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i work for a big box retailer and this is my 1st ever retail job and to be honest i love this company..most of the time. I've been here as a cashier for about a year and a half. I've caught on so quick and learn almost everything on the front end to the point where I'm bored and a tad bit frustrated. i need a change but i don't want to leave the company. i want to get out on the sales floor, i feel its where i belong. the managers have been wanting me to move positions but yet not progress has been made on their part and I'm at a stand still. I'm hoping soon something will open up but at the same time I'm scared to move onto the floor. its a whole nother world out there. i do my job well, so well I'm up to par with a woman whose been with the company like 8 years. I'm confident in my abilities right now but what if i get out there and i cant do it? some of the departments i know nothing about! my co works tell me i can learn product easily that not the hard part but to me it is. other departments tell me they would fight to have me join them but i know a few of them still look down on me like a just a cashier the knows nothing. i don't know what to do. if and opportunity comes i will apply but i scared I'll fail and disappoint my co workers, department, and new store manager. what do i do? any advice welcomed...

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Addison, Devourer of Imagination,

Have more confidence in yourself. You will learn the product and be fine. Your coworkers are feeling threatened, which is why they seem to look down on you.

Aubrey, Fashion Model of the Unimaginable Terror,

Go online and look up reviews for your company. In particular check out what they say about sales people on the floor. That will give you a hint about what to learn.

As a cashier customers must ask you about products.. Consider which you can answer and which you can't. Ask floor associates who like you questions so you can learn about the questions you couldn't answer.

Research stuff online. Sometomes you can learn a lot about prpducts just by googling.