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One of my bosses today yelled at me in front of customers and coworkers because I didn't have time to finish all of my tasks yesterday before the store closed. He only works in one section of the store, whereas I work in several and am even in charge of one. So, as far as that section goes, basically I have to do it myself or it WILL NOT get done. He accused me of slacking off, questioned my work ethic, and absolutely mortified me in the middle of the store. I have worked there for over three months and have more than demonstrated my work ethic, which is extremely strong. On this particular day, I didn't get everything done that I normally do because we received large orders in all the sections that I work in, and I had to process the section that I am in charge of first. I just had a lot to do, but I didn't stop moving and tried my best to get it done in the 5-hour shift I get to work every day. But this time I just didn't have the time before the store closed to finish my work. I felt badly about it but his reaction made it clear that he does not appreciate the multitude of other obligations I have in the store. Furthermore, he said to me (or yelled, rather), "do you know how hard I work?!" Yes, I do know how hard he works. I never EVER take a break. He takes breaks for 45 minutes or more at a time, during which time he sits in his car with the windows rolled up and smokes cigarettes. He smells nasty as anything when he gets back. When he isn't on a break, he is mostly chatting it up with customers and friends of his who walk into the store. I, on the other hand, am constantly moving and getting something done. He knows it, too. His outburst today has really brought to the forefront all the things that I already disliked about him, and has made me realized that he has always made me uncomfortable, and that I have never liked him much as a person. He is condescending, intensely self-absorbed, and will talk to you for forty minutes about shit that no one could possibly ever care about. AND he's a close talker. With bad teeth. Here's the kicker. His wife is my long-time private voice teacher. I am extremely worried at this point that this outburst is going to have a negative impact on my relationship with her, or might even contribute to me having to leave her voice studio. I just feel like now that I have these feelings of animosity towards her husband, our dynamic is eventually going to suffer, too.  Like the title line says, this is my first "rant." It was mostly just so I could get my feelings out there and know that someone somewhere was aware of how I felt. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful words, I would be extremely grateful.  Sincerely, Me 
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Peyton, Shadow of Arts and Crafts,
Total bullshit. What a fucking loser he is. He sounds like a lazy ass who likes others to work their asses off and pretend that he did it. What a lowly fuck for a) talking to you like that AT ALL, and b) doing it in front of the customer. I take issue especilaly with his self-serving question about how hard he works. Give me a fucking break. Ass. Sorry this is happening to you. I can only imagine what this fuck says to his wife. He's emotionally abusive, I guarantee you that!
Andy, Superintendent of the Hungry,

It sounds like the man is deliberately trying to sabotage his wife's business. Perhaps it's not too late to point out to the voice teacher that her husband singled you out because you were her student. Then quit the voice teacher and get another one.