That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.



I come in at 830....I leave at 430. During this 8 hour shift I think about how I'd love to take a nap or how I wished I got a few more minutes when I woke up this morning. Or maybe went to bed at 9 instead of 10. Surely enough as I am done combating my sleep for 8 hours...I begin the 5-10min glory walk to my car. Then, I completely forget why I need that extra sleep and repeat the cycle all over again.

posted to work by Peyton, Deviant of the Satisfied (4 comments)

Aubrey, Lover of the Forgotten Lands,

As soon as I wake up, I fantasize about the nap I will be taking when I get home from work. I also make plans to go to sleep early...but it never happens, I stay up way too late every time!!

Peyton, Deviant of the Satisfied,

yeah exactly! A nap sounds so good through out the day. But then I just get so happy to be off and free to do what I want... I don't want to sleep lol

Aubrey, Priest of the Idealistic,

Start exercising after work. You'll naturally fall asleep earlier because you'll be physically exhausted. Good way to reset the body cycle.

Charlie, Fashion Model of Darkness,

I'm happy I'm not the only one.