That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

The problem with customer service is that anyone can demand immediate results from us. But I've had to wait when I pay for an item or service - and I've waited without calling anyone repeatedly, cursing them out or threatening them.

I hate that job so much I feel I can't breathe.

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Morty, Hero of the Lonely,

Some people are just assholic. Change jobs since you can't change the culture.

Colin, Fashion Designer of Justice,

I read today that companies are openly defending their right to filter potential employees based on age. My only hope is to win the lottery.

I have no hope.

Charlie, Bright King of the IT department,

I know the feeling. Some people are just terrible and want someone to yell at. If I had a dollar for every customer who has told me to go shove something up my butt because I couldn't go against policies. I just wish I could shove a pineapple in their yap hole.

Peyton, Merchant of Musclebeasts,

I wish they would replace us all with robots now and lay us off. It would be great to never go back to that place again.

Yoko, Attendant of the Poor,

1- The Customer is always right 2- unsatisfied customer tells his friends the negatives about your business it's called word of mouth and is the leading cause of businesses shutting down, of course people are cursing business reps, my god you hang on the phone for 35 minutes pushing 15 buttons and end up frustrated because your phone cuts off on you , when you finally get to talk with some one they are frustrated from having to deal with the frustrated customer before talking to you . Thank God for Artificial Intelligence . Too bad facebook Intelligence bots created their own languages and freaked everyone out because my ebay business is doing well drag and drop phone calls everything handled by jarvis pretty soon Humans will be able to sit home and do nothing but waste space seems like that's what we want anyway , to let the other guy do it

Peyton, Merchant of Musclebeasts,

How nice of you to defend the customer who curses at us.

Addison, Peasant of the Unimaginable Terror,

I'm sorry people treat you badly. I hope that you some day get to serve a customer who really deserves your hard work. Until then, I hope you can find a way to carry on. I know it's hard, and I wish I had some answers, but please hang in there. Maybe you can find (or invent) a way to make your days better.

Peyton, Merchant of Musclebeasts,

I hope i get to leave that job as quickly as possible - because while I appreciate the more banal customer experiences - in zero ways do they make up for the unfair, unthinking, "customer-is-always-right-believing", condescending ones.

If the salary were better - it would just be a job with tough days. At a $1 above minimum wage, it's abuse.