That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

In 2010 I was charged with a misdemeanor. My crime was forgery on a controlled substance prescription. This was my first time and only time so far dealing with the court system. I had to complete 6 months probation and pay 1,500 in fines that I worked off. I did all of this on time my probation officer told me after five years the charge would be expunged. Five years has passed and it is still there hanging above my head holding me back. I have a family to provide for and at the age of 26 it is time to grow up. I am a stay at home mom and that is what is holding me back from getting my charge expunged.....MONEY! I swear money is evil. Just fuck it is how I feel but I know I have to figure this mess out and get myself successful. I love to take care of patients and I hope one day I can have my dream job. I didn't expect to hear no from my possible employer. I feel very discouraged and depressed. I have to find the light somehow and get myself back up. The job was everything I have ever wanted and it is killing me that I can't obtain it because of a stupid mistake. Something that at the time I should have thought you idiot don't do it. I have no justification other than being stupid for why I went through with forging a prescription. I honestly feel horrible for what I did and I have been paying for it since.

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I am 24 female with Minimal work experience and long gaps between jobs. I have been out of work for 6 months now since I was fired and I'm always really nervous. My interviews are not easy. All of my jobs haven't been good. I was always lost and didn't know what to do a lot of the time because my training would never go well. And when I would ask for help, they would blow me off and get mad at me. My relationships with supervisors and co-workers never seemed to click well. And I'm a nice girl. I'm diligent and polite and always on time. Just nobody gives me the chance. My laptop is broken and my only internet access is the library where I get only 1 hour of internet use a day for necessary online apps. I am.on the bus so It takes a lot of my time to actually go to places in person. I have a phone I places I have applied at to check on my apps or whatever. But with all this said, do you's possible for me to find a job in 14 days if I try to apply every day?

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since the first day I seen her I thought she was beautiful i mean besides having a nice body, she has this great smile that makes putting up with the shit at work worth it lol. she's the first female I've felt something towards for a while and we're pretty close in age but it just sucks everytime me and her are working together or she passes by I get tongue tied. she's an easy person to talk to but i just can't manage to get a good convo going unless im high haha im such a chicken shit. but hopefully one of these days I'll be able to take her out and show her how she deserves to be treated. wish me luck? hehe

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It's the thank yous that are never said

The praise that's never given

The hard work that's ignored

The mistakes that are always the first to be pointed out

The frustration of feeling like I don't belong here anymore

The anger at seeing others surpass me

And what's sad

Is that even if I did hear those thank yous, that praise, the acknowledgement

I'd reject it anyway.

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So I am in a multinational making chemicals and we have a re-org. In a very high profile department responsible for engineering. Now with a really cool team people from all walks of life scattered from around the globe, then the powers to be hires an dumb ass that works for HR to run engineering. Has no clue what to do, how to present at industry conferences (requirement) and expects training in physics and basic engineering. Some ass with 6 years experience in HR runs a place directly into hell, has some online course from an online university and the folks with 25 and 30 years experience start walking out the f'n door - I am just pissed I cant retire early! Shit......

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So recently my boss decided to promote me and I have been really quiet about it but somehow word got around about my promotion and two co-workers seem to be really bothered by it. One of them is a guy who says I don't deserve the promotion but ignores me most of the time anyway. The other is a female who has been complaining about me to my boss but I still got promoted me anyway.

She's been accusing me of not doing my job but 90% of the time I'm working with our boss and I'm always busy doing something. Once she complained that I had more hours than her but he then explained to her he gave me more hours because I work harder. Recently I have been driving for the company so I haven't been around as often but I'm busy doing deliveries and customer service while also training for my new position. Today she finally confronted me and told me that she needs me to do customer service because I'm not doing my job and the only reason she says this is because she's "busy" changing price labels and doesn't like doing customer service.

Meanwhile I have to answer phone calls to clients, do deliveries (Since I'm the only one who can drive for the company) AND customer service which I always have been doing, so for her to accuse me of not doing my job just pissed me off. Half the time I even passed her aisle she was on her cell phone almost 100% of the time when she could have easily finished in about a half hour but takes her entire shift because she hides in the break room or away from customers just to use her phone.

Today she also got into an argument with literally the only customer she helped that day and I had to step in and diffuse the situation and calm the customer down because she was giving him an attitude. I also neglected to mention that she ONLY does price changes because she's not able to lift anything heavy so realistically she only does 20% of her entire position since we're tasked with cleaning, stocking up new merchandise, customer service, changing labels and for me, driving for the company. She used to be nice but lately she's been shady around me ever since the promotion and she's been trying to boss me around NOW that I've been promoted by my boss, another store's boss and the district manager. So to say I didn't deserve it when 3 higher ups agreed to promote me is a bit unfair when I've done everything I can only because it's my job and I take pride in my work.

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I'm writing here today in search for some kind of advice because I feel like I am stuck in a dead end with no way out.

To start off, I am a 22 year old unemployed female who graduated from college in May of this year with a bachelor's degree in History and Criminal Justice. My dream was to work for the government as a law enforcement officer.

