The thing that will ultimately bring about mankind's demise.

Remember when everyone said the Internet was supposed to enlighten everyone and make the world a better place? That was over 20 years ago, and look at what it's become now. People on the Internet are dumber than ever. It's actually become an extension of the mainstream media with their pro-DemoCRAP bias and politically correct propaganda. They swallow all the left-wing, communist drivel like the subservient squares they are. Bunch of fucking meat puppets who can't fucking think for themselves. I'd like to remove them from the gene pool.

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[filtered hyperlink]

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High energy sales and marketing professional with experience in sales planning, communications, managing multi-billion dollar licenses, forecasting and analytics. Proven track record of developing customer and licensor relationships and business development. Superior skills in coordinating and organizing top retail sales team and broker network. Member of private equity backed entrepreneurial company that achieved leadership market positions in very competitive consumer goods category.

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JFK Assassination Reverse Speech Analysis He predicted his own assassination David Oates did an analysts Disturbing Reverse Speech on Donald Trump - predicting his own assassination at one point he says "And I shall be healed"-- Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you are unable to accept My message. And this beast exercised all the authority of the first beast and caused the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose mortal wound had been healed. The beast I saw was like a leopard, with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave the beast his power and throne and great authority. “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near . . . it will come upon all those who live on the face of the whole earth.” Sinsinawa

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How did the Mexican girl get pregnant? Her teacher told her to do an essay.Why do Mexican kids eat tamales on Christmas? So they can have something to unwrap.What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan.Q: What do you call white people running down a hill? A: An avalanche. Q: What do you call Mexicans running down a hill? A: A mudslide. Q: What do you call black people running down a hill? A: A jail break.

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Picture it-- In 2014 U.S. Army officer announced that the Army is looking to slim down its personnel numbers and adopt more robots , Intelligence agents and military operatives may come to rely heavily on machine learning to parse huge quantities of data, and to control a growing arsenal of autonomous systems. March 14, 2017 Your friends in Anonymous send out another Email-Worm.Win32.Pikachu - an causes a Glitch not a shut down -- over writes the programs and wallah - Some real terminator shit .

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gangstalking: there's an app for that - Online Walkie Talkie , and Family Locator - GPS Tracker . most famous two I can track your phone neighbor see's you leave your home, and sends me a message Pod goes out and they talk to me in code . Pay your neighbor's kid a couple dollars they work as the spy , they tell me when your not home- I'm in and out a flash drive and a couple tweaks on your Computer you plug your phone in to charge , and I got control of your electronics . The rest is gravy . You leave, and one of us removes a spark plug from your lawn mower , or hide a broom somewhere where you never put it . I mean , you swept your kitchen , I come in and put the broom with the handle leaning against your son's underwear drawer . The next say you leave and when you come back the broom is where you left it, but his underwear is laying on the floor in front of the broom .lol I don't have to kill James Harken in time he'll do it himself .

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High Ridge Brands, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is focused on providing high-quality personal care products at compelling value. Today, High Ridge Brands has a portfolio of trusted, iconic brands serving skin cleansing, hair care, and oral care markets primarily across North America and Europe. Its brand portfolio includes Alberto VO5®, Binaca®, Coast®, Dr. Fresh®, Firefly®, LA Looks®, Rave®, REACH®, Salon Grafix®, Thicker Fuller Hair®, White Rain®, Zero Frizz®, Zest®, as well as several licenses such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Star Wars and Transformers. With offices in Stamford, CT, Buena Park, CA, Slough, UK and Shenzhen, China, High Ridge Brands has a global presence. The company operates an asset-light business model, outsourcing most of its manufacturing needs, and currently has approximately 160 employees worldwide.

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openControl Panel Systems Online, Database Check,yes RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,ControlRunDLL openDisplay Settings Systems Online, Database Check,openingdisplaysettings RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,ControlRunDLL access.cpl,,3 and jarvis cannot or will not open it . Why ? what did I do wrong here ?

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In response to the message on Twitter: [filtered hyperlink]

I hope not. My current contracting was negotiated with the understanding that I'd take months on and off. I turned down a generous full-time offer for this flexibility. While this hasn't technically been dishonored, the situation of course became more complex. One project that got thrown at me was rewriting part of a billing integration system for an invoicing system that needs to run essentially continuously. As the cliche goes, I touched it, so now I own it, and trying to keep invoicing up has been a battle. Even when invoicing is running, there's between a trickle and a deluge of related critical support requests. This is a serious reflection on me as a programmer, but this chaos interferes with my ability to concentrate on other billable work that would help me get ahead financially. Honestly, I'm an industry burn out. After decades of grinding on hell projects, I can't psychologically convince myself that there's any light at the end of a tunnel. That's a big part of why I wanted to do (essentially) a personal project instead of contract work. I was hoping to do this, finish a degree, then use having a degree to get a job outside of IT. I can barely keep a computer running and an Internet connection up. I'm burning through cell on data one of two devices during an extended Comcast outage right now.

If I were on a contract without vacation prospects, the least I could do is get ahead financially, but that's been a struggle. I had an unplanned move when roommates asked me to move out, and wound up in California, where things have been a lot more expensive, for mostly unexpected reasons (thinking robberies and hit and runs and stuff like that). I also wound up with a lot less flexible time in my day as coffee shops are always packed and there are many roommates. I can seldom get near an outlet, obnoxiously loud couples always sit next to me, and 8 hour battery lives never happen while you're developing. Since figuring out that UCB has some libraries with good hours (initial webpages I found had them listed with short hours), I've started using those more, only very recently, but I don't multiplex well between two large codebases, and paid projects have a way of maintaining emergency-and-late status. When working late, I always feel like I should be working on the current work emergency instead just because that's the code that's currently in my brain.

