That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

Enjoy the people you work with. You spend all day with them.

Music is my life so I guess I have to find some musicians to relate to.

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Rook, Devourer of the IT department,

wow such a basic post and pretty positive. And what happens - one has to, as usual, insert sex into a conversation that had NOTHING to do with that.

And another insists on spreading his warnings and weird disparaging so called "teachings".

Addison, Master of the Hungry,

^^^^^...and, of course, the one who has to criticize everyone who has a different opinion about the topic....

Dakota, Tour Guide of Evil,

They didn't have a "different opinion on the topic." They just dumped their particular fetishes on a topic that had nothing to do with those obsessions.

Andy, Devourer of Darkness,

yes! enjoying the people you work with makes everyday go by wonderfully!

Kadnyce, Prostitute of the Unimaginable Terror,

I enjoy some of my work family. There is an attractive woman that I get to talk to. She is sexy!

And there is a guy that I wish I could hook up with for some gay sex!

Charlie, Observer of Arts and Crafts,

Enjoy your work Family ? No we do not enjoy our work . It's painful, but needed . The Family has been around since The Fall of Nebbucheddnezzer . We've done everything we can to tell the truth to men, even to the point of giving up our own lives . Yet men won't listen . They will not heed the warning , like a dog they return to their own vomit . It seems like our time is wasted . One thing we shall never be accused of , is like The Redeemer we willingly lay down our lives for mankind . I am not the only one , there are thousands of us , some of us have been condemned to man's prisons others , Prophesy others are seers and revelators , and these jobs we don't take lightly The Red Herrings see all , nothing is hidden . Tell me , did I not tell of European uprisings last year ? On this very sight ? and yet they still don't believe . The Blood of Ishmael will run thick in the lands of Japheth and Aries From The Sons Of Odin shall lead them. Sinsinawa