've let me down like this! You KNEW I believed you, trusted you, you knew how important this was for me, and you just led me on, YOU JUST TOOK WEEKS OF MY HARD WORK AND FLUSHED IT DOWN THE DRAIN, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! I wish i had the guts to say it to your face, you ugly bastard! So many told me, that deep inside you're a corrupted, self serving cunt I should have listened. I can't believe anything you say anymore. I can't believe I ever trusted you. I fucking hate myself for trusting you. What an IDIOT i was

I wish there was a way to erase you from my life.

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Dear Doctor,

I know it's almost doctor's day, and I know in a couple of months nurses get a whole week. But there's a serious intricacy that I think is lacking in our healthcare system. Doctors need to let the nurses who with them, that go above and beyond on a daily basis, that they notice and that they are appreciated. I find this very appropriate...

"Did you see me anticipate your need? That I knew what you wanted, even before you did? Did you notice me pay attention and pull open the chart to the exact part you were wondering about, even though you weren't talking to me? Did you see me take the patient for the test you ordered stat, even though I didn't have to, just so it would be done quicker? Did you hear me on the phone demanding an ICU bed so your patient could get the care they so desperately needed? Did you see me catch your near fatal mistake? Did you hear me question your order when you were heading in the wrong direction? Did you listen to my suggestions when you hit a roadblock of your own? Did you notice my offer to help, even though it wasn't my patient or even my unit? Did you notice my incredible technical skill as well as my compassion? Did you tell me?

-An Anonymous Nurse"

You should. You should tell them. A nurse is always a patient advocate, but if you make your nurse feel valued and appreciated they will go the extra mile for you as well. A great nurse is worth their weight in gold, and if you realize this and have on in your life, the least you can do is tell them so.

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I hate how the supervisors. At my job try to guilt us into working a double shift. Or work a full shift on our days off. If I want or need the over time I will come to them not the other way around.

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Elena K. - what a handful. She was hired part-time from across the country, since we work in Toronto and she was from Burnaby. She showed up to our first meeting in a dress, not looking like someone who would be suffering from only working part-time and moving across the country for a part-time job. She was hired a few months after the rest of us were on a research project.

I created a document that I shared with her and our supervisor. She decided to share it with our other group members without asking me or even mentioning it in the email. I found out when another group member generated an email that was sent to me, requesting access to the document. The other group member responded to me saying that Elena had sent it through CC (which I didn't notice at first since that doesn't show on my phone). I emailed her and our supervisor stating she did not ask permission from me to share the document. Her reply was she didn't think it was a problem since we were all doing the same task.

I've spoken with my supervisor already and Elena actually wanted the two of us to talk about it, but I requested that our supervisor join us. Now the night before the meeting, which was her birthday, she says she has a lecture she wants to attend at our meeting time. More like hungover from the night before?? I really don't buy this excuse!

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I was in my local Primark today, Whist I was there, I walked past 3 or 4 staff – Thy all reeked of body odor!!! I am willing to bet non of them had showered in days!!! Later I walked past a homeless man – He smelt better!!!!

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So sick of my bosses treating me like shit when I'm the only person who dose anything at the shit hole they call a work place! Like calling me a liar when I have things to prove what was going on.. Then to cut back my hours and tell me I don't do my job and they everyone's complaining about my working skills like Yep I'm the only person who does anything there.. Like half the people stand around eat and text and talk while I do all there work and my own. The other half at to high to know what they should be doing... And if I didn't need a job to help my family I wouldnt have it.. I've tried looking for a new job but in the shitty city there's no work!!

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This is a complicated situation, but I really need to vent about this. Background: I have been the point person for hiring on my team and I just found out that the mobile developer I just hired, who is now my direct report, makes 28% more than I do. I just finished, by myself, developing our flagship app (on Android) and mobile services, and I am responsible for our web stack, and some of our back-end services for web as well. In short, I've worked my ass off for this company over the past 4 years. I'm handing the app off to him so I can move on to other things that need doing. He's been out of school for two years (Master's in EE from a second-tier school), and doesn't do anything other than apps.

What happened next: I actually got excited when I found this information out at first, because I thought, "Great! At least a 28% raise for me! Right?" Wrong! I talked to my CTO about the disparity and he acknowledged that it wasn't fair and that I would certainly be getting a raise, but more on the order of 10%. I'm so pissed. This mobile dev is decent, but he's not knocking-it-out-of-the-park, and every moment I spend helping him on-board with something that takes him just a little bit longer than it should I get so irritated. Frankly his salary is a bit of a shock to me, and if they had told me what they were going to offer him, based on the interview I did with him (and I was the deciding vote, BTW) I would have said, no way!