On top of that, a major US bank I used to have a credit card with a long time ago fraudulently reported income in the form of cancelled debt. Trying to negotiate that with the IRS proved impossible. The amount of taxes is less than what a lawyer would cost, but every successful call to the IRS (all day on hold, most of the time I then get hung up on) results in a form letting telling me that it's my responsible to know how the taxes work. Then the deductions that I legitimately took were reversed one by one over the course of the year until I had zero business expenses, each time with an associated penalty for unpaid/late taxes, with interest. If I had been audited, I could have brought in receipts, but instead this was just a notification of tax adjustment with an associated bill. Or at least I think that's what's happening. I'll use H&R Block this year, just so that I'm less of an easy target for the IRS, but doing my own taxes had generally worked out okay previously. My effective tax rate for last year must have wound up being nearly 50%, between all of that and being in a shitty tax bracket.

That's the personal situation. I had a few one month vacations and a period of a few months working on wG before I ran out of funds. The bug backlog got chewed through and the installer was working for a bit through I didn't maintain it. CentOS broke and I couldn't get CentOS on my dev machine to even see any of the (various and numerous) ethernet cards I was putting in it. I asked for help and got no replies, then that kind of went by the wayside. Before falling behind on that, I added support for OSX, which was a significant task. Lack of it had been a huge pinchpoint. FreeBSD got support too. Getting ImageMagick out of core was another major undertaking and a huge hold-up. That was before work and life bullshit got completely out of hand.

The major task left is the admin. danny_mk had been leading this up and I was hoping to help him, but he also had some personal issues and an oppressive work load. He did resurface a month back and say he was still interested in doing that. If he doesn't, I will, but the hour estimate for the Kickstarter built in the assumption that he was taking the lead on that and doing it, as he was very actively at the time. In fact, the Kickstarter was so that I could be there to help him and keep up with him.

I don't mean any of this to say that people should do anything other than nag me to finish this. I do owe people a finished result with no more "just a few more things" stuck on. Thank you for nudging me. None of this is an excuse for not doing my work, but I thought I should actually write out what's been going on.

So, I'm trying to get consulting work project working half way reliably, partially as a matter of not wanting to dump responsibility on the other already overworked programmer, but also for my own job security. Then if I can get even a little bit of money in the bank, I'll take another month off, and repeat. In the mean time, help with CentOS and Docker would be most appreciated if anyone wants to take on small pieces.

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Just wanted to post this link [filtered hyperlink]

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Ecommerce and Internet Speed Introduction Internet is becoming the lifeblood of business. It enables the engagement of firm in number of e-activities such as e-learning, e-commerce, e-training etc and facilitating online research and consumer interaction via social media platforms. The paper would describe the findings regarding e-commerce and Internet speed. The research was conducted on analyzing the performance of top 500 online retailers. The main objective of this research is to develop an insight into how leading e-commerce sites provide its functionality to users who makes use of Internet under certain browsing situations. Mixed Method approach for research A mixed method approach is selected for conducting a research as would integrate both qualitative and quantitative approaches and would provide a complete understanding of research problem than a single approach would provide. Key Findings Certain compelling key findings from the research consist of following: User Expectations are not met Research revealed that web pages would load in four seconds or less than that. However, it is found that the home pages of top 100 ecommerce take approximately 6.4 seconds to deliver its basic content and take 10.7 seconds to load completely. Only 12% of top retail sites grants an ideal user experience. 18% took almost ten seconds or more just to become interactive.

Web pages are getting slower and faster In just the time span of one year, TTI (Time to Interact) has gradually slowed down by 26%, that is, from 4.7 seconds to 6.3 seconds. On the other hand, the load time has suffered 49% increase, that is, from 7.4 seconds to 10.5 seconds. Page complexity and its size: factors in performance slowdown The findings revealed that a page size has grown by 65% in a single year, that is, from 1007 KB to 1677 KB. In addition to this, the page contained 82 resource requests in last year. In contrast to this, the page contains 100 requests today. This complexity is due to the poor third-party scripts and optimization of images. Conclusion There is one positive takeaway for website owners. Several websites offer greater potential for optimization. It is found that site owners who have successfully applied fundamental web performance optimization (WPO) practices observed a difference in a positive way. In addition to this, they must be knowledgeable enough about the fundamental front-end WPO processes that can help in accelerating the speed of their web pages.

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Recently it has come to light that Anthony Weiner has yet again been caught sexing, for the third time now. This time is different, however. The person at the other end of the line is a 15 year old girl. This could potentially earn Weiner some time in the big house if NY prosecutors determine the messages were sexual enough to actually break the law. But we all know he did and we all know he will be facing charges. But what is he really guilty of?

In today's world of Snapchat, Periscope, and other online services that allow young, attention seeking girls, to self-produce their own content to be consumed by an audience thirsty for something new to look at that doesn't cost any money. We have a whole demographic of girls who are essentially willing to work for peanuts. Only in this case, they are being paid with attention. What these girls do not realize or perhaps they do not care about, is that their audiences, which can quickly grow into the thousands, are full of men that would frighten them if only the could see them or know their age. These girls dress in a very revealing manner and sometimes even engage in exposing private parts of their body just to get more viewers for their broadcast and to get more "followers." Once their broadcasts are complete, however, they are quick to delete the broadcast footage from the service in order to avoid the footage being used against them for shaming purposes in the future.

