That loathesome thing you do in order to feed your children / thing under the bed.

deleted my facebook account today because I am so tempted to tell everyone I know how much I hate the people I work with. Most people there have personality disorders, mental disorders etc and I am sick of being their victim.

I need to vent so here I am! People I work with are horrible people. I wish I could find somewhere else to work but the economy is bad so I am stuck.

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Ari, Barbarian of the Financial Services department,

Very bad move!!! Don't let people make you do dumb stuff.Take a step back and look at these people that are pissing you off.They're the ones with all the problems or they wouldn't be pricks.Don't let them make you into a prick too.There will be other opportunities later in life so stay being yourself and don't let yourself get caught up in there game.