That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

You walked up while I was working with a customer. ANother service agent was at the counter. The agent left and did not return quickly.

SO you decided that I was rude for not replying to you although I was on the phone when you spoke to me.

But when the other agent came back there were no complaints for her lightskinned, straighthaired self. Only when MY DARK SKINNED, not - straighthaired self needed to be called rude, disrespectful and made responsible for a problem that didn’t even happen at OUR STORE.

But PLEASE feel free to speak as the rest of your kind does and tell me that I am merely imagining racism. I should believe that I DESERVED to be yelled at for a situation I did not create. While the other people around DID NOT receive that treatment from you.

Was it because I smiled while on the phone. Clearly I was too relaxed and that galled you? You needed to see someone like me in a supplicant and harried state - only then does the world make sense, right?

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So Black Friday is here. My prayers to all of us who are sales people, customer service folks and otherwise working in retail. We are about to be screamed at, cursed at, insulted and best of all - blamed for decisions made by the corporations we work for - all for the great salaries of hovering at or below minimum wage. Good luck and let's hope we have something great waiting at the end of the day - even if it's just a safe bed to sleep in.

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I get pushed aside constantly because I'm a woman. I've put in the same effort and time as everyone else, and I reach for every opportunity. I'm just as good as the others. But no one gives me a second thought. It makes me angry and sad. And I don't know what to do.

posted to work by Eileen, Barbarian of the Forgotten Lands (5 comments)

I don't understand bosses who don't know how to manage well. For example, if I make a mistake, I need to know more than I made a mistake. I need to know what it is and how to fix or prevent it. Leaving me in the dark does nothing for me.

I hate her fake laugh. I hate how everyone just seems to love her. Why am I treated differently? Ugh. I just want her to go away.

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The one thing I desire! Is to finally see to hear that Willie got shot to his death. 2865 or 4751 , as long as he has wind he is continuously oppressing or watching from his in law . back bedroom. Where his wife keep his hostage. But there address is public information for anyone who desire to drive by. And about her husband. His daily activity is to provoke you through oppressing. Listening to every word and yet he allows every complaint to fall on deaf ear. Just so he can obssrs himself with you. Willie needs to shot at. 2865 or 4751

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Rather then trying to make sense to whether someone is watching TBN. Whom speaking to whom in ministry. You need to sense make of your finances and living. And your lustful spirit!

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The person i am perceived to be, l strive to become. Alcohol never helps yet, releases all things standing in my way of myself. Only downside is, it not only releases my shortcomings. It releases my whole person into this worthless piece of shit who found himself but, is regretting and forgetting that it even happened.

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I'm not the "feminist" type, OK. I'm just your average female athlete who's trying to make a name for herself in a male dominated field. I train my ass off 6 days a week. I eat right. I search constantly for training and networking opportunities. I find ways to get involved in the sport in some way, even if it means I'm on clean up crew. I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

Problem is, no one sees this.

They look at me and think I'm just some girl who's trying to fuck another athlete out there. Those who DO understand that I'm trying to learn are afraid to help me because they don't want me to get hurt. IT'S A FUCKING CONTACT SPORT. I'M FULLY AWARE THAT INJURIES HAPPEN. Stop being such a pussy and teach me! But no one will. It feels like the only time I can have a conversation with someone about my intentions is when they have a penis and want to use conversation to get something else.

It's bullshit. Start taking me seriously. And answer my fucking questions. Stop avoiding the fact that I have a vagina. I want to learn...

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Got invited to go to a meeting with the intention of supporting a friend > Went to the meeting where the whole concept was about recruiting people to join a company where u can get rich quick without any knowledge of what the hell it was really about> Got physically chased after the meeting to have a follow up meeting with an amway coach but had no intention of joining the company > got physically pushed into a circle where this amway coach instructed us where and when to follow up he didnt even ask if we wanted to > Got woken up by the same friend who invited me on the day the' follow up "meeting was on, i told him im not going then he begged me to do so and went on to demand that i go , i said NO he got angry, walked away and he never spoke to me again , keep in mind this was someone i knew for three years ..... so to those involved in this business or one of that sought please consider an alternative way of approaching people and not tricking and forcing them to attend and join a business that they don't want to be apart of for your benefit

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This blog is to give everyone an opportunity to openly discuss IT consolidation in an environment where true feelings and thoughts could be expressed without reprisals.

