That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

I Can't Wait For ANTIFA to Annoy The Fuck out of all The Democrats in these Democrat Stronghold Cities. Once These Idiots Block Roads and Smash democrat Businesses It'll All Be Over, the Riot Squads Will be Sent In or Dem Shop Owners will start Shooting These Morons! Either Way, it will be the end of these anti- fascist movements, Soros May even get Blamed and Deported. It's Not Going to be a big thing in Red States, we just won't put up with it!How about you fire upon the protesters and run them over? Now that's what we are prepared to do here in Ohio Antifa is a joke.....went to their website and it's basically put together by mental midgets. they will be crushed . Would you guys plz stop calling based black folks niggers. Niggers are the ghetto fuckers that actually harm people.

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Max, Sous Chef of Light,

You sound like a really unhappy person to be around. Like it's kind of draining. I don't want to say the world would be better off without you because that's something a really mean person would say so I'm going to stick with you should really try to find a hobby to unleash all that pent up bitterness.