Before I graduated, I started searching for jobs and realized that a majority of the jobs I found were located in far away states like Texas, Arizona, Washington, etc (I live in the north east part of the US). This alone was a problem because I did not have enough money to travel to those locations, find somewhere to stay during the time that was required for the training, pay for the training course that was required, and living expenses. I knew that asking my parents to lend me money would be impossible because my mother is unemployed (due to health issues) and my father's paycheck barely covers our living expenses. So I decided that I would save up for these kinds of jobs or find something else that is closer to where I live.

This leads to my second problem because, since I have graduated, I have been unable to save enough money or find another job. Since my junior year at college I have been working in a fast food restaurant earning minimum wage and tips. After two and half years of dealing with customers who believe they are gods and should be treated like one or who lie about stuff just to get free food, I left the company. At first I was happy that I would no longer have to work in that kind of business and was optimistic that I would eventually find something better.

During my spare time I focused on finding something related to my field of study and would even apply for positions such as a secretary, receptionist, and even as an intern. After never receiving any calls back and with my money running out to pay my bills, I started searching for a minimum wage job.

After two months of applying to numerous places with a very open availability, i have yet to hear from anyone. I have called to ask about my application and the typical response I get is "We're going to keep your application on file in case we need someone". In some applications I would leave out that I have a bachelor's degree because I feel that some locations do not want to hire over qualified people. This has led to problem #3, depression, because after filling countless applications and never receiving a call from anyone makes me feel like "what's the point of trying if no one is going to give me a chance?"

A vicious cycle has started because some days I feel really optimistic and go job hunting only to immediately feel like crap when I can't find anything, never receive a call back, or don't have the experience that is required. But how am I ever going to get experience for something when no one will hire me even as an intern?!?! I have graduated with a 3.7 GPA and various honors, I am a very quick learner, I have an easy and outgoing personality, and a very reliable person; but no one knows that because I don't even get called in for an interview.

I know that finding a job in your career takes time and effort but what really frustrates me is that I can't even find a simply minimum wage paying job. At this point I am starting to get desperate because I no longer have money to pay my bills and my father doesn't have enough money to help me out (if he does help me I know that he will not have enough money to pay something else such as the rent, the electricity bill, or the cable, phone, and Internet).

I was hoping that someone could give me some advice to help me deal with this situation because I am honestly starting to give up. I know that I'm still young and have many years ahead of me but what makes me worry is if I can't find anything right now, what kind of future do I expect for myself?

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Being "Busy" is screwing up my life. I'm pulled from one appointment to the next, joylessly seeking a sense of self-worth in some cases, like my Italian lessons, or my workouts - and in some cases, trying to fill up my work day in order to fulfill the unspoken expectation that I work hard. This is stupid. I'm not some kind of machine - and this life is making me old, tired, grumpy and absent. I spend 95% of my time wishing I wouldn't have to do what I am doing - and even then - I'm (at the same time) wishing I could get something ELSE done at the same time - which is ALSO something I wish I didn't have to do. I've been doing it for so long, that when I do have time - I have forgotten what it is I would do with it - I often sit around, anxious, or I turn on the TV - mostly I start scanning Facebook, over and over again. I make appointments with friends and family like I do for meetings - and by the time I get to them - I feel about the same about them as I would for meetings also. I want to advance my career - but I couldn't tell you exactly why. I'd like more money - but only because I have a feeling that with more money, I'd be more free. My goal would be to earn enough so that I would never have to work again - but of course - that will not happen working for a company like I do today. A career advance would only mean I'd have to appear even busier - more useless meetings and emails and travel. I don't really believe the top managers are very busy - but then again, neither am I. I, like them, spend most of my time feigning busy-ness (business?) - only they have a bit more leeway to do it and fewer people looking over their shoulder. Nothing about one of those jobs - or really ANY job I could aspire to in this company is something I'd want to do. I just don't really see the point of any of the higher jobs. I can understand why being in support might be useful for someone - or being a programmer might help someone out - but a job in sales - pushing people to buy stuff so that we can all work more and be busier to make more stuff that no one needs - I just don't get it. I could, I suppose, just check out. People do it. They sell everything and live out of a van, surfing all the time or something. I'm attracted to the idea but something about who I am wants to be useful - maybe I want to be important - I don't know, but even if I did do it, I'm not sure I'm well-equipped to just slag off. In practical terms, I don't really know how to do it. I can barely make ends meet with an extremely high-paying job! How would I get by with nothing? I'm not living the high-life as is. I guess its possible to do it, I just don't know how. Never learned. I wouldn't even know how to start - and if I did - its a bit late to break the news to my wife and kids - who kind of like the life they are living. Who am I to make their choices for them?

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at the end of the day what's the difference really?

There's a person in front of me judging me. It's not like I felt all powerful when I was younger and the interviewer was a little older or even a lot older than me.

He or she was the one with a job - and I was the one hoping to get one.

Maybe people who are used to being on the power side of the equation will feel some difference. No reason I should.

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I have joined this team not long ago at GS but this is not what I have signed up for. I have been lied to! We are in a bad situation that just got worse and will get get like hell for sure. 2 of our guy left to MIS for 250 and 3 weeks of PTO. Others are looking. Soundphysicians is offering jobs for new docs for 200 and a week of PTO. We hired 11 new docs this year, a third of all. Our night docs do 1 on 1 off. Everywhere else it is 1 on and 2 off. Why are we so abused? And why do we let this happen? Sound is achieving this via exploiting the docs on visas because they cannot leave. What can we do to stop this?