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I really do miss retailing alot I lived in a small country town I used to work at Walmart it's been about a year first I was really shy to get to know my coworkers the associates alot of time but down side begin when I fucked a coworker that was bad but old gossip got over it bad idea don't ever fuck with a coworker unless you trust them or been with them for longest trust then you can but me bad idea then I made some friends three people four actually but she was older women but fun for a while I guess I got on her nerves a little bit asking too much for advice but she didn't mind I think she's like me who's just nice person kill time sometimes and other time she take naps or read a book eh so on I lived with the second friend I met bad idea please get to know that person before moving in get to know a coworker atleast get to know all your coworkers don't be like me who just jumped in drama I was interest in a guy we were friends with benefits and the husband Idk if he was jealous or like me wife knew ex friend of mine somewhere around summer time it happen and he started flirt I guess I didn't know but she told me she saw everything and I just wish she can see that I was into this other guy who I had relation then her husband :/ I just wish I wasn't really interest he's married and not my type not attractive I love my ex but then it took couple months it took four months to get over that guy dumped me and then later on happen around valentine's day a guy confess his like for me but I rejected him I wasn't interest of dating at the time because of m ex my feelings were hurt I'm not the type or person who just jumps on relationship quick like I'm not but I gave him a chance only dating I told his sister how I really felt well she didn't like it the first time and she notice we hang out again I miss his friendship she started to talk to me then when I lost my dad at the time my mom was gone for awhile and he jump on me again he told me he still had feelings for me after my confession towards him he stayed with me for a bit I got annoyed like big time because of what I was going through about my dad and still am i quit after that a elder women I was friends with for a while stop talking and be two face thought I was talking about her and I wasn't I just told her I wanted my own space and keep things private and she got attention but now me and her good now I guess she left everybody alone she ask my friends who I'm still talking now my coworkers she left them alone and everyone else but after all of this happen to me got very bad dapression since I loss my job over thought alot of things why it got to be me that happen why did I have alot of drama why is this pouring on me alot when I'm going through something deeply emotionally but couple weeks later I snap out of I live with my sister putting more job applications in finding help to get me into a job now I'm sitting here thinking about my old job how I wish to go back to it my retailing my walmart self again besides besides of all of that I can buy groceries I don't have to go to store twice get a discount card again I hate the 90 days for a regular card and discount thing and meeting new people again I'm ready for that I'm thinking about staying night shift as well you get paid more but sometimes management not all that great maybe in the beginning but at the end when they found something else or quit the job or goes to first shift like why don't leave us don't leave the night shift anyways I want to go back to retailing just start everything all over no sex on first meeting though just casual talk to people being friends not enemy's but they say keep your enemy's close but how close though any advice??? But anyways I wonder if anybody else experience same thing I have or no its okay thoughts about it not too harshly pleas s

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I have worked the same dental office for over 11 years with2 main dentists as partners and my bosses. When I saturated we were a small company with great benefits, compassion and loyalty. About 5 years ago we hired a CFO and it all went down the tubes. We now have the words "LLC"behind our he title of company. The CFO started an initiative program where you were rewarded for "tattling" on fellow employees. One of the partner dentists sees the CFO as a "God-send" (he'll be 65 this year). The other partner dentist sees the CFO as a disruption to the whole hierarchy of the company( That partner dentist just turned 50). This CFO has caused so much discourse within the company that it has made me second guess my position within the company. Our benefits our awful. Raises are non-existent. The CFO is making 6 figures, worried about his own check and is okay with firing great help to get there. What would you do?

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i work for a big box retailer and this is my 1st ever retail job and to be honest i love this company..most of the time. I've been here as a cashier for about a year and a half. I've caught on so quick and learn almost everything on the front end to the point where I'm bored and a tad bit frustrated. i need a change but i don't want to leave the company. i want to get out on the sales floor, i feel its where i belong. the managers have been wanting me to move positions but yet not progress has been made on their part and I'm at a stand still. I'm hoping soon something will open up but at the same time I'm scared to move onto the floor. its a whole nother world out there. i do my job well, so well I'm up to par with a woman whose been with the company like 8 years. I'm confident in my abilities right now but what if i get out there and i cant do it? some of the departments i know nothing about! my co works tell me i can learn product easily that not the hard part but to me it is. other departments tell me they would fight to have me join them but i know a few of them still look down on me like a just a cashier the knows nothing. i don't know what to do. if and opportunity comes i will apply but i scared I'll fail and disappoint my co workers, department, and new store manager. what do i do? any advice welcomed...

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I've been at my job for a little over 7 months now. I went straight out of college to starting my job the next month. When I accepted this position I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I had a job before I even graduated and the pay was great! When I say great I mean there is no other place that would pay me this much starting off. The benefits pay 100% everything so how could I give up this offer? Well after 7 months of being here I absolutely hate it. The people who work for this company are mostly women who are skinny, blonde, and don't have much common sense. I feel like I am in high school all over again. I understand people have their problems but to share every single detail to your co-workers is just too much. This job isn't even in my field of study. To make matters worse...I am one of two people in my entire office with a college degree. Yeah, I went to college for 3 1/2 years to be working somewhere where I didn't need a degree. The hard part is...Do I look for another job and be happy to get up and go to work everyday or do I stay and hate what I am doing but get paid good money?

