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I recently went to an interview where the interviewers made many stingily personal negative comments as if they were a fact and not their opinion. The comments could have been summarized as “ We are sorry, we feel that you lack experience, and you are not what the were looking for” or something short and straightforward.

They instead went on an angry tirade. I asked “Yes, can go?” and left before I allowed one interviewer to finish their long-winded critique. I still am offended by their comments. They could have expressed their information/opinion in a constructive way, instead of using double talk and personal attacks.

My question is, is expressing dissatisfaction to someone in a higher position ever worth pursuing after an interview? I know this will limit chances of being hired there if the opportunity comes up when I have some more experience. But, the chance of blowing off some steam with some negative comments of my own seems tempting. Comments such as:

-Very Derogatory -Rude -Discriminatory about my facial characteristics -Needs a refresher course in simple manners. Come to mind.

In the end I can forgive and try to learn from the negative by making them positive.

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Harper, Magician of Wild Parties,

It may be that there are few other options for jobs in your area. But, this kind of treatment at the front end should be a huge red flag that working for this company will be a disaster.

Rex, Alchemist of the Homeless,

Be specific about what was said and post it in reviews. You could be anonymous if you prefer.

Max, Historian of the Satisfied,

Doing it the way you are thinking of doing it will backfire on you.

These interviewers should not be interviewing anyone! They are not professional! They give a horrible impression of the company, and expose it to legal risks because their opinions can be taken as those of the company.

That's the angle to come at it from. Suggest that you are letting the higher up know because you see a risk to the company if they continue interviewing in this manner. Describe your experiences and how they could lead to a discrimination lawsuit, and how much that would cost the company. And how you were left with a negative opinion of the company.

Even people that don't get the job should feel they were given a fair evaluation, and were treated professionally.