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In the first project I made the mistake of crying to the manager about leaving my house to relocate to a hotel because my permanent relocation to another state is delaying. In the second, I was pressured to write business documents, blocked access to knowledge about the products being described in the documents, sent instead to ask questions of knowledgeable people , couldn't formulate the questions well, was booted. In the third, was requested to keep track of submissions of work from individuals daily, was told by those guys they need a,b,c,d and are waiting on it, and fuckoff btw. I understood this, the manager didn't, reasoning that progress must be made and something must already have been achieved. In the progress meeting asked people to submit their work online on the designated area, the Director was once of them, got booted off. The delicacies of today's working env. demand me to think about 3 minutes before speaking. I timed this. I first write what about to say then check it, its audience and manner , normally transform it into a little speech saying why im saying this, the purpose, my understanding and then change it all to a question or suggestion. Im not built for this crap.

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Honest question about last team meating: what is going on here? This is not what I signed up for. Moving swing to 3 PM then to 5 PM within 2 weeks to help swing. In order to not to have holdovers. Then swing says its not gonna help. Then it turn out there never were holdovers. And it makes everyone stay longer.This is crazy. Is David this stupid or crazy? Just too afraid to ask in person. if this is not for you please don't reply.

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I hate u!!


I hate female boss!! Female petty, picky, nosey, bossy and never admit mistakes when they make wrong decision!! Working with them equal stress.

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Is there next life after death? Why do people say such thing like next life or reincarnation? Does reincarnation really exist after death?

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Phra Phrom, Nara doesnt want to pass the message to Minhyuk and ask him to read my private message in their brother's facebook account. Minhyuk doesnt want to login his elder brother's facebook to read my private message meant for Minhyuk. Minhyuk still wants to continue to avoid me, run away from me, and hide from me and he doesnt want to face me ,keep in contact with me, contact me, go online in the internet to talk to me and send me message.

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Right basically I have a project for uni and want to get people's confessions about their ex's, just message me with your confessions or secrets! Never got to say that special thing to that certain someone! Message me all your thoughts and I will create an anonymous project out of it!! I have 3 days so please help out a student in need!!

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Every morning I wake up and go to work as a caretaker in London. I move to England 4 years ago. I feel raped every time I'm working because I'm doing a job that requires the intelligence of a monkey. Aside I'm studying a Bachelors degree in Computing Science and trying to get a job in IT.

I feel to tired when I finish work to apply for those jobs and I also have the time constraints implicit in almost full time studying (currently 90 credits of 120 per year).

I spent today's morning an entire hour to try to unblock a bin chute, without the right tools, just to end up giving up and calling my manager to inform him on it. Tomorrow the entire building will be a is already, it will just be a worse shithole than it is.

Council estates are like zoos, only ANIMALS live on them. People with absolutely no decency, with drug problems, violence problems and FAKE mental problems. They are just LAAAAAAAAAAAAZY and incredibly filthy.

My work-colleague is the council's bitch, he's so scared of losing his job that he does everything they ask him to do, he has no awareness of employment rights, ACCAs or CAB. Everyday he puts himself on risk by not following basic health and safety procedures just to satisfy their never ending demands. And what's worse, he sees it as normal...which is not. This happens a lot in this city, people in their jobs live in a bubble, they have no idea of their options, posibilities and rights. Specially in this sort of job.

I am working on this because I needed the money quickly and London is a trap. Once you're in, you quickly lose your savings and become a slave. You're then forced to take the QUICKEST shittiest job or become homeless because you can't pay the rent.

The tube is incredibly expensive and inefficient, your life-work balance is inexistent because whatever you do you've got to be extremely lucky to manage to find a job in which you don't lose 2 hours in daily commute. You work 8 hours per day + 2 hours commute. You give up 10 hours worth of your daily life just to finish exhausted and go to sleep for the next day. Like a bloody hamster in a wheel.

All the jobs are in zone 1, all the affordable housing possibilities are in zone 3 or further away. I can't leave because I'm economically ruined by the expensive train fare + rent + food. Nor I can do it considering all the computing jobs are in this city. It feels like I'm a donkey with a stick and a carrot to work that I'll never reach. That's London for most of Londoners, a dream....from which you'll never wake up and if you do, you can't afford to leave the nightmare.

I took the decision of coming to England 4 years plus ago, not because of money since i was better off in my country, but because of the language. Every day I wish the visa waiver program with the US extends to some sort of Free Movement agreement of the sorts we've got in the EU....I wouldn't hesitate then in moving to Silicon Valley, not even for a second.

England offers me the language, but that's it. Everything else I'm worse off. Unfortunately as a future computer scientist, I cannot afford to give up the language, knowing English is the very most important skill for any IT job.

And even if I wanted to do a runner...I can't. I'm ruined, I'm jailed in a prison called London where every penny is destined to survival and there's never anything left for a savings account.

I strongly encourage everybody to take any other choice. strong London is not for poor nor middle classes.

