That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

You walked up while I was working with a customer. ANother service agent was at the counter. The agent left and did not return quickly.

SO you decided that I was rude for not replying to you although I was on the phone when you spoke to me.

But when the other agent came back there were no complaints for her lightskinned, straighthaired self. Only when MY DARK SKINNED, not - straighthaired self needed to be called rude, disrespectful and made responsible for a problem that didn’t even happen at OUR STORE.

But PLEASE feel free to speak as the rest of your kind does and tell me that I am merely imagining racism. I should believe that I DESERVED to be yelled at for a situation I did not create. While the other people around DID NOT receive that treatment from you.

Was it because I smiled while on the phone. Clearly I was too relaxed and that galled you? You needed to see someone like me in a supplicant and harried state - only then does the world make sense, right?

posted to work by Cosmo, Carpenter of Justice (5 comments)

Dana, Archaeologist of the Lonely,

Always stuck on race. This is why you can't be more positive and maybe put yourself in their shoes. I hate this black people , white people crap. Is getting fucking old. Maybe do more , be part of the community. Stop thinking because am black, this happened, because am black I didn't get this, because am black , black, black. STFU already. People love to hate each other. Is the only possible explanation . FYI I don't know were I came from. Or who I am but I do know that I do not let my ancestors past life define me. Shit happens only we can make it better.

Cosmo, Carpenter of Justice,

Funny, how I have seen NO response from you whatsoever to ANYONE else who has spoken negatively about other races. So those posters are not "always stuck on race"???

Cosmo, Carpenter of Justice,

NOO, I will NOT shut up. This is not a megaphone being blasted up and down your street. This is not a rap song I'm playing on the bus or train out loud that you cannot escape. This is an event that happened in real life and that I wrote about on an obscure site that few will read. I chose the RIGHT way to air this opinion. I work HARD, I volunteer I don't steal, I am not on welfare, when I don't have I just plain go without - period the end.

I DO speak often of race - and NOWHERE that the likes of you would hear it.

Did you have negative things to say about Trump when he made comments about Mexicans??

There are posts on here calling black people worthless and n***** - where your your angry "TIRED" reply to THOSE comments about race?

Dana, Archaeologist of the Lonely,

Of course you dont have to shut up. I apologize for that. Everything else I said still stands.

Cosmo, Carpenter of Justice,

No interest whatsoever in your apology - because my question about how you are SO TIRED of black people complaining about racism - but you don't seem to experience a similar fatigue about the violent, blaming and denigrating comments ABOUT black people - THAT still stands.