That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

I really do miss retailing alot I lived in a small country town I used to work at Walmart it's been about a year first I was really shy to get to know my coworkers the associates alot of time but down side begin when I fucked a coworker that was bad but old gossip got over it bad idea don't ever fuck with a coworker unless you trust them or been with them for longest trust then you can but me bad idea then I made some friends three people four actually but she was older women but fun for a while I guess I got on her nerves a little bit asking too much for advice but she didn't mind I think she's like me who's just nice person kill time sometimes and other time she take naps or read a book eh so on I lived with the second friend I met bad idea please get to know that person before moving in get to know a coworker atleast get to know all your coworkers don't be like me who just jumped in drama I was interest in a guy we were friends with benefits and the husband Idk if he was jealous or like me wife knew ex friend of mine somewhere around summer time it happen and he started flirt I guess I didn't know but she told me she saw everything and I just wish she can see that I was into this other guy who I had relation then her husband :/ I just wish I wasn't really interest he's married and not my type not attractive I love my ex but then it took couple months it took four months to get over that guy dumped me and then later on happen around valentine's day a guy confess his like for me but I rejected him I wasn't interest of dating at the time because of m ex my feelings were hurt I'm not the type or person who just jumps on relationship quick like I'm not but I gave him a chance only dating I told his sister how I really felt well she didn't like it the first time and she notice we hang out again I miss his friendship she started to talk to me then when I lost my dad at the time my mom was gone for awhile and he jump on me again he told me he still had feelings for me after my confession towards him he stayed with me for a bit I got annoyed like big time because of what I was going through about my dad and still am i quit after that a elder women I was friends with for a while stop talking and be two face thought I was talking about her and I wasn't I just told her I wanted my own space and keep things private and she got attention but now me and her good now I guess she left everybody alone she ask my friends who I'm still talking now my coworkers she left them alone and everyone else but after all of this happen to me got very bad dapression since I loss my job over thought alot of things why it got to be me that happen why did I have alot of drama why is this pouring on me alot when I'm going through something deeply emotionally but couple weeks later I snap out of I live with my sister putting more job applications in finding help to get me into a job now I'm sitting here thinking about my old job how I wish to go back to it my retailing my walmart self again besides besides of all of that I can buy groceries I don't have to go to store twice get a discount card again I hate the 90 days for a regular card and discount thing and meeting new people again I'm ready for that I'm thinking about staying night shift as well you get paid more but sometimes management not all that great maybe in the beginning but at the end when they found something else or quit the job or goes to first shift like why don't leave us don't leave the night shift anyways I want to go back to retailing just start everything all over no sex on first meeting though just casual talk to people being friends not enemy's but they say keep your enemy's close but how close though any advice??? But anyways I wonder if anybody else experience same thing I have or no its okay thoughts about it not too harshly pleas s

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Alton, Shadow of Space,

What you call 'retailing" seems to mean working in a department store.

I do it now. Praying to get a better job even as we speak. Hard work for little pay and too many condescending people who seem to enjoy power moves in the form of complaining because a cashier didn't smile or laugh at his jokes or some woman didn't get her way when she demanded a discount.

Adrian, Accountant of the Rich,

Or as I got it from my manager when I told him we wouldn't cope with little staff. 'You get paid to cope.' Pretty sure I get paid to be taken advantaged of and to not have a social life. But a jobs a job. At least I am getting paid for it.