The thing that will ultimately bring about mankind's demise.

Remember when everyone said the Internet was supposed to enlighten everyone and make the world a better place? That was over 20 years ago, and look at what it's become now. People on the Internet are dumber than ever. It's actually become an extension of the mainstream media with their pro-DemoCRAP bias and politically correct propaganda. They swallow all the left-wing, communist drivel like the subservient squares they are. Bunch of fucking meat puppets who can't fucking think for themselves. I'd like to remove them from the gene pool.

posted to tech by Bobbie, Sheriff of the Forgotten Lands (2 comments)

Ash, Ship Master of Time,

They weren't wrong - Lots of people HAVE been informed by the internet.

Blaine, Templar of the Idealistic,

What about the the dumb people on the internet that swallow the right wing Fox tripe? Surely both CNN and Fox deserve derision. Also, your words make it evident that you, yourself, are the unpleasant result of some ignorant putz taking a dump in the Human Gene pool. Your hypocrisy is frankly astounding.