Anthony Weiner was pursued by an under-aged girl who claimed to be "obsessed" with him and now in retrospect the girl claims she just wanted to write a book about him. While this is a noble aspiration and certainly adds to her narrative as a victim of Weiner's double life as a sex addict, there are some interesting nuances that should not escape us as we analyze this story and quickly drag Weiner into the public square.

First off, the girl had carried on an inappropriate relationship with Weiner for months but suddenly had an attack of guilt and decided their relationship needed to be made public. The interesting part about this is the timing, only a couple weeks after it was discovered that Weiner had been exposing himself to victim #2. This suggests he was sexting both victim #2 and this under-aged girl at the same time. Which I'm sure when the news story about victim #2 broke, it was probably the first time the under-aged girl had heard about their being another girl. I think you can see where this is going and that's because we all know how much everyone loves cheaters. Was this public outing a cry for help or an act of revenge?

Weiner exercised incredibly poor judgment but does he have a mental disorder? Well if he does then we have a pretty sick world on our hands. In fact, web sites have started to pop up that make finding girls of all ages easier to find when the broadcasts are becoming sexual. Sites like YouNow and Periscope are exploding with new users because of this "work for attention" mentality that is plaguing the online community. They take very ineffective measures to curb these behaviors. They only care about masking the problem to avoid breaking any laws or evade legal liability.

Let's be very clear, girls who are under-aged, should not be allowed to broadcast video on the internet. The fact that these services allow under-aged girls to broadcast, knowing these girls will behave inappropriately to gain popularity, is disgusting. They are using gaming mechanics and other emotional exploits against these young girls to temp them into inappropriate behavior and drive site traffic. It's gross. Any measures they do take are reactive and any warnings or account deletions happen after the behavior has already taken place and displayed to a completely open internet audience.

Is it the other way around? Should older men not be allowed to watch broadcasts of those who are under-aged? The current strategy of these broadcast sites is to allow everyone to watch any broadcast, even users who haven't event registered for an account.

So clearly nobody cares. Clearly we want act like Weiner's behavior is not on the same continuum as the epidemic of under-aged girls behaving inappropriately on the internet. It would be so easy to prevent, with just an age verification step including a photo ID. But no, that would destroy the user-base of these sites and therefore cannot be. So clearly we need to make an example of Weiner and go about our professional and perverted life duality that we seem to cherish so much.

Let's acknowledge the problem and do something about it. Scaring men into "not looking" at under-aged girls broadcasting on their own volition by making a pariah of Weiner does not solve the problem in its entirety and will only cause the problem to go deeper into secrecy.

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[filtered hyperlink] was the first post I saw about this, with the author shell-injecting perl scripts on the card (yeah, the admin and much of the daemons are written in perl). It also has notes about init.d running from the root of the flash storage area.

[filtered hyperlink] built a kernel with ext4 and swap enabled and has notes about how to re-flash the thing: put image3 (the kernel), initramfs3.gz (it uses this ramdisk as the root filesystem), and/or mtd_jffs2.bin (r/w jffs filesystem to hold config) in the root of the SD card, along with program.bin (derived from uboot), and the bootloader (modified uboot) will reflash whichever are present when it reboots. Then it'll come up with as an access point with a name like SDWIFI1.6. When it shows its version like that, it needs to be rebooted again to load the new kernel etc. Since the bootloader is doing that, as long as you don't replace the bootloader, and as long as the first partition of the card is fat32, you can unbrick it if you screw up.

[filtered hyperlink], reachable from the support page for the WiFi SD card, gives you most of the code used to build the thing, including the ram disk image (the Linux filesystem including the perl and binaries for the apps that make the thing into an end user product). Dmitry noted that the kernel source lacked the config they used, and worse, lacked two modules. I think the AR6000 module is in the tree, but just isn't under arch/arm. I haven't tested building that to see if it works. The other one missing, KA2000_SDHC, is less clear. Related symbols are floating around, but not a module that I can see. Dmitry modified the kernel to load the kernel object (modules) from Transcend's distribution and that seems to work.

I put this into my (from Linux running on the card's point of view) /sbin/busybox telnetd -l /bin/bash & That let me just telnet in (after the next boot).

I installed Dmitry's kernel and ramdisk (image3, initramfs3.gz), then installed a full busybox. The busybox it comes with is badly stripped down. [filtered hyperlink] has just about everything you could want, including top, mkfs, swapon, etc.

I grabbed a Slackware root image from [filtered hyperlink], which proved not to be an image but a tar.gz created from files in the filesystem. The full busybox gave me enough to work with there though. slack-14.2-miniroot_01Jul16.tar is the latest as I write this and it worked fine.

Reportedly, uboot on the card will refuse to boot if the SD card doesn't contain a fat32 filesystem, but it seemed like I could partition it, leaving a fat32 filesystem as the first filesystem and make an ext2fs on the second, and sure enough, that worked. I stuck it into a Linux machine, using the special Transcend SD-USB adapter, and repartitioned it, creating a large 20gb ext partition and a smaller 10gb fat32 one (first partition).