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IT has to a point where I have started to hate my colleague. I wish I worked with people of my calibre. I don't fit. It it's painful to know that after u have worked with people for 3 years no one has your back when u need their assistance. Feeling so sad

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So i am a dental assistant fresh out of school. I worked for a dental office as an intern and when i finished all of my hours they decided that they wanted to hire me. I thought this was the greateast thing in the world because i was told my dentist doesnt hire alot of people hes had the same 2 assistants for 16+ years so i felt special to get the job. Now i work for this office and i hate it. Im only 20 and the other 2 assistants are way older than me and all day they walk around the office talking about me and when i ask for their help with anything they take their sweet precious time and by the time they come assist me with something the dentist is in the room mad at me because i didnt do what ever he had asked me to do. I try not to talk about people because i hate drama and talking about them would only add fuel to the fire so i keep to myself. Ive been working as a paid assistant for him for about a month now and i have yet to recieve a paycheck even though they said id get paid bi-weekly. And on top of all that he is one of the most rudest person ive ever met, im a black female with very coarse hair but i keep my hair in a pony tail and he told me that he didnt want me wearing my real hair out in the office anymore bc he doesnt like it, mind you one of the other assistants is completly natural so her hair is no more tamed then mine is, one day i had a anxiety attack while at work and he treated me like "oh its just anxiety youll be okay just get back to work" the anxiety artack was accompanied by a asthma attack and since then ive been hearing around the office that im too new to be leaving work early because of that.I want to leave his office and never return but being that im just starting out i k ow it would be hard for me to find another job. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Do i stay and put up with it all to gain experience or should i take my chances and leave this office.

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I went to college for a long, long time. College is a scam.

I hate my boss and my job, but I can't switch jobs because I'm dependent on this income. I'd really like to do my own thing and get away from this all. Sometimes I just want to run away.

I wish I could pack up my house, my wife, and take off. I want to either hit it big or I just want to move to Nowheresville and live out life more simply.

I really wish I were more creative and could start my own thing. I want a better life for me and for my beloved wife.

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Enjoy the people you work with. You spend all day with them.

Music is my life so I guess I have to find some musicians to relate to.

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So after a whirlwind few weeks backpacking around the wonders and at times despair of India. I spent a few forced days in Goa to rest and relax (partly due to friends opinion and influence rubbing off on ne though i would never tell them that) I'd hoped the combination of backpacking and living it up in secluded paradise would prepare/ jolt back into flying back in my old life and kick onto the next stage

While i can't sit here a type that im daydreaming of flying to another far flung destination or getting exicited so i can get back to my laptop so i can apply for this and that job. Neither of those scenarios are apply to me

The scenario which im currently set on is to great extent my life seems to be unwanted autopilot but i know for certain its not something i want. But what i think is worse i dont know what i want. Thats my problem if i knew what i wanted i would be doing it surely???

I cant say my entire life is mundane or miserable but i have for a while have this gut sinking feeling i have not chosen this life,  i seemed to have stumbled or fallen or maybe coasted into a weird set of life choices

  1. I grew old before i and got good at being irresponsible and young
  2. Sick to death of being poor student so i sold my soul and arguably brain for a company payslip
  3. I arguably excel at work but not through passion or career dreams. Rather I'm a quick learner and my new brain amoung an older generation sparkles brighter
  4. I feel as though i have tied down to hometown with invisible weights (but i have no kids, no mortgage payments, no real family commitments)
  5. I tirelessly work to pay off debts i have up to my eyeballs but then for my own sanity have to have yearly holiday blowout

So why as an semi intelligent woman am i in this predicament

The sinking prospect of walking back into my place of work and putting on a version of myself that i dont think is the best version of me

Im not as daft to think this could just be holiday blues, i know i have prospects; jobs, studying and my friends and family.

But why do have this sinking feeling???

Yours Sincerly

Someone who turning 25 in 3 days

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I understand that there always needs to be a working class


the working class

is this nation's


Imagine a country that took a whole week off.


The hardest working individual on earth

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I am agree that no names is a better way of doing things. I have had a lot of interest from another party so if you keep your end of the deal it will remain exclusive. 4 278 50

