That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

I recently went to an interview where the interviewers made many stingily personal negative comments as if they were a fact and not their opinion. The comments could have been summarized as “ We are sorry, we feel that you lack experience, and you are not what the were looking for” or something short and straightforward.

They instead went on an angry tirade. I asked “Yes, can go?” and left before I allowed one interviewer to finish their long-winded critique. I still am offended by their comments. They could have expressed their information/opinion in a constructive way, instead of using double talk and personal attacks.

My question is, is expressing dissatisfaction to someone in a higher position ever worth pursuing after an interview? I know this will limit chances of being hired there if the opportunity comes up when I have some more experience. But, the chance of blowing off some steam with some negative comments of my own seems tempting. Comments such as:

-Very Derogatory -Rude -Discriminatory about my facial characteristics -Needs a refresher course in simple manners. Come to mind.

In the end I can forgive and try to learn from the negative by making them positive.

posted to work by Frankie, Samurai of Evil (3 comments)

I'm so tired of this job! I have been sitting here along with my section doing nothing for the last 3 months! There is no mission and no work to do. We literally sit here. I check my email, talk to people , and obviously come on here. It is making me goo crazy and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's great to have a job and steady paycheck but MAN I need something to keep me busy for 8 hours every day or I'll go crazy!

posted to work by Ari, Knight of Time (2 comments)

To my last table of the night, At 8:30pm, 30 minutes before the restraunt closes, all 16 of you decided to go out for a nice dinner. At this time the hostess informed me that I was getting you as a table. I was excited, it had been a slow night and needed a little extra money. As soon as you sit down, I grab your drink orders and get them for you in a timely manner. After handing out your drinks I patiently waited for all of your food orders. By this time it was 8:45 and I had put everything in the computer. You had special requests and allergies that we happily accommodated for. Five minutes after putting your food in, I brought out your salads. Nothing was wrong and you all seemed pleased. I grabbed refills for your sodas and waters and chatted with you about how I just graduated from college. While waiting for your main courses, I asked you about split checks, which I happily calculated (perfectly) for you. Finally, with in 15 minutes of putting the order in, the expo team and I plated your food and made sure that everything was what you asked for. A team of 3 servers helped me carry your plates out on trays and we sat your food in front of you. I asked if anything was needed, and one person hadn't gotten her food, quick fix, I went to the kitchen and grabbed it for you, no problems at all. I grabbed all of your children sides of ranch and honey mustard and all of your refills. You all ate and I waited patiently as my co workers tipped out the help and headed out. I didn't mind, you were all pleasant people and I needed the money. At the end of your meals I grabbed most of the plates out of the way and passed out the split checks. All of you paid with your gift cards and the rest on your cards. Once again, in a timely manner, I got your receipts back to you and bid you a farewell. Most of you tipped me fairly well. 18 to 20 percent is the usual, I provided what I thought was excellent service, but the last credit card receipt I picked up had a total bill of 140 and you had paid 50 on your gift card, which left 90 for you to pay on your card, and you left me a whopping 10 dollars. Let me tell you a little something. My pay is 2.33 cents and hour, my tips are my paychecks. At the end of the night, 5 percent of my sales goes to paying the bus boys, the expo team, dish and the bar (yes I have to pay the bar even if you don't drink), so if I have a good night and make an average of 20 percent of my sales, I am walking out with 15 percent. So let's do some math. Your check was 140 dollars 20 percent of 140 is 28 dollars. You tipped me around six percent. So out of the money that you paid me tonight, I get to leave with 2 dollars of it. So thank you. Because you were able to find it out of the good of your heart to tip me just enough to pay the people who helped me, I get to leave with enough to pay for a gallon of gas, or a pack of gum. I have worked for my money since I was 15 years old, and I hope that your kids have the same values and morals that I do. I hope that one day your kids will be able to support themselves and maybe even you. I hope that if they ever become a server that they won't be sitting in their car in tears writing down their thoughts on a blog site over 2 hours after a table leaves them with nothing in their hands as they take their 45 minute drive home. But hey, as I said before, I hope that your meal was great, the faces that you didn't see tonight really deserved their share. Sincerely, your server tonight.

