That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

Some people can't talk to you direct, they have to talk to everybody else about you.

Yes, I decided on the schedule. You have no overtime because we don't need you, and because my specific instructions were to cut cost and you're a useless piece of shit. But you didn't speak one single sentence about it to me, instead you went to BH (who agreed with me) and E and decided to whine and bitch and threaten to stop weekends and quit. Yes, we actually need you on weekends. And weekends only. What good are you for, other than sitting around and staying awake?

Hey bitch (because why should bitch should a gendered word only for women when men can be so bitchy), if you're unhappy, you could always have discussed it with me, instead of going behind my back and creating trouble.

By the way, if your basic is low, maybe it's because you can't pass a simple level one test. Idiot.

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