That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

Yo granny wuz born in 1923 , an' she just recently passed uh way. She didn’t gots much o' an education, when she wuz uh child , it wasn’t allowed. ah live in , Philadelphia , when ah peep around an' see, how niggas is this day , ah can’t believe da stories she told me. She grew up in da Mississippi Delta area , an' later moved wif her father an' motha ta da City looking fo' werk . One day, she heard me calling deez whitey, some white devils .o' course dey is muh motha fuckin niggas, so ah said it jokingly. But later dat night muh granny sat me down an' showed me uh picture , it wuz warn out an' old . It had uh young nigga, wif uh bright smile , an' uh warn out but clean looking suit . She said dis here iz yo' great uncle , an' dis here wuz da last picture we's ever took o' him. He died two weeks later . ah asked her what happened ta him ? When dey wuz around 9 years old her brudda wuz fifteen . dey had nahh jobs, nahh money , an' they pops looked fo' werk, but around dere , it never came. She said, dey wanted him ta pick cotton from uh dried up field. nuttin' ever grew on dat field, but weeds an' niggas. Her werdz not mine. muh granny an' her brudda collected soda cans an' bottles, an' other things, ta make money fo' beanscorn bread 'n waffles. One day dey wuz out, an' dis here beat up old64 pulled up beside dem, an' four big niggas jumped out . dey grabbed da two an' took off. dey stopped uh few miles uh way from wuz dey where an' pulled dem out . dey put muh motha fuckin Great uncle inside uh potatoes sack an' hoisted him up uh tree. dey took turns beating him . She said dey beat him wif sticks, they hands , an' even stabbed him ta make sho he wuz dead. dey took turns raping muh motha fuckin granny . Left her fo' dead. She walked injured , an' bleeding , an' knew dere wasn’t anythin` anyone would do 'boutit. She then told me, never joke 'boutthe term whitey devil. cuz dey is whitey devil’s . You can’t trust dem , you turn yo' back on dem , an' dey’ll grab you an' tie you ta uh tree an' beat you until you’re dead. dey git great joy out o' da deaf o' uh black nigga Yo even those ones who pretend ta be on yo' side you can't trust dem sho what 'chew thinkin' man?

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Addison, Historian of Imagination,

You aren't fooling anyone.