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I cannot stand a unclassy girl. Don't get me wrong I talk crap sometimes and I curse here and there but I am not no loud mouth rude bully bitch who hates on another female becasue she pronounces her words right or because she keeps to herself and minds her own god damn business. I do not go to work to be in a clique. I go to work to make money. I can't help I am pretty and I can't help you think that I think I am better than you, I hold myself to a certain standard and bitches don't like that I am diffrent and on a way other level.......I don't like how serious they take theirselves I've always been me I GUESS I KNOW MYSELF. I get this life shit these bitches don't get it

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My current job is being phased out and management has not shared anything about the future. About a year ago they mentioned at a meeting for us all to start looking for jobs. Although it's a large company and we are all most likely going to be moved, there's no guarantee that we all will keep the same pay. I took their advice and started looking. I applied for a job that's more in line with my education and I've never actually had a shot at doing what I went to school for. The problem is, the job I applied for is only part-time and the pay starts off a bit lower than I'm accustomed to. It does have the potential to make much more than I currently do though, over time.What makes it so tough is, if I got that new job it could be beneficial in the long run because it's for a school district and they have excellent benefits packages. So, do I pass up this new opportunity to do what I'm trained for? Or should I stick with whatever my current job leaves me with? I'm almost certain that they'll try and say that they did all they could but will have this lower paying position to offer me.

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So I work in an office. A big office. Alone. I have coworkers, but most of them work out of our other office. There is one person that works one day a week with me,and another one for a half day per week. So I am here by myself most of my work week. You would think I have it made, right? No boss up my ass, and as long as I get my work done, I'm in good shape. Right? WRONG! The problem is, is that I don't have enough work to keep me busy. My boss knows this, but won't give me more to do. Another annoyance is that I am "out of sight, out of mind". Nobody communicates with me from the other office, and when I email or call them with something, they act like it's a big annoyance that I am calling. The only reason I am here is because they need me here to make the office not look empty. I would quit, but the other issue is, is I kind of need the money. Don't get me wrong! I am happy to have a job!! But I don't think people realize how working alone is so soul sucking.

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So I messed up at work today. Recently, about a week ago, I started working at a food place in my town, and I have made some pretty terrible mistakes. Sure MY manager understands that I am still a rookie and that this is my first job, but I am afraid that she will still fire me. Money has been short during my shifts, and I locked the screen so I couldn't do any transactions for a good 30 minutes. Man I feel like a stupid idiot. I am going to get fired. Be easy on me please.

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you can either work for someone and add to thier riches or you can work for self???

what is better?

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My father ran one of the biggest Bank in the Country, my mother was a professor of Medicine, I was brought up in a big house with a big garden. We had gardeners and house stewards who cooked and cleaned and nannies who looked after us. I went to one of the best Universities, wore great designer clothes, we had three modern saloon cars and I was driven about in these chauffeured cars whenever I wanted. I went to one of the best schools, then to one of the best university and got a first class degree in Accountancy. I worked for a prestigious Accontancy firms in Town, earned good money, travelled and saw the world. I have just finished a Masters Degree. So what makes you think anything you say or write will bother me. Your father was a driver for British Rail, you grew up on an Estate and was drinking and smoking from 12, you can barely read and write your own langusge properly and was being fucked in friends dingy rooms at 16, some of your best friends that you hang arond with are all unmarried mothers at 15, Most of you live on Welfare and get bossed and pushed around by those useless langky lads, unambitious underachievers with zero prospects, all roaming around the same Estate as you, stabbing eachother and smoking pot. Prison next stop. What nonsense or rubbish can your kind say other than dogs vomit, Am I going to pay attention to trash or allow the shit of shit any space in my head. Your condition speaks for itself, don't blame me, fackoff and go get a little life, you piece of rotten garbage. Our worlds are different, as is our minds, your kind I employ to clean outside my house.

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I feel sad


I have been feeling sad for a while now. at least for a year, I had this sinking feeling at the back of my heart. it isn't easy, to have such ambitions and yet not achieve it. life has been really tough, struggling every moment to get what I want, taking a step back and making countless sacrifices. my psychology is affected too. less confident , less willing to go out and meet people. the days aren't easy at all. I feel like crying every night, just that the tears won't flow out.

God I pray to you to give me strength to carry on. The grittiness to pull through such hard times. The courage to advance forward. at work, i feel as if i have been relegated to the bottom, being tasked with mindless work, attached to a junior. I feel so useless. Maybe this is the reason on why I am feeling so depressed. I have no opportunity to make an impression on my superior.

It's hard. Putting myself through such punishing schedule and not seeing me making progress. I just need to cry. After get the strength to grit on. I just have to push myself and learn as fast as I can.

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I'm in middle school and you would imagine how hard it is to get a simple job to pass time, all of the damn jobs I find you've got to be 16 and older for! like what the heck, and being my parents are way to protective, so baby sitting and pet siting are out of the question completely. I just wanted a simple job to pass the time while getting some extra! IS IT THAT HARD TO ASK FOR! welp, just needed to get that off my chest, teehee

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She said u are hilarious dickhead company where you boss somewhere residing in Portugal...:)*

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All Check your land, the piece I sore you on on Boxing Day last year, Your security fence has been tampered with,

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Hi Fearless blogging moderators

Could you please block and delete and bloke SHOULD WE HAVE…. And all the GAYLE HARRIS posts as thy are obviously Spam?