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After the recent shooting at the pulse you know the Warlocks are passed . They don't like police harassing their boys and they love getting their brown eyes drilled . Shooting up their hang out poor Warlock president is devastated . He can't suck his boy's penis

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Every time I go to the kitchen in my office....there is food and dishes all in the sink or around the sink, water and paper towels around the sink, dirty on and so forth. You people are old enough to be mommies and daddies!! At this age you should know how to clean up after yourself. lol I am 24 years old and I know how to do it. I guess people get paid to clean up after everyone for a reason. Just a light-hearted rant lol.....rant over

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So, I have temp working with me, well when she is at work, actually even when she is at work she does crap job or she ion the phone trying to take care of her personal business. It's not just that she is awful employee, she is fat, she is chewing her food loudly, she is a smoker so she breads very hard when she is at her desk, her BO is horrible. Anyhow my boss doesn't want to let her go, because she has hard life, she is poor, and she says she is sorry when she creates mistakes that I have to fix. I am so frustrated, and I so badly want her to quit, but who would want to quit job where you are not held accountable for mistakes you make. I so badly want to tell her how much I dislike her and if I was the boss she would be out the door long time ago. I just hate this woman.

posted to work by Addison, Crusader of the Poor (2 comments)

I do it solely to make ends meet. But I hate it. 90% of the kids I teach are little douche bags. Several times, I had to remind myself that corporal punishment is a no-go these days.

As much as I hate the kids, I realize it's not entirely their fault. Most of the parents are junkies/drunks, and the administration does literally nothing for discipline. I feel like the only person in the school who actually tries to correct students' poor behavior, and it makes me a rage demon by the end of the day, because these kids are so fucking disrespectful.

I also despise several of my coworkers. One guy, Steve, is literally the off-brand version of Donald Trump. He thinks he's hot shit, and that everything he has to say is important. He gets in my personal space, and is so unprofessional it's crazy. I reported him once before for questionable behavior, but surprise, the administration did nothing.

I have three days till the end of the school year... hopefully this will be my last year there.

posted to work by Blaine, Druid of Arts and Crafts (4 comments)

Did anyone see that post on here about the boss banging horse face Lindsay? Disgusting. Steve is a gigantic douche.

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I have a lot of passions. Most of them are arts related. However, when it comes down to training, taking classes, or just practicing, I can't motivate myself to do it. It makes me feel like a lazy slacker who doesn't want it enough. But I do. I want to explore my passions more than anything. I just really hate taking classes. How can I make myself get in the mindset for training?

posted to work by Ari, Funeral Director of the Wicked (3 comments)

I had a very good job, it was my first job so I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. Everyday I was actually excited and happy to go to work. I loved the job, I loved my co-workers (most of them), and I loved the people. I never expected to get blind sided. I got 'let go' because I was in my orientational period and at that point they can let you go for literally anything. His (my boss) only reasoning for letting me go was that I wasn't a good fit. Like, really? Really? I couldn't help but cry as I signed the papers releasing me and as he escorted me out, as soon as he left I bawled. I was completely heart broken and still am. I'm afraid to get another job because I'm scared I won't be a good fit and end up falling in love just to get tossed out again. I can't believe it's completely acceptable for people to be treated this way. I need another job but I don't want anything like the job I had before because of this fear and I'm going to be a lot less confident coming in due to this experience so thanks for nothing, C. -Des

posted to work by Aubrey, Lord of the Rich (1 comment)

So this work year has been terrible. I've asked for assistance all year mainly because my immediate supervisor is too inexperienced for her position. This is a case of, who you know and not what. Anyway, the entire department has been mishandled and the supervisor is an idiot. Everyone who I've turned to has criticized me for being unreasonable and impatient. Well now the year is wrapping up and if I can't get a transfer I'm just quitting. People have had a whole year to witness the bullshit I've been dealing with and now their upset that I'm throwing in the towel. Well, where was the concern when I was seriously asking for help? Let me just say, I'm a fuckin badass with an extremely good work ethic. I've picked up so much slack that I can't live through another year of the same irresponsible management. I gave it a chance to get better, I asked for help, I made suggestions and nothing. So I think I'll just enjoy the fact that some people will be eating shit in a month. The experience it takes to do my job can't be purchased in a school. You have to live it out to get better. It takes years and apprenticeship under a seasoned professional. So piss off losers. Hope you enjoy the mess you made.

