That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

I went to college for a long, long time. College is a scam.

I hate my boss and my job, but I can't switch jobs because I'm dependent on this income. I'd really like to do my own thing and get away from this all. Sometimes I just want to run away.

I wish I could pack up my house, my wife, and take off. I want to either hit it big or I just want to move to Nowheresville and live out life more simply.

I really wish I were more creative and could start my own thing. I want a better life for me and for my beloved wife.

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Peyton, Archaeologist of the craft table,

Pray for it! DO the positive visualization thing if that's more your speed. Don't give up. If you can see it - and talk about what it looks like - then you can get there.

Sorry if all that sounded useless or corny.