Thanks the blogging community

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God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment. I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path, and to lead me to find the proper things to say and do in this quest. I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given me, but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment. Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I may return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance. Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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Usually common in base scale subjects, when running low on energy, the brain is able to protect itself from harm by triggering a protein that reduces the frequency of electrical impulses. This usually initiates an inability to maintain maximum cerebral functioning and intro-spective appraisals of stimuli or conclusive determinates.

Published in Proceedings of the Dundee Academy of Sciences, the findings could lead to new treatments for patients who are at risk of stroke because their energy supply from blood vessels feeding the brain has become compromised. This may be due to inadequate stimulation or direct failure of comprehension or stunted developement at primary source.

Many areas or cerebral regions of the brain constantly consume as much energy as leg muscles during marathon running. Even when asleep, the brain needs regular fuel. Much of this energy is needed to fire up action potentials, tiny electrical impulses that travel along nerve cells in the brain that trigger the release of chemical messages at nerve endings, allowing the brain to process information and control bodily functions.

Normally, the bloodstream should supply enough glucose and oxygen to the brain to generate enough energy required for these action potentials to be fired up. But things can go wrong if the blood vessels feeding the brain become narrowed or blocked, restricting the supply of vital nutrients. An over indulgence of negative assimilation and absence of critical nuero facualties due to under-development is a main factor in this regard.

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it hits me bad the thing i know won't happen it just makes me sad

good politics they say do it cause you need it it is everywhere

you've been giving your best quality work, here and there but politics overpowers it all

you try to prove performance is what matters but they like them more

they, who are all friendly they, who are all funny they, who knows how to small talk with the bosses

you keep telling yourself i don't need to be selected I don't need to please my bosses with non-work things

you keep telling yourself i'm just here for the money and benefits i'm already content

but deep inside you know you are good and you're born a leader

deep inside you overflow with potential and you know it

listen to you heart listen to it hear what it wants

it wants to ignite it wants to be with people and do some god damn awesomness

think, and think are you happy? are you, appreciated?

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it hits me bad the thing i know won't happen it just makes me sad

good politics they say do it cause you need it it is everywhere

you've been giving your best quality work, here and there but politics overpowers it all

you try to prove performance is what matters but they like them more

they, who are all friendly they, who are all funny they, who knows how to small talk with the bosses

you keep telling yourself i don't need to be selected I don't need to please my bosses with non-work things

you keep telling yourself i'm just here for the money and benefits i'm already content

but deep inside you know you are good and you're born a leader

deep inside you overflow with potential and you know it

listen to you heart listen to it hear what it wants

it wants to ignite it wants to be with people and do some god damn awesome things

think, and think are you happy? are you, appreciated?

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Just a confession. So if you're black and capable and are wondering why you didn't get the job. Well it's because somebody like me, somebody who knows what contribution your people have made to this country, will put on a smile and go through the motions but will never hire or promote you.

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It’s not the first time I’d thought like that. I realised once the feeling had begun to wash away that I’d been almost entombed by the concept for all of 5 minutes and then it was faded. I was so whimsical.

My monthly gift was playing havoc with my emotions, and my value system, and I had starting thinking earthly ‘outside-of-the-box’ type thoughts: thoughts of what would happen if I insisted on being naked 24/7? I appreciate that it’s indecency or whatever and that I could be arrested but the concept is mostly about the thought of stopping the flow of blood. Without clothes or sanitary towels or even tampons how would I ever stop the endless trickle of blood? I spend most of my sanity whilst I’m having a period checking myself and all relevant furniture to ensure I haven’t marked it, left a stain or a spot of myself behind for someone else to find and inevitably be disgusted by. So what if I decided that throughout my period I wouldn’t wear clothes or appropriate flow stopping mechanisms and would instead, definitively bleed upon everything I sat on? I think ultimately people would get used to it. For instance how do people deal with periods on far off islands inhabited by tribes-people that don’t follow a traditional sense of clothing? Reeds, I assume, are pretty useless at absorption so your grass skirts are no good to me. Or to them for that matter, how do they cope?

I realised once I’d dragged my inside-self away from dancing round the fire with my new tribe family that this was born from panic of leaving a spot on the sofa I was sitting on at work. I made a decision to check, once again, before leaving the room; although I’ve no idea what I’d do if it was marked? How do you announce that you’ve inadvertently but whilst being fully conscious of the possibility bled on office furniture?