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If you know that your 1st out of 2 flights will get you in late to grab the connecting flt....WHY THE FUCK! would you wait til right before take off time to call and ask to be put on another flight? and when told that all the other direct flights are sold out and only thing left are more connection flights you get an attitude with me?

I swear people lose their damn brains and shit them out when they travel by air. Bunch of fucking idiots!

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Comcast is the most evil company on earth.

I work there. It's getting better, as I accept that I am now an agent of evil.

I serve up evil with a smile and politeness.

"I'm sorry sir, but there is nobody that can help you." You are screwed for all eternity.

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I am currently a paralegal and have a bachelors degree. I am okay with going back to school (as long as its for no more than 7 years)

I want to find a job that pays around $70k (okay if thats not pay until after some years of experience) and that only works 3 days a week. My friend is currently a nurse in ER and he gets paid about $69k - mind you he does work looong hours and its a stressful job. I am open to something like this. My main goal is work less days and have good benefits. (he gets like a month paid vacation every year- NOT A BAD GIG, RIGHT?)

Any advice or insight really does help

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I started at my work 18months ago and have only been in the industry for 3 years. When I started there there were two other professionals working there full time both of which had been in the industry for over 10 years. About 6 months after i started one left and they decided to 'promote' me by giving me more senior duties that were only meant to make up 50% of my role along with my existing work in a specialised area. When I agreed to take on the extra work I was advised my college would be responsible for the training of the new staff member etc and I was only given a pay rise in line with my existing job and experience and not the additional work. They then hired a replacement that was suppose to take the remainder of the work.

The replacement however, is a lot more junior then I was originally and needs quite a bit of extra help and training. In addition, as English isn't their first language i need to communicate with clients on her behalf and review her work. I am struggling and feeling swamped. Back in January i spoke to my boss about struggling with my work load and he said I needed to speak to my colleague (the remaining guy with 10+ years experience) as he is the work flow manager. The next week that same boss allocated me even more work to do as it was too difficult for the junior!

I have spoken to my colleague and he believes that our new staff member is not of the right level and we are essentially 75% understaffed.

Whilst the work flow manager and I are of agreement there is too much work I don't know what to do as i feel like i am drowning and making loads of mistakes and he is in the same boat so i know that if i complain all the excess work will only be dumped on him. He and my boss are also friends and I feel like I am an outsider.

Anyone have any advice for how i should tackle another conversation with my boss? I feel like I am running a marathon every day just to get through my work and I keep getting more and more added to my plate!!

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I think I saw someone shoplifting at work tonight but I'm not 100% sure. I didn't tell my supervisor because I did know if he did or not. He had a trolley with about 6 cases of coke in and he walked them out of the shop. I didn't see him pay because he did come through my till but then he might have gone through Zoe's without me seeing. I'm nearly sure that she saw him too though because we looked up at the same time as he was leaving the shop then both looked at each other. One second I thought of going to ask him if he had paid but I didn't want to insult him if he had and then embarrass myself... so I let him go. Oh well! It's nothing to me. It's not my money. I do still feel a little bit guilty.

posted to work by Bobbie, Ranger of Arts and Crafts (4 comments)

I'm so pissed off right now. I work in an office alone, which sucks, but I'm kind of used to it. The ONE thing that was good about it was that I could work a little extra Monday through Thursday, and leave early on Fridays. But I was just informed that there will be an intern here for the summer, who is to work M-F 8 1/2 hr days. So now I have to change my schedule as well, cause he can't be left alone! Not only that, but there is absolutely NOTHING for this person to do. I do keep busy with my work, but I have just the right amount of work to do. So WTF is this person going to do???? I am not going to babysit.
Also, we have recently laid people off, so what business do they have hiring this person!! May be time to ask for a raise.

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I hate the "know-it-all-boss-wannabe's" who monitor your every move. One time, one single time, I choose to take advantage of freedom of speech he censors me and reports my "crime" with cry baby tears to the boss. THEN he gather's his followers and I am chastised from all angles. Now, when entering the threshold into hell I am followed by damning eyes. I should walk into work with a basket of stones and hand them out.

