That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

Some would say that your screaming 4 year old gave you good reason to have insulted that security guard in the way you did. I disagree. He did not deserve that treatment from you. He was doing his job by asking you for a receipt on your way out of the store. So then you decided to scream and yell and call us all idiots and claim that we can't even read. Even if it were true - Is that the reason he deserves to be cursed at? That man is always softspoken and diffident. He's never demanding. He didn't even insist when you decided that your White Highness should not have to take the receipt ALL the way out of your wife's purse to show it to him.

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Stevie, CTO of the Lonely,

you're so right, he's just doing his job, thanks for expressing how you felt, hope it helped :)