The family I was working with were innocently putting together train tracks and making an ever-developing road map for the little magnetic train to worm around. The interpreter was penetrating the background noise with random loose statements about what they were saying to each other; most of it was rather obvious. ‘He’s explaining why he’s lining the train carts up like he is’, ‘he’s showing him how the wooden track pieces fit together’. Yes my eyes are, apparently, multi-lingual thank you all the same. He wasn’t even speaking to me but to my work partner so I’m not sure why I’m so defensive of his information giving. He then said ‘Dad is telling him, he used to enjoy playing with cars when they all lived together, back home, he is pleased he remembers how’. The final part of the statement seemed somehow referenced to the fact that the 4 year old was yet to speak a word to Dad: we’d all been sat here listening, first to Dad then the interpreter chat relentlessly trying to get a response from him. That’s when I thought it first. I can only assume that my current state somewhat hindered my viewpoint but still, it seemed that Dad was edging for his son to be something other than what he was. The child was not unhappy, he had smiled, given positive body language, engaged in play with Dad and most importantly sat on the floor in his company for almost two hours. He must at least enjoy his company? Why couldn’t his Dad just be happy for the precious nice moments they’d spent together instead of wanting more?

I have friends that would initially say ‘because he’s a man and they’re never satisfied’ but I don’t know if it’s as cut and dry as all that myself. My guess is that he feels somewhat badly done to because the boy won’t speak. He was ‘denied’ any access to him for over a year and now he doesn’t grasp why the child isn’t the same as he was over a year ago, at 4 years old. It’s highly likely that the child has little recollection of Dad and whilst I can appreciate the complex dimensions of reintegrating a paternal relationship I do also understand why Dad just wants his little boy back. Perhaps my initial resistance to Dad’s attitude was untimely. I can’t imagine how that feels for him.

I decide there and then to be more open to others emotions when I’m at work. And remind myself how lucky I am that my parents and I have always ‘known’ each other. Not necessarily always liked one another or gotten along but still they’ve accepted my difficulties and subjective tastes because of who I was long before my opinion became my personal priority. I accept that it’s human nature and as long as we continue to experience the world we shall always be ‘ever-changing’ and growing into new people – I am simply grateful that we work on our differences, calling each other out and reminding one another to be bigger ears than mouths. Quickly I’m reminded that the setting for my latest revelation (as my 20’s appears to be full of them) is not as private as it seems inside my head and the family in front of me begin to pack away the trainset of conversation and papers are being shuffled into bags on my side of the table. I know I must once again listen to what’s being said and not just gaze mindlessly into the room and give the suggestion of being human.

I walk through the main entrance door the opposing way, out into the sunshine, a new woman. Not just one person but the amalgamated knowledge, fears, prejudices and assumptions of everyone I have ever met. I am powerful with the knowledge of the many. I am once again part of the world on which I walk in both mind and spirit. I know now that if the vast majority of people wear clothes during their period then so should I. I’m not about to dash their hundreds of years of feminine knowledge on a whim that I’m the one with the right idea. I am not superwoman, and not solely because I’d trip over her cape if I had to wear it. I am one of many thousands of women that have been in my position and I will take their instruction gladly as they’ve done it all before.

Then I remember that I didn’t check my seat for a spot. What would the feminine council say about that?

posted to work by Addison, Real Estate Agent of the Homeless (0 comments)

Please co-worker. Don't bring your kids to work. They're not cute or adorable. And I honestly don't care about their baseball practice. So don't tell me. I'm more obsessed with the single, pretty adults who aren't knocked up.

posted to work by Ash, Lover of the Wicked (6 comments)

You're fat. Accept it. Move on. You're kale-juice diet isn't working. Wearing all black makes you look more like a shoplifter than a model. And no, black clothing doesn't hide your folds of fat. You suck. And so when you're mean, I get it. Your life sucks. And just to be clear. Your husband IS sleeping with better looking women.

posted to work by Yoko, Matriarch of Imagination (6 comments)

My boss is a real piece of work ... After 18 months of keeping alive a technology that was built on a crumbling infrastructure she called me in to her office. She claimed my trouble shooting skills were at best questionable So I replied " Wasn't I who discovered a bad switch in one of the buildings and correct me if I am wrong but wasn't also me that uncovered DHCP\DNS issues with the ip address being shared by two pc's at one time. Then I thought so why did I receive the star of excellence given to employees for outstanding work for the organization. After all her half ass attempts and excuses I simply said" Why can't you be honest with me and simply say we have to lay you off due to budget cuts" I mean it wasn't like I had not anticipated being let go, I just felt like i should have expected more from my boss. Just be honest and sincere. Too much to ask for in this Dog eat dog world

posted to work by Addison, Ship Master of Time (1 comment)

about his obsession with NuWave Solutions receptionist Ms. Brazzell. LOL!

posted to work by Brett, Referee of Good (0 comments)



Ask Stephen L. Taylor about IC-CAP copyright infringement. LOL!

posted to work by Bobbie, Supervisor of Good (0 comments)

Ask Stephen L. Taylor about his NuWave Solutions expense account. LOL!

posted to work by Dakota, Warrior of Evil (0 comments)

Ask Stephen L. Taylor about the EADIS Contract!! LOL ;-)

posted to work by Alice, Architect of Time (0 comments)

I really cannot stand my sister in law. She is so fake. Her kids are a nightmare. All she does is talk about what she has eaten, how she finds time to tan & workout, brags about things her kids are doing way earlier than anyone else's kid(I wish she had a reason to brag about their behavior or manners lol) Everytime we visit, my husband of course wants to spend time with his brother, who spends most of his time anywhere but around his wife & kids. So I end up sitting there for hours with her. It is like going back to highschool. My only hope is that this is an act that will eventually wear off. Maybe she will not stay stuck in highschool for eternity. The only thing that gets me by is thinking she keeps up the facade to avoid the reality that her husband drinks from the time he comes home until his head hits the pillow, he finds any side jobs he can on his days off & she has no control over her kids.