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Priča iz prošlosti: Novi vlasnik Antša Žuljžulj želi novosti u novoj organizacijskoj cjelini koja u njegovom holdingu se po prvi put neće baviti bagerima i otraj-dotraj biznisom. Tadašnji stručnjaci za marketing su mu rekli da je potreban: ribrending, krvtiisusovu. Sjedeći u Blatu gledajući slike Tima Ujevića, sjeti se da to ne treba više izgledati kao bivši sustav. Asocijacija na novo ime treba biti suptilnija, nešto uzvišenija. U tom trenutku je zvonio telefon i s druge strane je odvjetnik i pita: “Gazda kako će se zvati nova firma. trebam je tu registrirati?” Vrlo smirenim glasom što dolikuje tehnomenadžerima toga doba, Antša kaže odvjetniku: “Čekaj što me jeb*š, koji kuac me sad zoveš. Čekaj da vidim meni… Konobar što čekaš. Jer imaš drvene noge. Tko te zaposlio i kada. Gdje si bio 91. koji kuac. Gdje Ti je tata bio 45. Jesi još prika na liniji… ostani još na liniji. Reci što ima od ponude dana… Ima školjke na buzaru, nema janjetine? Koji kuac nema janjetine… Reci jesi još na liniji. I što hoćeš od mene? Novo ime? da treba novo ime. Treba neko suptilno što će asocirati na našu djelatnost. Neko uzvišeno i što ima s prirodom i dubinom. Što se skriva pa se otkrije…
Reci konobar, nema janjetine jebate vrag. A što ću jesti. neću valjda jest školjke. ” Gledajući u meni i razmišljajući o razgovoru preko linije… “Nek se zove Školjska knjiga. I nemoj me više zvati… radi nešto i zašto te plaćam a ne da pričamo preko telefona. Ako me nastaviš zajebavati i zvati, prekinut ću ti ugovor” Čovjek više nije zvao. Trebao mu je novac. Za par dana je odvjetnik došao nakon par mjeseci i donio odluku o registraciji novog imena. Inače u Banana republici to traje godinama ali je Antša potegao sve moguće veze. Kada je njegova tadašnja mala Martinčica vidjela to. Pitala ga kako je došlo do tog imena. Tatica nije odgovarao dva dana nakon što je pročitao novo ime firme. Dugo u noć razmišljao je o koracima i postupcima, kako se to dogodilo da postane Školjska knjiga. Prekinuo je suradnju s odvjetnikom koji je to napravio jer ga smatra glupim, nesposobnim i idiotom. On mu je napravio puno stvari koje su bile na granici za zakonom ili ti nelegalne ali ga je sada stvarno zajebo. Nije razumio kako može biti odvjetnik a da ga toliko zejebe. Toliko godina surađuju i zajebe ga oko imena. Martinčica je govorila tatici kako je to zapravo vrlo kreativno… A kada bi spustila slušalicu pozvala bi svoju mamicu i počela plakati dugo u noć. “kako je tata glup, kako sve upropasti”. I jednostavno bi bilo bolje da ona to preuzme. Mama ju je smirila “da će doći i njeno vrijeme”.

Nako dva dana se javio: - “Reci kćerko. Zvala si me”,

Tatice, tatice zašto si dao Školjska knjiga kao naziv. - Vidiš kćerkice, Meni školjka predstavlja čuvanje nečeg važnog, kao biser. Zamisli zapravo ovu našu republiku koja je kao more u kojoj se nalaze i lijepe i ružne stvari. Postoje prekrasni koralji i u isto vrijeme postoje morski psi koji plove i jedu ljude. Mora u tom moru postojati nešto što krije bisere, a to se zove naša baština koju mi trebamo pretvoriti u tiskanu riznicu. I zbog toga je to Školjska knjiga kao jedini mogući naziv. Jel se slažeš s time? Martinčica je zadihano počela: “Tatice, tatice je bi nešto modernije Scool book. Ono kao skul a u isto vrijeme si cool. To je ful fensi. A i prema feng šuiu je to super ime. Bacala sam tarot karte i one kažu da može biti i Scool book ali teško bi bilo Shell-book. Ima ona naftna kompanija shell pa ne bi da to mi tako. Pričala sam s modnim i marketinškim stručnjacima, i njime se ne sviđa Školjska i više im je ovo Cool super. Kužiš tatice, tatice.” Hoćeš da me svi zajebavaju da imam firmu engleskog naziva, a u republici smo?

-Bit će Školjska knjiga i gotov je razgovor. Gledajući se u ogledalo se počeo sjećati prošlosti dok ga je mater raštikom hranila. Gleda se u ogledalo kako je sebi lijep, pametan, zgodan, fin i uglađen.

“Pa i ja sam se trebao zvati Antiša, a dali mi ime Antša – nu gle ga što mi fali.”

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To jutro je bilo uobičajeno kao i sva druga jutra koje se javljaju u glavnom gradu Banana republike koji se zove Banderas Capital. Ptičice su pjevale nad obližnjem kazalištu, arije koje govore o sreći i ljubavi. O tome kako je ptičji svijet malo drugačiji od onog ljudskog. Legenda kaže da je ulica dobila ime po teme što su 28 osam radnika Radničkog vjeća željelo drugog vlasnika u ono vrijeme kada će republika postati banana. Glavnu stvar je odradio Banan fond za privatizaciju koji je uzeo njihova prava i velikoj izdavačkoj kući je krenula promjena vlasništva. A to je igra u koja se temelji na par dječjih principa… Istim onim knjigama koje sama izdavačka kuća izdaje. A dječji principi se zovu:

