That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

you LOVE to complain about your colleagues. you throw them under the bus to ingratiate yourself with customers. Good for you. I don't.

I've only worked for this company for a year - twice I've been cursed out by customers because the store ran out of bags!! How is that MY fault?? This company has chosen to save money by buying thinner bags. They're so flimsy that they have to be doubled or the sharp edges of plastic packaging is enough to rip through them. So of course we go through them faster. Customers regularly demand that we double bag their items. Am I supposed to believe that I as a cashier am not doing enough to save bags??

This company regularly creates situations that frustrates customers who then vent that anger against us.

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Brett, Matriarch of Imagination,

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Harper, Author of the Wicked,

can't imagine what this has to do with the original post