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So i am a dental assistant fresh out of school. I worked for a dental office as an intern and when i finished all of my hours they decided that they wanted to hire me. I thought this was the greateast thing in the world because i was told my dentist doesnt hire alot of people hes had the same 2 assistants for 16+ years so i felt special to get the job. Now i work for this office and i hate it. Im only 20 and the other 2 assistants are way older than me and all day they walk around the office talking about me and when i ask for their help with anything they take their sweet precious time and by the time they come assist me with something the dentist is in the room mad at me because i didnt do what ever he had asked me to do. I try not to talk about people because i hate drama and talking about them would only add fuel to the fire so i keep to myself. Ive been working as a paid assistant for him for about a month now and i have yet to recieve a paycheck even though they said id get paid bi-weekly. And on top of all that he is one of the most rudest person ive ever met, im a black female with very coarse hair but i keep my hair in a pony tail and he told me that he didnt want me wearing my real hair out in the office anymore bc he doesnt like it, mind you one of the other assistants is completly natural so her hair is no more tamed then mine is, one day i had a anxiety attack while at work and he treated me like "oh its just anxiety youll be okay just get back to work" the anxiety artack was accompanied by a asthma attack and since then ive been hearing around the office that im too new to be leaving work early because of that.I want to leave his office and never return but being that im just starting out i k ow it would be hard for me to find another job. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Do i stay and put up with it all to gain experience or should i take my chances and leave this office.

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Stevie, Hunter of Good,

Start looking for another job now. Every single time something bad happens focus on the fact that you have another application you plan to fill out.

Maybe there are sites you can join for others in your profession and you can get advice from them since the ones in your office won't help you.

Frankie, Embalmer of the Rich,

start applying girl. good luck

Harper, Consultant of Arts and Crafts,

lets try where to meet?