That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

Got invited to go to a meeting with the intention of supporting a friend > Went to the meeting where the whole concept was about recruiting people to join a company where u can get rich quick without any knowledge of what the hell it was really about> Got physically chased after the meeting to have a follow up meeting with an amway coach but had no intention of joining the company > got physically pushed into a circle where this amway coach instructed us where and when to follow up he didnt even ask if we wanted to > Got woken up by the same friend who invited me on the day the' follow up "meeting was on, i told him im not going then he begged me to do so and went on to demand that i go , i said NO he got angry, walked away and he never spoke to me again , keep in mind this was someone i knew for three years ..... so to those involved in this business or one of that sought please consider an alternative way of approaching people and not tricking and forcing them to attend and join a business that they don't want to be apart of for your benefit

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Colin, Ship Master of the Satisfied,

Primerica uses the same tactics. So do a few others - hate them all.