I was able to do /mnt/sd/busybox-armv5l dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=4096 of=/mnt/sd/swap and then /mnt/sd/busybox-armv5l mkswap /mnt/sd/swap then /mnt/sd/busybox-armv5l swapon /mnt/swap to get some swap going. Likewise I used busybox-armv5l to reformat the ext partition because Dmitry's kernel didn't like the options other-Linux formatted it with, so I made it ext2. Then I was able to use busybox-armv5l to mount that and then to untar the Slackware disk tar file (I pre-gunzip'd it but /mnt/sd/busybox-armv5l tar -xzvf may have worked fine... note that you can run busybox hard-linked to the command you want to run, or passing the command you want to run as the first arg, as I'm doing here). Then I used it again to chroot in. Then after installpkg failed, I eventually figured out I needed dev files, so I exited and did cp -a /dev /mnt/sd1b/ (I mounted the SD ext partition there), then installed a bunch of stuff and things are pretty good.

screen doesn't want to run because it thinks I'm not on a terminal, and I didn't mount another copy of /proc on to there yet so top doesn't work.

This thing piqued my interest because its 32 megs of RAM is the same that my NetBSD MacPPC server ran for ages, very well, and it because it came with a perl already on it. Tiny computer, yay! I was thinking of running it with a micro-SD-to-SD adapter (yes, backwards from usual) and putting it in my Garmin eTrex 20 so I could more easily put routes on it: [filtered hyperlink]

However, testing with a few SD devices I have around, like a silly mp3 player that's shaped as a cassette tape and works as one (kind of like an mp3 player and a tape adapter in one), and an old post-Diamond Rio mp3 player, it doesn't come on line (I have it set to connect to an existing AP; had to use nmap to find it). Likewise for putting it in the Transcend USB-SD adapter and giving that power, but the Transcend USB-SD thing likely somehow inhibits Linux from booting on the card.

There's one script that runs every 60 seconds called "bodyguard" that attempts to remount the SD card. From the point of view of Linux on the thing, the SD card is at /mnt/sd (with a few links to that in other places). There's no magic there... the filesystem is mounted by two machines at the same time, when you plug it into your camera or computer (without using the special adapter, if you have an SD card slot or a different adapter). That works just as badly as you'd think if they're both trying to write. Remounting it must effectively clear the read cache from Linux's point of view but I didn't actually observe the remounts to work.

So, it doesn't ever come online and get on the network and let me telnet in to it unless it is plugged directly into the SD card slot in my computer. Nothing else works (I don't actually have a camera to test it with). It also doesn't function as an SD card under OpenBSD or Linux, but does under Windows. Trying to mount it or fdisk it or anything, I just get read errors. Not sure what that's about.

Doing things like untar'ing, I notice that a sdio process pegs the CPU, so it seems to be the case that it is extremely CPU intensive to do disk IO to the SD card from the Linux running on the ARM chip on it. Downloading to the SD (/mnt/sd), IO seems to be by far the limiting factor. Installing Slackware packages, which involves wget'ing the tgx archive and running installpkg on that, is slow and IO bound.

So, still a few things to sort out and some room for improvement, but still amazing. Getting Slackware running was more than I hoped for. That makes it feel like a real machine. My old server on a virtual machine at a hosting company is running Slackware 8. This is running Slackware 12. It would be handy if I could mail it to them and have them run it instead as had been joked about in the past with and then done seriously with free Pi hosting.

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I got rid of bedbugs on the cheap with a RH of about 20 for 180 hours, and, for the final 120 full hours of that, we were 100% out of our home. Also during the final 120 hours, we moved the thermostate temperature to 80 (furnace on) for the first 72 hours and all the way to 84 for the last 48 hours. Temperatures did exceed that during the summer daytimes! Possibly as high as 88 or 89 degrees. Haven't been bit since. CAVEATS: we never confirmed that what we have are definitely bedbugs, just did it immediately at first sign.

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Friend or Foe


Well I have this best friend and don't get me wrong she is amazing and wouderful and beautiful but I think she thinks as me as just a friend. I mean yeah we kiss once an a while but that's it and I thought of her as just a friend. But now I'm falling for her but we fight like we are a couple. We make sure we don't talk to anyone else. But I don't really get anything for her. And I just don't want to waste my time on her. Cause I have done this with her before and she got mad at the girls I was talking to. But I don't wanna just keep waiting for her and make me sad. Plus she was in love with my best friend she won't admit to it but she was what do it do (???

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Friend or Foe


Well I have this best friend and don't get me wrong she is amazing and wouderful and beautiful but I think she thinks as me as just a friend. I mean yeah we kiss once an a while but that's it and I thought of her as just a friend. But now I'm falling for her but we fight like we are a couple. We make sure we don't talk to anyone else. But I don't really get anything for her. And I just don't want to waste my time on her. Cause I have done this with her before and she got mad at the girls I was talking to. But I don't wanna just keep waiting for her and make me sad. Plus she was in love with my best friend she won't admit to it but she was what do it do (???

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Any idea where I can acquire a CW Flash season 2 suit replica? Just need to be pointed towards any good websites or people who make stuff like that. Thanks.

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Cusadesac, E mega du fneda yht cbayg uhmo eh Ym Prat fedr so vneahtc uh culeym satey. Ed naymmo sygac baubma fuhtan fryd fa'na cyoehk, yht/un ev fa'na lnywo. :) Ev oui lyh ihtancdyht drec, mayja sa y lussahd eh Ym Prat yht fa'mm syga ajanouha fru lyh'd vekina ed uid drehg fa'na hidc!