  1. Tko prvi zabije – dobije
  2. Tko je jamio, jamio je
  3. Tko se nije skrio magarac je bio
  4. Zakon je kao paukova mreža, sitne muhe se skupljaju a stršljenovi prolaz

Znači da se vratimo na promjenu vlasništva. Dio tih radnika koji su željeli da sve bude kako je do sada nisu prihvaćali nove suvremene trendove. A to je dolazak novih snažnih duhom, imotneandertalaca. Posebne vrste špiljskih ljudi koji znaju sve. Radnici su željeli zastarjele i jednostavno dobre stvari koje su odavno radile: da su oni uključeni u odlučivanje i da imaju svoja prava. • Dio njih je kupljen, tzv. podmićeni – i rečeno im je da dok je tu sadašnja uprava – njima se neće dirati plaće (što je isplo velika laž od osobe koja se pozivala na Boga i poštenje). Među njima je i menadžment bivše izdavačke kuće koji su naglo dolazili tužni na posao i plakali radnicima da ne mogu ništa, a doma ih je čekao novi automobil. • Dio njih je dobio otkaz, tzv. otkazani – otišli su na tadašnji zavod za zapošljavanje. Izmišljeno je da su bili „neradnici, nisu stizali na vrijeme, kasnili, da su govorili protiv tadašnje imperije koja uzvraća udarac“. • Ima podvrsta otkazanih, tzv. otkazani pa se sude. Oni su tužili novo rukovodstvo i još sada su nakon XX broja godina na sudu. Jednostavna metoda je da se samo potplati sudac da oteže slučaj što nije teško u Banana državama. Tada je nastao dugogodišnji rat gdje u toj epskoj bitci, na kraju su pobjedu donijeli imotneandertal u sjajnoj pobjedi na kojem su temelji moderne Banana Republike. U spisima bilježnika moderne povijesti se zove: privatno Tebi (zeka i banana meni) ili točniji izraz privatizacija.

Tada su znojavi BAGERISTI postali zamisli KULTURISTI. I taj znoj primitivizma nikada neće biti opran.

Dio radnika je nestao. Za njih se kaže da su otišli u rat, da su otišli u inozemstvo. Neki su umrli od tuge i sramote jer nisu tako doživljavali svoju zamlju. Bilo ih je 28.

I zato se ulica zove Masakryranih 28.

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I have finally realized that I love my job. When I grow up I want to make a list of jobs I have done and I hope there are hundreds.

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I come in at 830....I leave at 430. During this 8 hour shift I think about how I'd love to take a nap or how I wished I got a few more minutes when I woke up this morning. Or maybe went to bed at 9 instead of 10. Surely enough as I am done combating my sleep for 8 hours...I begin the 5-10min glory walk to my car. Then, I completely forget why I need that extra sleep and repeat the cycle all over again.

posted to work by Peyton, Deviant of the Satisfied (4 comments)

I recently went to an interview where the interviewers made many stingily personal negative comments as if they were a fact and not their opinion. The comments could have been summarized as “ We are sorry, we feel that you lack experience, and you are not what the were looking for” or something short and straightforward.

They instead went on an angry tirade. I asked “Yes, can go?” and left before I allowed one interviewer to finish their long-winded critique. I still am offended by their comments. They could have expressed their information/opinion in a constructive way, instead of using double talk and personal attacks.

My question is, is expressing dissatisfaction to someone in a higher position ever worth pursuing after an interview? I know this will limit chances of being hired there if the opportunity comes up when I have some more experience. But, the chance of blowing off some steam with some negative comments of my own seems tempting. Comments such as:

-Very Derogatory -Rude -Discriminatory about my facial characteristics -Needs a refresher course in simple manners. Come to mind.

In the end I can forgive and try to learn from the negative by making them positive.

posted to work by Frankie, Samurai of Evil (3 comments)

I'm so tired of this job! I have been sitting here along with my section doing nothing for the last 3 months! There is no mission and no work to do. We literally sit here. I check my email, talk to people , and obviously come on here. It is making me goo crazy and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's great to have a job and steady paycheck but MAN I need something to keep me busy for 8 hours every day or I'll go crazy!