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I hate working but I can't quit so how do I enjoy it

posted to work by Blaine, Barbarian of Arts and Crafts (2 comments)

I am so frustrated by those of you who are incompetent or just utterly refuse to do your job. Yes, standardized testing is frustrating; yes, it's irritating. What increases the frustration and irritation though is working my tail off day in and day out while watching you put in the bare minimum. Then when we are in the midst of testing, you decide that you're going to show movies for 3 days; three days that I spent teaching because, oh yeah, it's my freaking job And then as a final jab, you actually ask if I taught all day. OF COURSE I DID! Because again, IT'S MY FREAKING JOB! In case you didn't know, it's what you get paid to do too.

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hi guys...



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 Theft. It is an artform, it is my fetish, or perhaps it is the aftermath of the theft that envelopes me. the running, the waiting, the euphoria of knowing you outsmarted another detective, oh! I'm feeling goosebumps already, this is so wonderful to talk about!
 I started this when I was 10, or was it 11? I don't know anymore, anyway, my... "friend" gotme to steal a small knick knack from some non-convenience store, It was then that I became acutely self aware, *where are the cameras?* and "where can I hide it where no one will see?* were just two of many quetions that zipped through my mind at the time. I decided to put it somewhere no one would look, to say the least, it worked. when we had left the store and entered the saftey of our mini van, I felt the object, my, what euphoria it was when I felt its cold surface.
 My time for stealing came to a halt for a decade or two; (or has it been three? Four?) Eitherway, I learned more about stealing during this time, not voluntarily, it just happened that I see a story about an art theft and I happen to see what particular mistake sent the thief away for thirty years. It was usually fingerprints, or that someone ratted.

 Speaking of art thefts, did you know that many art thefts go unsolved? That even the most skilled art detective (who died from the cruel tortures experience that is skin cancer by the way) only solved 15% of his cases? And when you look at how easy it is you wonder why anyone steals anything at all! Very few art gallerys have anything beyond minimum wage security guards, a few cameras, and a locked door. And when they do get more advanced security, visitors say it '*takes away from the experience*' ha! I'm sure youre wondering why I'm writing this, I am as well to be honest, but that's why I'm here isn't it? To be honest?
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  1. Underpaid and overworked. Retail workers are the most underpaid and overworked people there are. We make minimum wage. Most of us people probably work 30 or more hours a week. That may seem like a lot, but when you only make $7.25, it's not. Only making $7.25 an hour and working long shifts are the WORST. It's like we do alllll this crap and don't get anything for it.
  2. We clean up your mess. This one is my pet peeve. For god sake people, I sure the hell hope you don't keep your house as dirty as you make my store. You come into my store and look at stuff and just put it back how ever you want. Why can't you fold the shirt back up instead of throwing it on the table? I don't need to clean up your mess. I often hear people say, "that's your job". NO. It's not my fricken job. My job consists of a lot more then cleaning up your mess. I also have to take freight from the truck, put it on shelves, and help customers. Clean up your damn mess people!
  3. We take all the crap. Anything that happens in the store is always blamed on the part time workers. It's always our fault. We might not even have a clue what happened, but it's our fault. You can tell them that you didn't do it, but you did. The full time workers think they do no wrong and they are invincible. We are the peons. We don't do anything right no matter what happens and if we do make the right choice, it's some how wrong.
  4. We work when you have fun. We HAVE TO work holidays. We don't get a choice. So much for spending time with your family, we spend time with out coworkers, whether we like them or not. We also work inside when its 1000 freaking degrees out and out company doesn't turn on the air cuz "it costs money". We spend our time in a sauna while you are outside enjoying the nice weather with family and friends.

Next time you complain about something while shopping at a retail store, remember these things cuz the people that work there, are probably complaining about the same things.

posted to work by Max, Monk of Good (3 comments)

So awesome, that I wish I had a bed in the office to have a nap zzz

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I dropped out of two colleges before finally getting a degree in something. I got my associates in graphic design. I got a really good job right out of college. I loved the money and the title. I hated the actual job. I was laid off with absolutely no notice after two years. My boss was a huge cunt about it. She got me disqualified from unemployment.

I started nannying to pay the rent. I fell in love with it. I honestly don't know if I can go back to an office job. I can't afford to go back to school.

I have no idea what I want to do. My nannying job is soon coming to an end. My two main families are moving.

I am so stressed. I want to work with children. Or the elderly. But how can I get a "good" job doing all of this when I can't go back to school?

I think I will change careers about 10 times before I finally find something I love.

I just need a push in the right direction I guess. I wish someone would just tell me what I am meant to do with my life.