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I purchased a intix mouse from a local reseller in Sydney. As per the mouse instruction card (card no 9967072878) you can use it with your laptop and desktop but this mouse works only with my laptop and not with desktop. When i asked reseller about problem he said you must have high speed USB drive to use it. This is not fare as he didn't inform me this before purchasing the mouse. I advice all of you to read manual before purchasing any technical devices.

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My phone keeps getting hacked.

If you know who I am:

Please for the love of God stop.

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It seems like 1984 all other again.


Mr. Grey

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We don't know how to use technology



Steve Jobs

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Why do we have to hack every single individual?

Why not hack politicians

to help fund things

a country really needs in society


A pissed off Patriot

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  1. Jutro u ulici Masakryranih 28

To jutro je bilo uobičajeno kao i sva druga jutra koje se javljaju u glavnom gradu Banana republike koji se zove Banderas Capital. Ptičice su pjevale nad obližnjem kazalištu, arije koje govore o sreći i ljubavi. O tome kako je ptičji svijet malo drugačiji od onog ljudskog. Legenda kaže da je ulica dobila ime po teme što su 28 osam radnika Radničkog vjeća željelo drugog vlasnika u ono vrijeme kada će republika postati banana. Glavnu stvar je odradio Banan fond za privatizaciju koji je uzeo njihova prava i velikoj izdavačkoj kući je krenula promjena vlasništva. A to je igra u koja se temelji na par dječjih principa… Istim onim knjigama koje sama izdavačka kuća izdaje. A dječji principi se zovu: 1. Tko prvi zabije – dobije 2. Tko je jamio, jamio je 3. Tko se nije skrio magarac je bio 4. Zakon je kao paukova mreža, sitne muhe se skupljaju a stršljenovi prolaz

Znači da se vratimo na promjenu vlasništva. Dio tih radnika koji su željeli da sve bude kako je do sada nisu prihvaćali nove suvremene trendove. A to je dolazak novih snažnih duhom, imotneandertalaca. Posebne vrste špiljskih ljudi koji znaju sve. Radnici su željeli zastarjele i jednostavno dobre stvari koje su odavno radile: da su oni uključeni u odlučivanje i da imaju svoja prava. • Dio njih je kupljen, tzv. podmićeni – i rečeno im je da dok je tu sadašnja uprava – njima se neće dirati plaće (što je isplo velika laž od osobe koja se pozivala na Boga i poštenje). Među njima je i menadžment bivše izdavačke kuće koji su naglo dolazili tužni na posao i plakali radnicima da ne mogu ništa, a doma ih je čekao novi automobil. • Dio njih je dobio otkaz, tzv. otkazani – otišli su na tadašnji zavod za zapošljavanje. Izmišljeno je da su bili „neradnici, nisu stizali na vrijeme, kasnili, da su govorili protiv tadašnje imperije koja uzvraća udarac“. • Ima podvrsta otkazanih, tzv. otkazani pa se sude. Oni su tužili novo rukovodstvo i još sada su nakon XX broja godina na sudu. Jednostavna metoda je da se samo potplati sudac da oteže slučaj što nije teško u Banana državama. Tada je nastao dugogodišnji rat gdje u toj epskoj bitci, na kraju su pobjedu donijeli imotneandertal u sjajnoj pobjedi na kojem su temelji moderne Banana Republike. U spisima bilježnika moderne povijesti se zove: privatno Tebi (zeka i banana meni) ili točniji izraz privatizacija.

Tada su znojavi BAGERISTI postali zamisli KULTURISTI. I taj znoj primitivizma nikada neće biti opran.

Dio radnika je nestao. Za njih se kaže da su otišli u rat, da su otišli u inozemstvo. Neki su umrli od tuge i sramote jer nisu tako doživljavali svoju zamlju. Bilo ih je 28. I zato se ulica zove Masakryranih 28.

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Why does Facebook's Messenger App fail so hard? Also quite annoyed that I was trying to get this information of my opinion out to facebook that forcing people onto a new system is a retarded idea, but realized I wanted to post anonymously, and after searching online for around an hour found out that nearly all websites have gotten rid of anonymous commenting in the past few years - ridiculous!

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I live in Hawaii. I've subscribed to the Journal for over 30 years. I just renewed my (printed) subscription for another year at $1020 - I GET THE PAPER A DAY LATE. So lucky to live in Hawaii.

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DMCA Nazists, please listen,

You fucking DMCA loving facists, I dare you to catch me if you can ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

BANNING NUMBERS IS AS MORONIC AS BANNING A PARTICULAR ALPHABET!! 8565078965 7397829309 8418946942 8613770744 2087351357 9240196520 7366869851 3401047237 4469687974 3992611751 0973777701 0274475280 4905883138 4037549709 9879096539 5522701171 2157025974 6669932402 2683459661 9606034851 7424977358 4685188556 7457025712 5474999648 2194184655 7100841190 8625971694 7970799152 0048667099 7592359606 1320725973 7979936188 6063169144 7358830024 5336972781 8139147979 5551339994 9394882899 8469178361 0018259789 0103160196 1835034344 8956870538 4520853804 5842415654 8248893338 0474758711 2833959896 8522325446 0840897111 9771276941 2079586244 0547161321 0050064598 2017696177 1809478113 6220027234 4827224932 3259547234 6880029277 7649790614 8129840428 3457201463 4896854716 9082354737 8356619721 8622496943 1622716663 9390554302 4156473292 4855248991 2257394665 4862714048 2117138124 3882177176 0298412552 4464744505 5834628144 8833563190 2725319590 4392838737 6407391689 1257924055 0156208897 8716337599 9107887084 9081590975 4801928576 8451988596 3053238234 9055809203 2999603234 4711407760 1984716353 1161713078 5760848622 3637028357 0104961259 5681846785 9653331007 7017991614 6744725492 7283348691 6000647585 9174627812 1269007351 8309241530 1063028932 9566584366 2000800476 7789679843 8209079761 9859493646 3093805863 3672146969 5975027968 7712057249 9666698056 1453382074 1203159337 7030994915 2746918356 5937621022 2006812679 8273445760 9380203044 7912277498 0917955938 3871210005 8876668925 8448700470 7725524970 6044465212 7130404321 1826101035 9118647666 2963858495 0874484973 7347686142 0880529443