posted to work by Brett, Student of the Satisfied (4 comments)

So I live in a small town of about 2,000 people. There aren't many places to work, but I am sick of the people who I work with. There are about twenty employees at my job and only three of them are guys. The rest are female. (Including myself) So there is a crap ton of drama. I don't want to sound conceited or anything, but I am very mature for my age. I don't act my age at all. I am nineteen years old. My birthday is on the 22nd, but still. I am fairly young, and I can't stand people who constantly talk crap.

At my job, all of the other woman are constantly talking crap about one another behind their backs. Then there is me and one other coworker who is sick of it.

Recently, my manager has been training me in on the cash office. However; I am NOT a supervisor. They gave me cash office and are making me open the store when needed, but they aren't paying me like a supervisor.

What should I do?

posted to work by Ash, Prostitute of the Hungry (1 comment)

Retail had never crossed my mind as something I would have liked to get into. Not because there is anything particularly wrong with it, but because I always thought that I would be quite quite inefficient at selling anything to anyone. Those who know me well have divided opinions on this. Mum thinks that I will be excellent at it because I am able to engage with 90% of the people I meet (unless they have a problem with me). My 18 year old friend thinks I suck at it because I am too nice.

Leaving their opinions aside, allow me to elaborate how it has gone on thus far. It has been a hell of a ride. Developing instincts to tell who is a buyer and who is a tyre kicker is taking its toll on me. Admittedly, it's not just that. I feel that I would be feeling better about going through this process had I gotten a normal manager.

Now comes the rant. My manager is the sort of person who does not like to hear that he is wrong and that he made a mistake. And I am the sort of person who has a very solid moral integrity. I readily admit if I am wrong and try to make instant amends. I believe in damage control and feel that rather than taking too much time at finger-pointing, one should move on and try to finish the job. I am honest and am critical of myself without the prompting of others. This means that I do work well. Of course this depends on the type of mentoring I get as a newbie in the industry.

My manager and the cronies that he has in place throughout our store are unbearable. They make me do all the cleaning while they sit around on their phones sending texts to their many love interests.

On one particular day my manager (let's call him Harry for privacy's sake) made me run around to find a certain set of keys which would open the main electrical switchboard. Keys which he had all along! When I finally found it he told me smiling that he had had the keys all along. And funny thing is that a trusted colleague of mine said that "If he says he was trying to make you learn then that's a good thing". Lol. This is where the kiss-ups come in. They are the ones who make your life even more unbearable.

By the way, finding the keys to the switchboard was not the conclusion to that "learning experience". My quite intelligent manager gave me a crash course on physics and the dynamics of electricity as well. He actually made me find the tripped wires (circuit breakers or whatever else they are called) and switch them on. Needless to say that this IS a huge violation of OH and S compliance, but somehow because I work with lame kiss-ups and haters this was a "learning experience" for me. I hope someone sane reads this and does agree with me that in no case whatsoever is an untrained employee (untrained in terms of electrical engineering) supposed to touch anything like that. I do understand that it was a simple task, however I do hope that people understand that I would not like to take the risk of doing something that, if I did it wrong, would not only kill me but also may put other people at risk (I work in a complex that has at least 100 other staff). The kiss-up, who I thought was a close friend, has now begun to treat me like a retard. In reality I think he is the one who is a retard. I mean why else would one say "it might be for your own learning process" to something dangerous like electricity. Him saying that electrified me from inside. It just made me realise that I can't count on friends either. At the end of the day, everyone you make into a friend at the workplace can become your enemy. Especially in retail. That's the "lesson" I have gleaned from my whole experience. They say still waters run deep. Same with this guy. And no...I am not and have never been attracted to him. So it's not a rant that has unrequited love running it as an undercurrent.

Kiss-up number 2 is just that....a kiss-up. This person will do get into the mangers good books. ANYTHING. Cheshire Kitten she is, she likes to be admired and fussed over. She is the two-faced Medusa while I am the lass who wears my heart on my sleeves and a red badge of courage. I do NOT feel a need to lie about who I am to fit in with the crowd at work. I have the courage to do that and in reality no one should lie to fit in either. A group that accepts you should do so with your unique qualities. Cheshire Kitten does not get that. She has to be one of them so she has to be a carbon copy of them. A bit sad for her. She will obviously not get enough light to grow in life. (Please disregard the Biology analogy)

Leaving her shallow and despicable nature aside, let's have a look at what I have been doing wrong thus far. Firstly, I yelled at kiss-up 2, then I gave my manager a piece of my mind and it looks like my patience with kiss-up 1 may wane soon. I have been so frustrated and hence it has boiled over on those two occasions. What worries me is that I am actually the most gentle and patient person I have met ;). No seriously. so for me to get angry so quickly and to react quite scathingly is actually a cause for concern.