In 2 weeks I will no longer be able to pay rent. I better figure out something fast.

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How to make a work day go faster please it just sucks working as a cashier because the day is super slow

posted to work by Harper, Illusionist of Musclebeasts (3 comments)

...because Brandi wears tight-ass, sexy jeans! She looks so amazing! Nobody calls in on Fridays anymore, so productivity is up!

posted to work by Josh, Funeral Director of the Forgotten Lands (7 comments)

Mind your own fucking business and leave me to my own work. I don't bother you with your work, so quit fucking bossing me around, YOU CUNT

posted to work by Kadnyce, Curator of the craft table (1 comment)

If you're a Google software engineer, never transfer to Eng Prod.

If you're being offered a job at Google, avoid being hired into an Eng Prod role.

It is a lie.

The main role inside End Prod is SETI or Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure. You will be told that you will be working on tools and infrastructure for SWE's to write and run tests. The reality is that you often will simply end up maintaining integration environments constantly trying to catch them up to what's actually already running in production.

You will be told that you need to write sample tests to validate that the infrastructure you've set up is working (fair enough), but then your "customer" team will be busy and you'll just continue to write more and more tests.

In other words, you're cheaper, easier-to-get headcount to throw annoying code and infrastructure maintenance tasks at.

You have been warned.

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My Work Crush


Engaged but totally crushing on a coworker...Uhhh the urges! He recently spoke of having the same type of feelings (Happy Dance on inside) ! Currently day dreaming of the things...all the things:)

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Stinky Days


Thanks to all the corned beef and cabbage I ate for St. Patrick's Day, I crop dusted the shit out of the office today. My co-workers didn't know what hit them. The stick and escaped my ass all morning was what hell must smell like.

The stench just hung in the air. People gagged and complained that something was wrong with the air / heat. It took everything I had to not burst out laughing.

Hahaha breathe my stink BITCHES!!!

posted to work by Frankie, Sniper of the Forgotten Lands (4 comments)

Why is it that people I'm supposed to be nice to at OTHER companies, get mad at me when I point out to them that they didn't do their job. Yeah, I know what your job is. I understand the time and follow up it takes. I do it for my company. But I can't do you your job for you. YOU have to do it! Because I get it, I gave you WAY more information than you should possibly need. That way, you have options. So, don't do the bare minimum and ignore everything I gave you. Even better, don't call me and tell me how you're too lazy to do your job and it's all my fault!

posted to work by Shiki, Administrator of Light (3 comments)

Hope Menard is the most worthless human being on the planet. She is so stupid that her brain would die of loneliness if it had one intelegent thought.

posted to work by Adrian, Merchant of the Poor (2 comments)

Ok, so I work in an office that is in a different city from most of my coworkers....actually all of them. Haha. But our work is for the same company, so there are times that I may question things. So lately I have noticed that when I email a question, for example: "did you post that bill we discussed last week?", they will answer with something like "Yes. I didn't get to it last week because of......(fill in whatever). Thanks for asking though". So my question is....what does that "Thanks for asking though" imply???? I wouldn't even question it, but I noticed that 2 people up there have recently started adding that to the end of their emails. Am I reading too much into it, or is that their way of telling me to quit bugging them?? Let me add here that I am NEVER rude to them when I ask anything. I will almost always say "there is no hurry for this, but just wanted to make sure it didn't get missed". Thoughts?

posted to work by Dakota, Assassin of Good (5 comments)

Marston has paid her debt to society and reporters like Elizabeth Dinan keep running the same nonsense articles over and over proving her obsession with Marston. The civil case is a default judgement that was received as a trickery move by the Susan Blake camp. Blake claimed that every item in Marstons home belonged to her. This was not factual and was a blatant criminal civil filing by Susan Blake. What nanny moves into a fully furnished home and then claims all of the belongings, clothing, Etc., all belong to her, the nanny?!! This is NOT the first time Susan Blake has done this sort of thing, her history of law suits and legal filings against others goes from Key West Florida, New Jersey, CT and across the Seacoast. Susan Blake is not a victim, she is an opportunist. She was fired from Ramie Marston's employment because she is a drunk and drove drunk twice with her two young children. Blake was also arrested for stalking Marston and found with illegal narcotics. Of Course Reporter Dinan can't report these facts. Nor does Dinan report how Marston won her appeal in Federal Court, has worked hard to rebuild her life and tries to make amends. Yet Dinan loves to harass Marston. Dinan and Blake are kindred spirits. Both cut from the same cloth. Additionally, Marston was never charged with identity theft. That was more of Dinan's lies. If anyone is a sociopath, it would be Elizabeth Dinan and Susan Jane Blake. They have no remorse. They believe their own lies and they purposely target and harm others. If you know Ramie Marston, you would know she is none of those things. Stop Lyin Whining Dinan and let's start a campaign to "STOP LYING WHINING DINAN"!!!!