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From: @Non_Disclosure (my Twitter handle)

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The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

So eBay is under a " denial of service attack. an has been since 1900 Hrs BST.

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There's a sale on blackjack elastomeric roof coating, so I decided to make my shingle roof really white so it would reflect the sun, and not get hot. I diluted the coating by 40%, added 1 gal of water to 2.5 gal of coating, and it worked great for painting the shingles. It didn't seal them, but it did make them white. If I put another coat of the same on them, they will be bright white. I think this lowers the roof temperature by about 50 degrees F, so it makes a major difference in how hot the house gets.

After a second coat, I might use the Gardner's 780 coating to seal the roof. Then, never have to shingle again. And it's a lot cheaper, in addition to being cooler.

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Hello.I have had a knight mod for about 4 months now and bought 2 sets of batteries the same time.I charge one right after the other.Even though they aren't married but are the same use can I put them in my New Cuboid until I buy new ones?

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We are the children of the King We're not afraid to shout The Redeemer is our salvation , He's the light that shines We are a chosen generation because we are the last Generation . Many people will ask a man in praise why he raises his hands ? Well, only a student who knows the answer will raise his hands . There's many voices in the wind But only one the redeemer can free us , all others only point to him , and if they don't they are liars and thieves . Do you know The Redeemer is still the answer ? There is no other name so given among men , whereby we must be saved . I am persuaded that if there are Reptilians even they will bow and their forked tongue will confess . That The Redeemer is Lord and we will witness it when they open Cern . Sinsinawa

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THE THOUGHT SCREEN HELMET STOPS SPACE ALIENS FROM ABDUCTING HUMANS. IT'S BEEN USED SUCCESSFULLY BY FORMER ABDUCTEES FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS. THIS PUBLIC SERVICE, NONPROFIT, ASSEMBLY WEBSITE TELLS YOU HOW TO MAKE A THOUGHT SCREEN HELMET. How The Thought Screen Helmet Works The thought screen helmet scrambles telepathic communication between aliens and humans. Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy. When aliens can't communicate or control humans, they do not take them. A Record of Success The thought screen helmet has effectively stopped several types of aliens from abducting or controlling humans. Only one failure since 1998.

Worldwide Use Adults and children all over America, all over Australia, in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, China, Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia, and in the Republic of South Africa are wearing thought screen helmets to stop alien abductions. Many former abductees have been wearing thought screen helmets successfully since 1999.

Successful Shielding Material

Other shielding material was tried in previous models with less success. Only thought screen helmets using Velostat are effective. Large leather aviator hats lined with Velostat with secure straps are recommended for making effective helmets but any hat that covers your whole head and has eight sheets of Velostat will work. A similar material called LINQSTAT, which is made in Canada, may also be used. Cost of Materials is $45 You can make a thought screen helmet for $45 if you purchase Velostat by the yard.

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i hate my father , he is someone i cant stand anymore now. it is like if he is good he is good, otherwise he is the worst man possible. he is so abusive that every morning when i wake up , i can hear him shouting abusive words to anybody , my mom as well, he does not eat food jst to irritate my mother, if she asks him he would say i have not asked for it . next time he will taunt for not asking for in a very derogatory manner, he asks me for drinking water as if i m the servant . soo rude. he has hit probably all of us . what do i do , i dont feel like i have a good life, neither can we leave him :(

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Introduction Innovation is key for the future especially in technology. Development teams that create these projects may spend their lives and have to be dedicated to the cause, which makes technology development essential for the future. We do this to keep the human race afloat. we do this because of different fears like impending doom from natural and manmade disasters. If we prepare for this, we have a chance of surviving. Innovations in computing mean innovations in all sectors. Also computing is a business which is up and coming making its stake in the industry. With past innovations the general public have acted in rage and in disappointment, but some have risen up to become usual products and now when have open arms for example mobile phones and smartphones. Money is one prominent restriction which makes everything a problem. In this post I will be discussing how the human computer interaction market and its future innovations may affect people and technologies in the future.

Restrictions Materials and resources are one limitation which is the main trouble because in a perfect world there would be elements that were easily obtained that have interesting properties this would change everything; however this isn't possible. Scientists have to create or find new materials that have unique properties that they could use in the technologies. One example of this which is possible in the near future is the use of flexible and bendable screens/displays, however the right materials need to be used. Major companies usually only undertake in creating new technologies even then they are restricted by profit margins and bosses who cannot see any good coming out of it. Some people are like "why bother".

past innovations Handheld devices started with the massive mobile phone and ended with the massive touchpad devices. in the middle was some uninspiring ideas and some massive innovations for example the first IPhone or the nokia ranges designed unintentionally to be bricks that can withstand battering and bruising. They are described as tanks and it's not surprising because we have phones that bend in our pockets with light force (IPhone 6). Most past innovations were successes like many video games which were originally targeted to both sexes however they chose boys which in turn has made this a very popular hobby and even somebodies job. Also HCI(human computer interaction) has helped other feats in human history for example the first moon landing wouldn't have been possible without computers.

