That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

I have regularly defended women of all ages and all appearances against the rants and unfair characterizations by men. But the longer I work in retail, the less I believe.

So women who are pretty really DO live in a different version of the world. Because seriously, you were literally surrounded by people on a line going around the store, with only 3 cashiers working. Were you blind to the piles and piles of merchandise surrounding every surface of the counter and the floor around customers AND the cashiers? because we simply couldn't keep up with putting them away PLUS handling the line?

You were returning items that were over a year old, you only had one or two receipts, you couldn't even find your own ID for 20 minutes, but the real problem is that the cashier didn't seem to care???

I called managers, I called associates, I processed six different returns for you. Was it because I dared to work with other customers, answered 6 calls while we waited?

Truth is - I don't care. I don't get paid enough to care. It was late in the evening, I was on my 6th hour of work. SO, sorry, I wasn't perky fresh as a daisy. I did my job and I didn't lackadaise about it. I don't surf my phone while working, I don't chat with colleagues, I don't flirt while you fume and wait helplessly - EVER. But that's not enough - You need to feel like I'm holding your hand?

I can only imagine that you get so much of that kind of attention that you think everyone's got it to give. Nope. I am very committed to keeping my promise and doing my job. But appearing to care? I have none of that to offer.

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Bobbie, Rockstar of the Idealistic,

Frequently people most responsible for a situation are most likely to blame someone else for it.

My take on her behavior is this: the calmer you stay, the faster this goes. That choice is entirely up to her.

Frankie, Merchant of Space,

I WAS calm, but she wanted a more 'personal' reaction I guess. Lack of calmness was not the problem.