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Today, I found out that I have absolutely no business being in a classroom. We recently had a benchmark to gauge where the students are at this point in the year. I teach math. I had a 45% failure rate out of the 33 students I currently teach. I am at fault because I have no anchor charts, I am not doing enough to get them ready for the STAAR test in May. Also, several people have reported to my administrator that the kids they have from my class during tutoring groups, know nothing about math strategies. Then, I also find out that the regional person who comes in to observe my class on a review day with no warning, has informed my administrator that I "went on and on" about how I had just gotten my administrator certificate (which I have not), how the lesson was basically a "sit and get" type of lesson, that I was not receptive to her suggestions.

I informed my administrator that A. The woman had asked me if I had my master's degree and I responded with not yet, She then asked what it was in, I told her it was educational administration and that I had just recently passed my principal exam a few months ago. B. The woman had some really good suggestions and I had thought that we'd had a good conversation about all the things she wanted to talk about. I guess not.

My administrator already does not care for me at all, even though we have a good working relationship and can get along. (i.e. she doesn't bother me and I don't bother her)

I just feel like I have failed at everything I want to accomplish and I feel like I will never get away from this place and that administrator now because I know that she probably believes that woman's lies. I feel like my administrator is constantly out to get me in whatever way she can and this is just the latest thing. Now, I have to go and observe in other teacher's rooms, they will come in and teach lessons for me so I can see "how it's done", I have been sent several links to some anchor charts that I am expected to re-create for my class and hang them on the wall. Why is my fault?

I am a horrible person, I am a horrible teacher and I will never escape to be able to do anything else.

posted to work by Addison, Dark Queen of Time (10 comments)

Stop using your "angry" voice when you are "developing my managerial skills" - you idiot! Are you teaching me to use my ANGRY voice when I have to extrapolate information from an engineer to produce marketing materials? I mean have you ever tried talking to an engineer and getting a straight answer? (Eye roll.) You want me to be more assertive? How about you jump off a very tall bridge? How's that for assertive? I hope you choke on your lunch dummy.

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I witnessed my boss making an obvious mistake. Instead of correcting her I decided to let her fall on her face for it. Karma you are delicious!

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Is it me?.


Maybe its me or maybe its the work colleagues, but looks like we will never be on the same page. I stand out too much and Im not like them at all. I have nothing interesting to share and nothing in common to communicate. I'm just like someone who people knows to be kind, happy and helpful. But hey, do any of them know this? That I like to help and do work because I am bored and not because of money. That I am super hyper by nature but once someone bullies me, I retreat and become a living shell. I crave the company of friends and my heart burns when Im alone and everyone is in a group talking animatedly. It sucks, I wanna choose death. Sadly, I cant even jump down from a building as a coward because I like life. Its fun to do everything I want. But is it so wrong to be naive? Is it so wrong to be innocent? Why does someone like me, who hardly hurts a soul ends up being shunned like some kid with AIDS? Do I become a bitch? Do I continue to change jobs every month to escape the loneliness? I have no idea.