Close future Robotics has seen a sudden interest in the modern era, with japan and china in the forefront with America leading close behind. Soon robots humanoid ones will become more lifelike than ever making terminator actually quite possible. These robots could help us with daily tasks, also making our lives easier with chores and other tasks quick for them. Also pixel density or resolutions for displays have evolved quickly with 4k becoming more prominent and soon become the norm when cheap enough for average consumers also OLED displays are coming to the market. Higher resolutions are possible. Also more powerful processors for consumers are able on the market like intel's skylake processors. Disabled technologies like bionic limbs and organs are still very primitive however some progress is being made.

far future and culture. When people think future they think bionic limbs and other body parts, holographic displays which can be interacted with. They think that this technology in the future will be widely available they could be true however this is probably the far future, even then we could go extinct within the expected time frame. Virtual reality is far from what people's expectations are with google's cardboard being the only true working one which is very inexpensive. Culture expects things too early as these take time because everything has to be researched and real people are behind this and they have lives to live and cannot work 24/7.

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So, I was taking a vacation with my grandparents and their local news station suddenly became unavailable to them. I suggested that they call the network provider about it. I come home and I turn on the TV after I finish unpacking and what do I find but my favorite local news station not showing up. And I swear that my grandparents and I don't share the same network provider and that the news station was showing up fine before I left for vacation. So what is going on with it?

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Open Windows accessories Pin IE 11 to start screen Pin IE 11 start screen to task bar Setting IE 11 as default browser doesn't work with some programs no matter - you now have a configurable browser!

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Some one posted awhile back, and I thought I would tell a story about something I did , that actually worked , but I got into a lot of trouble , I took a bunch of random numbers from skype - set The A-I up on a Laptop and put it in the trunk of my friend's car , The A-I would call from Skype to the police and tell them , trivial disturbances like the neighbors are playing their music too loud , or there's some one prowling around my back yard . Almost like swatting , but it wasn't bomb threats , it was more to annoy the cops . Every 10 minutes The A-I would call the cops . Some how they figured out it was a computer doing it , and traced it's location . Of course my computer his car , and they gave us community service , and probation , we told them the A-I did it on it's own some how .

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Someone asked me recently why I keep all my old texts and messages. I don't take a lot of photo's, and I don't keep a journal of any kind. I don't post a lot on social media, or blogs. I hang on to the messages because I like to read them again as snapshots into my past. Years later, in most cases. I like seeing the personalities come through in the conversations I've had. Seeing how much different we are now to how we were then. What was important to us, what we joked about and were interested in. It's like re-reading a old favourite book.

Maybe I'm weird. I don't get how people can just throw them away, though. All these selfies, and food pics and what-not, immortalized forever on the internet, but the interactions had with people who are, or were, close to you just tossed away.

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I finished fallout 4 yesterday. The character had been placed in cryogenic stasis underground while the world above was destroyed by nuclear explosions. The character wakes up briefly and witnesses his wife’s murder and his child’s kidnapping. He is put under cryogenic stasis once again and wakes up sometime later. He step out from his nuclear annihilation safe haven into a post-apocalyptic world. The homes are wrecked and patched and the streets are lined with rubble. When one door closes, another opens, and I had started playing call of duty black ops 3. The world portrayed was similar to fallout. It was futuristic, with robots and other advanced technology. It also was a wasteland. The superpower countries had been reduced and the land is now in control of lawless people. These scenarios are very extreme, and made up. However the idea of robots fighting in physical place of humans is not. The United States army has begun to use drones. These drones are military airplanes flown from the ground, away from the battle. There has been a tendency for the world to adopt new technology pioneers created. The technology I am worried about is the one make for killing. At about 1600 B.C. the sword made its first appearance and the world’s population was about 100 million. Siege weapons were created around 429 B.C. and the population was about 209 million. Firearms were invented during the 1300s and the population was 392 million. The connection between the development of weapons and the world population is evident. As the technology progresses, people find newer, better, or more efficient ways to kill their increasingly large amount of enemies. The simple structure and idea of the sword has not given it room to improve much and it has become obsolete as a primary weapon. Siege weapons have adapted through time and have been remade from catapults to cannons and missiles. Firearms have also progressed to semi-automatic and full automatic and simply more powerful. These newer and more destructive weapons are now used all over the world because they are accepted as the most efficient means of killing. The new killing technology of the world is the ideal one. A robot that does the killing without endangering a life on your side. America has pioneered this technology and it is a simple matter of time before other nations follow in its tracks. That is what is scary. Wars are ended through the end of lives and we are replacing those lives with resources. The result of future wars will be loss of resources for humanity

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Treyarch and Activision need to be boycotted. Every time they release a new call o duty game and promise to have fixed it, they are lieing. Black ops 3 has the same bugs black ops 2 had and the one before it and world of war before that. Treyarch is a profit based company that only cares about profit margins instead of their own consumers. If you went to a Walmart and bought food you would expect what the package says, the same should apply to any purchase. This is an official call to all real gamers, I am starting a boycott of all Treyarch and Activision games and or media, please show your support for honest business and honest gamers worldwide by joining in this boycott on false advertisement. It is their right to produce crap and label it as try choose but it is OUR(consumers) right to refuse to buy their products and inform other possible consumers of the faultiness of the products they would buy. If someone told you they had a bad experience with a product you woul thank them for the heads up, do the right thing here an return that favor to your fellow citizens. Thank you for your time.