After much rumination I have come up with meditation and listening to religious songs to relax me and to give me some semblance of normalcy. I feel as if I have changed from inside. I need to re-build myself and to get back the calm, tolerant, confident and NICE, KIND, GENEROUS and IN-CONTROL person that I was. Just one of the ways that one is affected by company that is quite different to what she has come to accept as norm.

So at the moment I feel a bit sad as I feel that I have become a horrible person. I just need to work on my inner-strength and bring out the nice person in me. Even if my colleagues are a&$h*#%s. I also think that I need to be bit weary of Kiss-ups in general. I don't know whose side they are on .... but I know they are not running with my team.

How do I do this?

posted to work by Addison, Tour Guide of Time (2 comments)

So all the newly hired and old favorite women come and go into the US postal Inspectors gallary for "bottoms up" training. People in the building who share access,main st building 1153 main st st johnsbury vt, allow these women newly hired and some with time in grade who fit the mold of sneaky, go through the Caledonia district attorny's office ,get buzzed into the center hallway,to walk down the 50 ft to the US Postal Inspectors Gallary. These are intended for postal inspectors use during investigations. These days fake investigations or trumped up investigation are made up to facilitate a parade of women daily use of the area ,getting payed overtime to assess fictional problems for the sole purpose of secret sex. When the ovulation period begins the Post Master gladly arrives and help with bottoms up training. The hideous part being training the women to be devious towards their husband for money. The women are given cash stipends and overtime pay from long time ,time-card fraud ring in place at the facility with total. Since they are new they are loaded up with hours not worked for the sex they provide to hte post master. The Caledonia District Attorney's office receives free lunch money in a white envelope a old small man delivers every two weeks, part hush money, part ay for lookout duties front office personnel do, if a unlikely event a real US Postal Inspector enters the Caledonia District Attorny's Office seeking entry to hallway as soon as out of sight the office person gang member will call and allert the neighbor post office of his coming. So there is reason plus keys are available to District Attorny's office personnel as executive wash rooms. With the squeezing of women gratitude by inflating their job description become apparent through peer's jeering, some quit when they find out they are not acting postal inspector's, their is a long list of women who have left St Johnsbury Vermont Post Office recently. Some activity early saturday mornings indicated,added with funny baggage used by ST Johnsbury PD for meetings with large suitcases in tow for brief meetings with tall district attorney indicate drug evidence is being removed from Police evidence locker, through the district attornys office ,it sits in the us postal inspectors gaalery untill a small old man picks the package up in the early saturday mornings ,on (you guessed it) a fictional investigation. missugeage of the us postal inspectors gallery at st johnsbury vt post office is a crime to women who are miss lead to their new job discription ,so as to squeeze all and more gratitued from them having a new job. The drug evidence moving through is just the way ti is ,like many corrupt police force their needs to be a change in this case back to a honest force.

posted to work by Harper, Soldier of the Unimaginable Terror (0 comments)

I really don't like the way black people and immigrant Indians look, talk, act and smell. I can't stand their cultures, their food and I know for a fact that both groups drive down wages in a professional setting. Also, like it or not, white people generally don't want to live near these groups or be friends with them. Please, go back to Africa and India. Seriously. Already!

posted to work by Frankie, Supervisor of the Irredeemably Moist (11 comments)

Piece of advice for those who're new to the corporate office culture. Especially young college grads who're dreading this. Corporate office politics is nothing more than learning to deal with Aholes. That's it. Do your job, don't say anything to anybody and you'll be fine. The Ahole, you can ignore. The Ahole is likely obese, has no friends, no social life, is a crappy individual and will spend their retirement years in an old folks' home. Really. It's that simple.

posted to work by Ash, Paladin of the IT department (2 comments)

??? aaa


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To everyone who is established in their profession or field:

If you are not actively looking to break down the process of how you got where you are for the next kid that comes along, if you are passing judgment and handing out condescension to those who have not yet learned what you have learned, if you think other people can read your mind and hand out chastisement or set them up for failure when they don't... You. Are. A. Big. Jerk.

Stop. Just Stop.

By the way, I've come to learn, this is one of the primary evils in this world.

posted to work by Max, Historian of Darkness (2 comments)



I've been stuck recently on what to do with my current job situation and have no idea how to resolve my issues. For one, I am young, in college, have a girlfriend and a full time job. I love sports and golf and play volleyball 3-4times a week. Recently work has been so boring, as I am a salesman and stand for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week every week. Our district manager is completely awful, knows absolutely nothing, and does not communicate what so ever. The turn over rate for the job is ridiculous and I can name maybe 5 people who have been here the year that I've been, and maybe 20 who aren't.

I make decent money and it's a very effortless job, but the down time and work/life balance is absolutely terrible. 12-8, 5 days a week, and my two days off are filled with my school homework and small amounts of girlfriend. golf and volleyball which I feel like I am not getting nearly enough fun time. I have things that must be paid so I don't want to take a pay cut, but the job is miserable. Being young, I don't have the long list of experience to get into a similar position with other companies, but my job now is absolutely terrible. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do? My main concerns are money, work/life balance. I'm not to worried about the job as long as I have enough money to pay my bills and a little extra fun money.

posted to work by Ari, Tour Guide of the Financial Services department (1 comment)