That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

To my last table of the night, At 8:30pm, 30 minutes before the restraunt closes, all 16 of you decided to go out for a nice dinner. At this time the hostess informed me that I was getting you as a table. I was excited, it had been a slow night and needed a little extra money. As soon as you sit down, I grab your drink orders and get them for you in a timely manner. After handing out your drinks I patiently waited for all of your food orders. By this time it was 8:45 and I had put everything in the computer. You had special requests and allergies that we happily accommodated for. Five minutes after putting your food in, I brought out your salads. Nothing was wrong and you all seemed pleased. I grabbed refills for your sodas and waters and chatted with you about how I just graduated from college. While waiting for your main courses, I asked you about split checks, which I happily calculated (perfectly) for you. Finally, with in 15 minutes of putting the order in, the expo team and I plated your food and made sure that everything was what you asked for. A team of 3 servers helped me carry your plates out on trays and we sat your food in front of you. I asked if anything was needed, and one person hadn't gotten her food, quick fix, I went to the kitchen and grabbed it for you, no problems at all. I grabbed all of your children sides of ranch and honey mustard and all of your refills. You all ate and I waited patiently as my co workers tipped out the help and headed out. I didn't mind, you were all pleasant people and I needed the money. At the end of your meals I grabbed most of the plates out of the way and passed out the split checks. All of you paid with your gift cards and the rest on your cards. Once again, in a timely manner, I got your receipts back to you and bid you a farewell. Most of you tipped me fairly well. 18 to 20 percent is the usual, I provided what I thought was excellent service, but the last credit card receipt I picked up had a total bill of 140 and you had paid 50 on your gift card, which left 90 for you to pay on your card, and you left me a whopping 10 dollars. Let me tell you a little something. My pay is 2.33 cents and hour, my tips are my paychecks. At the end of the night, 5 percent of my sales goes to paying the bus boys, the expo team, dish and the bar (yes I have to pay the bar even if you don't drink), so if I have a good night and make an average of 20 percent of my sales, I am walking out with 15 percent. So let's do some math. Your check was 140 dollars 20 percent of 140 is 28 dollars. You tipped me around six percent. So out of the money that you paid me tonight, I get to leave with 2 dollars of it. So thank you. Because you were able to find it out of the good of your heart to tip me just enough to pay the people who helped me, I get to leave with enough to pay for a gallon of gas, or a pack of gum. I have worked for my money since I was 15 years old, and I hope that your kids have the same values and morals that I do. I hope that one day your kids will be able to support themselves and maybe even you. I hope that if they ever become a server that they won't be sitting in their car in tears writing down their thoughts on a blog site over 2 hours after a table leaves them with nothing in their hands as they take their 45 minute drive home. But hey, as I said before, I hope that your meal was great, the faces that you didn't see tonight really deserved their share. Sincerely, your server tonight.

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Peyton, Elementalist of the Wildlands,

get a different job, Waiters complain about how they only make so much an hour and half of them have never tried for a different job in their life. I'd understand if that is absolutely all you have and you ran out of options. I have never in my life been a waitress and I got along just fine. I never had to work too hard to get a decent paying job. (at least more than 2.33) Maybe some people are terrible tippers BUT at the end of the day....that is the negative you have to deal with when you choose to work at places like that. Get a better job.

Brett, Keeper of the Financial Services department,

You never had to work too hard to get a decent paying job? Wow. well that explains EVERY part of your reply to this person.

Peyton, Elementalist of the Wildlands,

nope I worked really hard and worked even harder to stay away from that kind of I said "at least a job that paid 2.33" . I wouldn't waste my time with a job where I was getting fucked over that badly and then go and complain about how other people aren't paying my way to the top. Either be happy you have a job and deal with the shit or get a different job and be happy about that one and deal with other shit. Just kinda how life works. I'm not saying I never had to work for a job....I'm just saying I've never worked for a job that paid me so low. For that reason specifically. People are selfish and have their own financial really think they care about how you are getting by? No....because you put yourself there.They were never in that business so they don't know the struggle and they don't care. Just being honest with you.

Brett, Keeper of the Financial Services department,

well that's interesting - first the comment was "I never had to work that hard to get a decent paying job."

NOW the words are "I worked really hard to stay away from that kind of thing".

Which is it? Cause the premise of the first seemed to be that the waitress did NOT do her part to avoid a crappy job. I know plenty of people who worked hard and still wound up in crappy jobs. Some crappy jobs DO pay better than others but are still awful situations to be in - and I know more people stuck in lousy work situations that I do those who are in good ones - or who have the flexibility of moving on at will.

Dakota, Cleric of Justice,

You have one of the worst jobs available. I know from experience. I really hope you get a better one.