That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

I have worked the same dental office for over 11 years with2 main dentists as partners and my bosses. When I saturated we were a small company with great benefits, compassion and loyalty. About 5 years ago we hired a CFO and it all went down the tubes. We now have the words "LLC"behind our he title of company. The CFO started an initiative program where you were rewarded for "tattling" on fellow employees. One of the partner dentists sees the CFO as a "God-send" (he'll be 65 this year). The other partner dentist sees the CFO as a disruption to the whole hierarchy of the company( That partner dentist just turned 50). This CFO has caused so much discourse within the company that it has made me second guess my position within the company. Our benefits our awful. Raises are non-existent. The CFO is making 6 figures, worried about his own check and is okay with firing great help to get there. What would you do?

posted to work by Ari, Referee of Imagination (3 comments)

Max, Bard of Time,

that sucks. i do literally nothing at my job but dictate job duties to other people. and i get paid very well and praised daily. its fucked up. i've always had jobs like the one you're in.

Peyton, Engineer of the Forgotten Lands,

Wow, sounds just like my company!!! As soon as we hired a CFO, all went downhill. He is also way overpaid, and we are now unappreciated. It's hard to leave a place though when you have been there for so long. I'm sticking it out here for now.

Brett, Magician of Imagination,

Find another job - start by moonlighting. Is there another choice?