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To my last table of the night, At 8:30pm, 30 minutes before the restraunt closes, all 16 of you decided to go out for a nice dinner. At this time the hostess informed me that I was getting you as a table. I was excited, it had been a slow night and needed a little extra money. As soon as you sit down, I grab your drink orders and get them for you in a timely manner. After handing out your drinks I patiently waited for all of your food orders. By this time it was 8:45 and I had put everything in the computer. You had special requests and allergies that we happily accommodated for. Five minutes after putting your food in, I brought out your salads. Nothing was wrong and you all seemed pleased. I grabbed refills for your sodas and waters and chatted with you about how I just graduated from college. While waiting for your main courses, I asked you about split checks, which I happily calculated (perfectly) for you. Finally, with in 15 minutes of putting the order in, the expo team and I plated your food and made sure that everything was what you asked for. A team of 3 servers helped me carry your plates out on trays and we sat your food in front of you. I asked if anything was needed, and one person hadn't gotten her food, quick fix, I went to the kitchen and grabbed it for you, no problems at all. I grabbed all of your children sides of ranch and honey mustard and all of your refills. You all ate and I waited patiently as my co workers tipped out the help and headed out. I didn't mind, you were all pleasant people and I needed the money. At the end of your meals I grabbed most of the plates out of the way and passed out the split checks. All of you paid with your gift cards and the rest on your cards. Once again, in a timely manner, I got your receipts back to you and bid you a farewell. Most of you tipped me fairly well. 18 to 20 percent is the usual, I provided what I thought was excellent service, but the last credit card receipt I picked up had a total bill of 140 and you had paid 50 on your gift card, which left 90 for you to pay on your card, and you left me a whopping 10 dollars. Let me tell you a little something. My pay is 2.33 cents and hour, my tips are my paychecks. At the end of the night, 5 percent of my sales goes to paying the bus boys, the expo team, dish and the bar (yes I have to pay the bar even if you don't drink), so if I have a good night and make an average of 20 percent of my sales, I am walking out with 15 percent. So let's do some math. Your check was 140 dollars 20 percent of 140 is 28 dollars. You tipped me around six percent. So out of the money that you paid me tonight, I get to leave with 2 dollars of it. So thank you. Because you were able to find it out of the good of your heart to tip me just enough to pay the people who helped me, I get to leave with enough to pay for a gallon of gas, or a pack of gum. I have worked for my money since I was 15 years old, and I hope that your kids have the same values and morals that I do. I hope that one day your kids will be able to support themselves and maybe even you. I hope that if they ever become a server that they won't be sitting in their car in tears writing down their thoughts on a blog site over 2 hours after a table leaves them with nothing in their hands as they take their 45 minute drive home. But hey, as I said before, I hope that your meal was great, the faces that you didn't see tonight really deserved their share. Sincerely, your server tonight.

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After the recent shooting at the pulse you know the Warlocks are passed . They don't like police harassing their boys and they love getting their brown eyes drilled . Shooting up their hang out poor Warlock president is devastated . He can't suck his boy's penis

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Every time I go to the kitchen in my office....there is food and dishes all in the sink or around the sink, water and paper towels around the sink, dirty on and so forth. You people are old enough to be mommies and daddies!! At this age you should know how to clean up after yourself. lol I am 24 years old and I know how to do it. I guess people get paid to clean up after everyone for a reason. Just a light-hearted rant lol.....rant over

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So, I have temp working with me, well when she is at work, actually even when she is at work she does crap job or she ion the phone trying to take care of her personal business. It's not just that she is awful employee, she is fat, she is chewing her food loudly, she is a smoker so she breads very hard when she is at her desk, her BO is horrible. Anyhow my boss doesn't want to let her go, because she has hard life, she is poor, and she says she is sorry when she creates mistakes that I have to fix. I am so frustrated, and I so badly want her to quit, but who would want to quit job where you are not held accountable for mistakes you make. I so badly want to tell her how much I dislike her and if I was the boss she would be out the door long time ago. I just hate this woman.

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I do it solely to make ends meet. But I hate it. 90% of the kids I teach are little douche bags. Several times, I had to remind myself that corporal punishment is a no-go these days.

As much as I hate the kids, I realize it's not entirely their fault. Most of the parents are junkies/drunks, and the administration does literally nothing for discipline. I feel like the only person in the school who actually tries to correct students' poor behavior, and it makes me a rage demon by the end of the day, because these kids are so fucking disrespectful.

I also despise several of my coworkers. One guy, Steve, is literally the off-brand version of Donald Trump. He thinks he's hot shit, and that everything he has to say is important. He gets in my personal space, and is so unprofessional it's crazy. I reported him once before for questionable behavior, but surprise, the administration did nothing.

I have three days till the end of the school year... hopefully this will be my last year there.

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Did anyone see that post on here about the boss banging horse face Lindsay? Disgusting. Steve is a gigantic douche.

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I have a lot of passions. Most of them are arts related. However, when it comes down to training, taking classes, or just practicing, I can't motivate myself to do it. It makes me feel like a lazy slacker who doesn't want it enough. But I do. I want to explore my passions more than anything. I just really hate taking classes. How can I make myself get in the mindset for training?