My CTO told me that his education and the market was the primary driver of his salary, but when I think of some of the data structures questions he couldn't answer when I interviewed him I get so pissed! I don't have a Master's, but considering some of the people I have interviewed with Masters', I don't feel like I missed anything at all! I got told by my architect that they gave him to me as a direct report, so that I could get a raise, because our CFO wouldn't give me a raise based on being a high-contributor, only people who manage others get significant raises/promotions. Boy, did that make me feel so much better \S!!!

Am I overreacting? Has anyone else been in a situation like this? Someone talk me off the ledge, I really want to go out in a blaze of glory and screw them bad!

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What a rip-off shop. This store employs every trick to pay you less and charge you more.

Firstly, I wrote a negative review on Yelp and on Google Business. My HONEST NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE were removed. Jeff must pay for a company to remove my review. I found 2 OTHER people whose negative reviews were removed.

Jeff always dresses up in a shirt and slacks. He has a very ARROGANT ATTITUDE. If he is not making money, he gets rid of you as soon as he can. I went into his store, pretending not to know much, wearing an old jacket, unshaven but clean. I did NOT look like a drug addict. He proceeded to ring up the numbers on my jewelry... then came up with $605. Another low-key store offered me $1050. That low-key guy always says "I make money, but I work on percentages".

1) He almost NEVER gives you a receipt when you sell things. I imagine this is in case the item sold was stolen, or so that you cannot compare prices at another place.

2) He almost never gives you a receipt when you buy something. I imagine this is because he charges NJ sales tax but does not submit the sales tax.

3) If you call on the phone, he pretends to be a large shoppe. If you call about selling gold, they will "put you in touch with one of our gold traders"... when there is only one person making ALL decisions - Jeff.

4) He will lie and push the grade of coins.

5) His prices are high on EVERYTHING he sells.

6) He will give you a good price on something, like silver bars. When you come in, he will tell you that the price was for 1000 ounce lots only, then quotes you a much lower price.

Antiques, Gold Buyers, Hobby Shops Clifton, NJ 07011

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An open letter to the management at PAREXEL,

I have reached my limit. I truly have. I spend my day trying to balance what I know needs to be done, with what I am told are my objectives. And just when I think I have got is sussed, the objectives change again, or a new initiative makes everything I used to do redundant.

I am told we no longer fire-fight; but spend my whole day fire-fighting because there is no other option

I am told that we are one global company; but spend my days trying to find a solution, when everyone feels they are the King of their own domain.

I want to work to deliver the overall PAREXEL service; but I am under so much pressure, that I can only complete the very specific tasks within my remit.

For the past 5 years or so, PAREXEL really has felt like a ship afloat on the sea. Trying to steer it’s course to the next treasure chest, convincing the passengers we can get them there, and then always falling short, changing course and aiming for the next treasure chest.

Actually, it feels more like a fleet of ships, with captains of each, all trying to be the best ship, all sailing off to different horizons and not caring about the strength of the fleet.

And as I like the sailing analogy, let me go further….we tend to have a skeleton crew. And when we know that rough waters are ahead rather than get more crew, we keep going, exhaust the crew and decide if we need to get another shipmate later - we never do, because they coped last time so why can;t they do that all the time?

I am tired and not very effective. I have had my ambition drained from me. I am unhappy at work because I never achieve anything, because nothing is achievable in this environment.

There’s a lot to be said for stability; what do we really do differently now compared to what we did differently 10 years ago? The regulations have barely changed. The requirements from our customers have barely changed. But we have changed. And changed. And changed.

I am waffling now, so I will sign off

PAREXEL Employee Number Six

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I work at a sex shop and normally have great days at work. Today however was awful. I have never wanted to throw up on anyone so badly in my entire life. A man came in looking for a certain type of porno... He was searching for "Period sex" but he felt the need to inform me how much he loves to eat his girlfriend out while she is on her period. He went into WAY to much detail about taste, texture, colour, smell, everything... I literally threw up in my mouth and had to swallow it without him noticing. This has been one of the most revolting days of my life. I cannot stop think about it now because he used so much detail... I might as well just step in front of a bus... This image is seemingly never going to leave my head. -Porn peddler

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