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I am a 55 year old very qualified very experienced worker. 10 years ago I had a really bad car accident which took me almost 8 years to recover from. But I persevered worked out, exercised, stayed positive and now I consider myself fitter then I was before my accident. And I want to start work again but while I was recovering from my accident A lot of companies I worked for as a casual contractor have now got a HR dept. So I ring the receptionist to inquire about work I get the standard answer "email us your resume and we will get back to you if we need you". So you do the right thing email of your resume but you don't get a reply from the HR dept acknowledging that they have received your resume nothing. They are that busy that as they receive and hopefully read your resume they can't push a button and send a standard reply acknowledging they have received your email. Now I can do this but apparently the idiots at HR can't. So I ring the front desk again they give me the send your resume in and well contact you if we need you. I have never been employed directly by HR as a result of emailing my resume in. But I have been employed so how does this happen? By word of mouth!!!!!! someone will asked the HR dept to employ me directly and they will give me a call and they always ask for my resume and I always reply "you have a copy of my resume" they say they haven’t got a copy of my resume on file! So this means they either never received a copy of my resume or they bin them without even reading them. Another thing I notice about HR is most of your HR people have no formal qualifications or there qualifications are in another unrelated field. One HR lady I deal with all the time has a diploma in event management. No industry experience at all. My other pet hate about HR departments in Australia is they are infested with Kiwi's. Most mining, marine and construction HR departments are full of KIWIS, I hate Kiwis they are convinced they are far better workers then Australians and if you get a kiwi in the HR dept they only employ other kiwis. They are the most corrupt group of people on the planet. I work with a lot of kiwis and they just endlessly waffle shit about how good they are. They get a scaffolders ticket in New Zealand from the local tafe get a job with their farno in Australia then they will spend all there spare time telling you how good they are and how lazy Aussies are I miss the good old days when the boss would give you a ring and you would front up to work the next day with your bag packed It seems to be getting worse not better.

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Lay offs..


So like Kaiser Permanente has all these Thrive ads and ads about hiring veterans, but they lay-off tons of people every year. Some of the people have been with the company for years. I think they have too much member money to play with, so they can spend a ton of money on recruitment irresponsibly and advertsing and travel. Their employees fly all pver the place and stay at expensive resorts.

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So my coworker who I have worked with for over 10 years has retired. Yesterday was her last day, and it took everything in me to not cry until I left work. So not only am I super sad she is leaving, but I also have to take over her workload. So I am a anxious about that. I"ll be here mostly by myself now too, which also sucks.

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Is anyone else totally disgusted at the greed of this company? They tell us they can't afford bonuses but in the breath all the managers are bragging what a record month December was.

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Cake guru.


Wow what a nightmare on cake street! This woman is truly awful! To top it all off she doesn't know how to bake so she uses cake mix! Actually the only thing that she makes from scratch is her flourless chocolate. The cake guru has two locations one in oshkosh wisconsin and another in appleton wisconsin. No baking is done in appleton all baking is done in oshkosh, if you can call it baking! The cake guru uses cake mix and ready made frosting and fillings that come out of buckets. So basically her stuff just looks good as she is a decorator not a high quality baker. Tune in next week to find out more awful dirty on how old the cake gurus products really are! Baked fresh, I don't think so!

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I find it hilarious that its okay for a work place to just up and fire people because they missed a day of work. Particularly if they are scheduled for 10 minutes before they are supposed to come in. I could understand if it was brought to them in a question, like "hey can you work for us tonight?" No. It was more of a "hey youre working tonight". I was out of town on Sunday and got this message from work saying that I worked a night shift even though I had requested it off so i could go out of town to visit a friend who is poor medical health. They put me on the schedule and when i said i couldnt work, took me off the schedule completely. It completely irritates me because now I'm out of a job and have no way of paying my bills. All this without a two week notice or whatever they should be required to give when releasing an employee for no good reason what so ever. Rant done.

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this is a test to see if this is really anonymous and nobody can see who posted it

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Do not work for them. It is a horrible place. Nepotism everywhere. The mean girls dictacte who gets hired. Amber Teague, Alix Mire and Jim Smolik are the absolute worst. They need to be taken down a peg. Walk around like they own everyone and everything. Also Maria Avila, nasty person who is supposed to manager the administrative staff, but yet hides from client phone calls and is consistently rude to the receptionist. Not to be trusted.

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Ok I am really getting tired of wasting time filling out applications and sending resumes for jobs online and never get any replies. It feels like they are just going into the internets black hole and never being seen by anyone. went to a jobfair and it was another waste of time. Every place i went to said to apply online. I could have stayed home and done that. WTF

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Starting New


So I'm all set to make a quiet get away and vanish from my current life. Any suggestions on where to go if your looking for a simple life out of big metro areas?

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I QUIT!!!.