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I had a very good job, it was my first job so I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. Everyday I was actually excited and happy to go to work. I loved the job, I loved my co-workers (most of them), and I loved the people. I never expected to get blind sided. I got 'let go' because I was in my orientational period and at that point they can let you go for literally anything. His (my boss) only reasoning for letting me go was that I wasn't a good fit. Like, really? Really? I couldn't help but cry as I signed the papers releasing me and as he escorted me out, as soon as he left I bawled. I was completely heart broken and still am. I'm afraid to get another job because I'm scared I won't be a good fit and end up falling in love just to get tossed out again. I can't believe it's completely acceptable for people to be treated this way. I need another job but I don't want anything like the job I had before because of this fear and I'm going to be a lot less confident coming in due to this experience so thanks for nothing, C. -Des

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So this work year has been terrible. I've asked for assistance all year mainly because my immediate supervisor is too inexperienced for her position. This is a case of, who you know and not what. Anyway, the entire department has been mishandled and the supervisor is an idiot. Everyone who I've turned to has criticized me for being unreasonable and impatient. Well now the year is wrapping up and if I can't get a transfer I'm just quitting. People have had a whole year to witness the bullshit I've been dealing with and now their upset that I'm throwing in the towel. Well, where was the concern when I was seriously asking for help? Let me just say, I'm a fuckin badass with an extremely good work ethic. I've picked up so much slack that I can't live through another year of the same irresponsible management. I gave it a chance to get better, I asked for help, I made suggestions and nothing. So I think I'll just enjoy the fact that some people will be eating shit in a month. The experience it takes to do my job can't be purchased in a school. You have to live it out to get better. It takes years and apprenticeship under a seasoned professional. So piss off losers. Hope you enjoy the mess you made.

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If you know that your 1st out of 2 flights will get you in late to grab the connecting flt....WHY THE FUCK! would you wait til right before take off time to call and ask to be put on another flight? and when told that all the other direct flights are sold out and only thing left are more connection flights you get an attitude with me?

I swear people lose their damn brains and shit them out when they travel by air. Bunch of fucking idiots!

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Comcast is the most evil company on earth.

I work there. It's getting better, as I accept that I am now an agent of evil.

I serve up evil with a smile and politeness.

"I'm sorry sir, but there is nobody that can help you." You are screwed for all eternity.

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I am currently a paralegal and have a bachelors degree. I am okay with going back to school (as long as its for no more than 7 years)

I want to find a job that pays around $70k (okay if thats not pay until after some years of experience) and that only works 3 days a week. My friend is currently a nurse in ER and he gets paid about $69k - mind you he does work looong hours and its a stressful job. I am open to something like this. My main goal is work less days and have good benefits. (he gets like a month paid vacation every year- NOT A BAD GIG, RIGHT?)

Any advice or insight really does help

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I started at my work 18months ago and have only been in the industry for 3 years. When I started there there were two other professionals working there full time both of which had been in the industry for over 10 years. About 6 months after i started one left and they decided to 'promote' me by giving me more senior duties that were only meant to make up 50% of my role along with my existing work in a specialised area. When I agreed to take on the extra work I was advised my college would be responsible for the training of the new staff member etc and I was only given a pay rise in line with my existing job and experience and not the additional work. They then hired a replacement that was suppose to take the remainder of the work.

The replacement however, is a lot more junior then I was originally and needs quite a bit of extra help and training. In addition, as English isn't their first language i need to communicate with clients on her behalf and review her work. I am struggling and feeling swamped. Back in January i spoke to my boss about struggling with my work load and he said I needed to speak to my colleague (the remaining guy with 10+ years experience) as he is the work flow manager. The next week that same boss allocated me even more work to do as it was too difficult for the junior!

I have spoken to my colleague and he believes that our new staff member is not of the right level and we are essentially 75% understaffed.

Whilst the work flow manager and I are of agreement there is too much work I don't know what to do as i feel like i am drowning and making loads of mistakes and he is in the same boat so i know that if i complain all the excess work will only be dumped on him. He and my boss are also friends and I feel like I am an outsider.

Anyone have any advice for how i should tackle another conversation with my boss? I feel like I am running a marathon every day just to get through my work and I keep getting more and more added to my plate!!

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I think I saw someone shoplifting at work tonight but I'm not 100% sure. I didn't tell my supervisor because I did know if he did or not. He had a trolley with about 6 cases of coke in and he walked them out of the shop. I didn't see him pay because he did come through my till but then he might have gone through Zoe's without me seeing. I'm nearly sure that she saw him too though because we looked up at the same time as he was leaving the shop then both looked at each other. One second I thought of going to ask him if he had paid but I didn't want to insult him if he had and then embarrass myself... so I let him go. Oh well! It's nothing to me. It's not my money. I do still feel a little bit guilty.

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I'm so pissed off right now. I work in an office alone, which sucks, but I'm kind of used to it. The ONE thing that was good about it was that I could work a little extra Monday through Thursday, and leave early on Fridays. But I was just informed that there will be an intern here for the summer, who is to work M-F 8 1/2 hr days. So now I have to change my schedule as well, cause he can't be left alone! Not only that, but there is absolutely NOTHING for this person to do. I do keep busy with my work, but I have just the right amount of work to do. So WTF is this person going to do???? I am not going to babysit.
Also, we have recently laid people off, so what business do they have hiring this person!! May be time to ask for a raise.

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I hate the "know-it-all-boss-wannabe's" who monitor your every move. One time, one single time, I choose to take advantage of freedom of speech he censors me and reports my "crime" with cry baby tears to the boss. THEN he gather's his followers and I am chastised from all angles. Now, when entering the threshold into hell I am followed by damning eyes. I should walk into work with a basket of stones and hand them out.

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I hate working but I can't quit so how do I enjoy it

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I am so frustrated by those of you who are incompetent or just utterly refuse to do your job. Yes, standardized testing is frustrating; yes, it's irritating. What increases the frustration and irritation though is working my tail off day in and day out while watching you put in the bare minimum. Then when we are in the midst of testing, you decide that you're going to show movies for 3 days; three days that I spent teaching because, oh yeah, it's my freaking job And then as a final jab, you actually ask if I taught all day. OF COURSE I DID! Because again, IT'S MY FREAKING JOB! In case you didn't know, it's what you get paid to do too.

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hi guys...



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 Theft. It is an artform, it is my fetish, or perhaps it is the aftermath of the theft that envelopes me. the running, the waiting, the euphoria of knowing you outsmarted another detective, oh! I'm feeling goosebumps already, this is so wonderful to talk about!
 I started this when I was 10, or was it 11? I don't know anymore, anyway, my... "friend" gotme to steal a small knick knack from some non-convenience store, It was then that I became acutely self aware, *where are the cameras?* and "where can I hide it where no one will see?* were just two of many quetions that zipped through my mind at the time. I decided to put it somewhere no one would look, to say the least, it worked. when we had left the store and entered the saftey of our mini van, I felt the object, my, what euphoria it was when I felt its cold surface.
 My time for stealing came to a halt for a decade or two; (or has it been three? Four?) Eitherway, I learned more about stealing during this time, not voluntarily, it just happened that I see a story about an art theft and I happen to see what particular mistake sent the thief away for thirty years. It was usually fingerprints, or that someone ratted.

 Speaking of art thefts, did you know that many art thefts go unsolved? That even the most skilled art detective (who died from the cruel tortures experience that is skin cancer by the way) only solved 15% of his cases? And when you look at how easy it is you wonder why anyone steals anything at all! Very few art gallerys have anything beyond minimum wage security guards, a few cameras, and a locked door. And when they do get more advanced security, visitors say it '*takes away from the experience*' ha! I'm sure youre wondering why I'm writing this, I am as well to be honest, but that's why I'm here isn't it? To be honest?
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  1. Underpaid and overworked. Retail workers are the most underpaid and overworked people there are. We make minimum wage. Most of us people probably work 30 or more hours a week. That may seem like a lot, but when you only make $7.25, it's not. Only making $7.25 an hour and working long shifts are the WORST. It's like we do alllll this crap and don't get anything for it.
  2. We clean up your mess. This one is my pet peeve. For god sake people, I sure the hell hope you don't keep your house as dirty as you make my store. You come into my store and look at stuff and just put it back how ever you want. Why can't you fold the shirt back up instead of throwing it on the table? I don't need to clean up your mess. I often hear people say, "that's your job". NO. It's not my fricken job. My job consists of a lot more then cleaning up your mess. I also have to take freight from the truck, put it on shelves, and help customers. Clean up your damn mess people!
  3. We take all the crap. Anything that happens in the store is always blamed on the part time workers. It's always our fault. We might not even have a clue what happened, but it's our fault. You can tell them that you didn't do it, but you did. The full time workers think they do no wrong and they are invincible. We are the peons. We don't do anything right no matter what happens and if we do make the right choice, it's some how wrong.
  4. We work when you have fun. We HAVE TO work holidays. We don't get a choice. So much for spending time with your family, we spend time with out coworkers, whether we like them or not. We also work inside when its 1000 freaking degrees out and out company doesn't turn on the air cuz "it costs money". We spend our time in a sauna while you are outside enjoying the nice weather with family and friends.

Next time you complain about something while shopping at a retail store, remember these things cuz the people that work there, are probably complaining about the same things.

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So awesome, that I wish I had a bed in the office to have a nap zzz

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I dropped out of two colleges before finally getting a degree in something. I got my associates in graphic design. I got a really good job right out of college. I loved the money and the title. I hated the actual job. I was laid off with absolutely no notice after two years. My boss was a huge cunt about it. She got me disqualified from unemployment.

I started nannying to pay the rent. I fell in love with it. I honestly don't know if I can go back to an office job. I can't afford to go back to school.

I have no idea what I want to do. My nannying job is soon coming to an end. My two main families are moving.

I am so stressed. I want to work with children. Or the elderly. But how can I get a "good" job doing all of this when I can't go back to school?

I think I will change careers about 10 times before I finally find something I love.

I just need a push in the right direction I guess. I wish someone would just tell me what I am meant to do with my life.

In 2 weeks I will no longer be able to pay rent. I better figure out something fast.

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