I QUIT! No sudden movements. I’m a bit punchy… My stuff keeps malfunctioning and nobody cares not even the people that you think SHOULD care. I grew up without a father which was great except for when he visited and THAT was torture. I wish the little shit would stay away but Christmas doesn’t come early. I mean, it’s hard enough being a kid; but parenting your parents, well - that’s Jujitsu; a tall order for any kid let alone starting at four.
I’m just another face in the crowd, a number. Maybe even less than that. I think I qualify for loser of the year (I don’t want your pity – just a place to vent) I’m stating the facts as they appear by the way people treat me…
I look up to Al Bundy. Why? You say – Well, Al has a job, a family, irritating neighbours BUT they know his name, have been to his house, know his family and be-friend him. Sort of… I’ve had a couple – drinks that is. I know I should probably find the nearest confessional but there aren’t any around here and the ‘Priest’ is probably too busy! Where was I? Oh, stuff malfunctioning. I came home after quitting my ‘job’ – you know the one as a temp where I’m treated with contempt, belittled, overlooked, paid less than everyone else to do twice the job to prove myself, never getting the job and only half the credit EXCEPT for those dogooders that grew a conscience in a Petri dish in lab class who feel the need to muster up praise so they can feel good about themselves and keep their title as dogooder of the year. The last couple of days I came home to find garbage sitting in a bag at the end of my driveway. Needless to say and in addition to everything else (I’ll tell you later) that happened I was a little ticked-off to find more garbage. The first day I kicked said trash into the middle of the street. I mean it’s one thing to deal with people’s garbage at work while smiling and saying yes please and thank you but it’s a whole other animal to come home and deal with it! This is later: as I said - I came home saw more garbage then lost it! You could say I took the family’ car, chased the van I saw parked in front of my house (who just happened to pull away as I arrived) and confronted them. Like I said, no sudden movements = I’m a bit punchy and tired of being polite. Its highly overrated and places you lower on the food chain. I know because a couple of days ago. I was at work – you remember the temp job I quit? I had NOTHING to do all day (I HATE pretending to be busy). So against my better judgement I asked if there was anything I could do to help. Well, I got an answer. Did I mention the answer came at 4:30PM and I leave at 5? Did I mention they wanted the ‘work’ to be completed that day? Did I mention the work was to copy files from a website portal which would only allow you to click on each link to download said content into files I had to create (and copy the same naming/file convention) as the originals??? Well after three hours of unscheduled overtime in addition to my eight hour day I thought I should probably call it a day. I sent a couple of email messages, put my coat on and only after going to the washroom discovered I’d forgotten my boots inside the office. This is where being a temp gets interesting. You see, I don’t have an access pass to get back into the office where my boots are (did I mention it’s winter?) I walked around to the elevator banks and heard some stirring so I walked to the door and saw the cleaning lady. I knocked on the door and asked her to let me in. She politely replied she could not let me in and that I had to go to security. I asked her again and realized in short order I wasn’t getting anywhere. So, I went to security. After all, they would escort me to my desk, I would retrieve my boots and all would be right in the world minus 3hours of my evening given over to overtime not to mention the 90 minute commute. Okay, so I was taking one for the team. (Wait a minute, this wasn’t the first time and I suspect not the last)… Hmmm…
I went to the security desk told them of my dilemma and hoped they could help me out. Well, they were willing to help – I just didn’t realize it would cost me a pint of blood and some of my dignity! Let me explain. In order to get back into the office they wanted me to provide them with my employee badge. A reasonable request except at THIS office temps don’t get employee badges, just the unwanted work, degrading assignments, and all the overtime you can handle! But no badge. Okay, don’t panic… Be reasonable, if security escorts me up to the suite and follows me to my desk to see I’m only retrieving MY boots that should be okay right? NOT! In order for me to get my boots I have to provide my driver’s license from which they record my name, address, d.o.b. and other incidentals but don’t let that trouble you – that’s procedure which MUST be followed when an employee (I use that term loosely) wants to get their boots from the office – because said “employee” is working overtime (which they’re so anxious to do on no notice). Did I mention security advised they were taking the information in case something went missing– just to reiterate – they were escorting me up to the office… Ah, the life of a temp.
Al’s, job at the shoe store is starting to look better and better – after all he MUST get some sort of a discount on shoes!

While there may be a number of you who can relate there are still others who will write unkind things – don’t bother wasting your time – I’m sure I’ve heard it all before which is the very reason for this blog! Until next time.

Former O.T. Temp. of 8 YEARS!!! :)

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