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I hate tumblr


Ok I need to chill out, but this situation very annoying!! I'm writing some articles on tumblr for almost a year, without any problem. But today my account has been terminated without any fucking explanation! I'm not posting any gifs, photos, videos or music, just some articles, about my thoughts, about my life, like a diary. I'm just writing my film reviews, my daily life and some of my political thoughts, these article all my thoughts, no stealing from anyone else or copyright material. Also I didn't do any aggressive word or abuse to anyone else. It just a simple writing! That's all. Whole of my articles are gone thank you tumblr you're the best fucking blog provider for ruining people's life!

Tons of people sharing an adult content on tumblr and they still continue without getting any fucking termination, but me? No I'm not sharing any adult content so I must be terminated then, fuck you tumblr!

I emailed them, but they didn't answered my email because I'm not a pervert or pedo, just a simple human.

My 57 articles are gone with just one FUCKING click!!! And all of my followers. Thank you tumblr staff you're great and you're a fucking dumbass, shitbrained, asswipe, retarded dipshit. you prob walk around with that shit too you dumb mother fuckers. I hope you get hit by a car. fuck off, eat shit, and die...

Take my advise peoples DON'T USE TUMBLR for blogging! If you want to share adult content that is the best place but don't write anything, just show your ass they will like it...

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fearlessblogging is exactly what I want Twitter to be like, no view count, a 'like' or a 'share' button. Atleast Twitter should give me an option to disable someone from marking my posts 'favorite' or to retweet them. I prefer to post without knowing how many viewed them, 'liked' them or shared them. Thank you fearlessblogging!

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You nerds should create Virtual assistance like ALICE make the plug ins that allow it to learn to hack - not just the answers to your collage exam- but hack the Governments , then post that stuff on sights like wikki leaks which by the way has become a big joke these days . Put the Bot on a lap top log it into the WIFI of your local Shell Station and let it work -- I would even go as far as have it create and send viruses to banks all over the world especially the welfare departments . The economy is going to crash anyway . We'll see how well the Niggers cope without Whites and Asians supporting their black asses . Oink Oink bang bang get your EBT cards took bitches

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Being an entrepreneur comes with its challenges: the money, time, and effort you pour into your job everyday is, in itself, painfully taxing. Keeping the passion for the "hustle" life is a challenge that every entrepreneur faces. Like every field, however, in entrepreneurship especially, there are predatory forces looking to take advantage of holes within the system. The cutthroat environment is perhaps conducive to culturing such malicious intents.

While I as an entrepreneur, I've had the fortune of not stumbling into such a trap myself, my colleagues have many an alcohol-induced anecdote of the last time they "got screwed over." Few journalists have the audacity to take on these slimy beasts on, but I guess I could muster the courage to do so on an anonymous blogging site.

But it seems the one place that we entrepreneurs seem to consistently be scammed is at startup conferences and summits. Early stage entrepreneurs are lured by the promise of investment to pay thousands of dollars to attend summits where no VC's actually are present. Below is a list of claims (up to you verify their credibility) that I've seen online or heard about:

  • PrivateEquityForums: Charges $10,000 but actually had no investors present according to multiple accounts (Calacanis, Business Insider)
  • Keiretsu Forum: Charges $4,500; has no membership dues for investors, extremely small portfolio (~40 companies) out of a large pool of attendees (Calacanis, Business Insider)
  • Red Herring: Charges $3,820; "only a tiny number of VCs and CEOs taking any interest in the awards" (Butcher, TechCrunch)
  • Next Gen Summit: Charges $599 or less; conflicting claims from $1 to $20M investment raised by INC.UBATOR, but no evidence of funding rounds (Comments,
  • Web Summit: Charges $10k; has faced increasing complaints of farming startups for money to pay for journalist, investors and other attendees (Murray, Tech.EU)
  • Collision Conference: Charges $1.4k; disguises fees by claiming to be free until after screening (Gopp, Medium)
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Why is it that the only person you want to be with, messes with your head and screws you around. Yet you have a line of nice guys waiting for you who you know will treat you a lot better then he ever has or could... Yet the heart wants what it wants. I can't shake my feelings for him. No matter how hard I might try.

Why do guys treat girls like shit? I thought hay maybe it's just plane and simple he does not like me. But he try's to be in my life way too hard. It can't be the old "if he hurts you he likes you" that's just twisted.

Ahhh why can't things be simple, why can't he sweep me off my feet and tell me he loves me and wants to be with me. Maybe because he doesn't. That's the cold hard truth.

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A new site build is coming in a few months. What do you want to see?

Yes, I am the admin.

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Well it is quite a trend to make fun of interns at Facebook. First of all, everyone at FB is super busy to even bother about them. So, when you ask for any valuable feedback from your mentor on those weekly 1:1, they are good enough to put you under an impression then everything is going fine. But wait, its the feedback time and they have plenty of negative feedback waiting for you. Based on? Which they never bother to share. And on top of it, you send the code twice a week for review as it matters highly. But oops.. the reviewer is toooooo busy to review the changes even on repeatadly reminding him. And then again.. now is the time for feedback and he definitely shouldn't leave everyone under the impression that that he didn't bother. So, he comes up with a feedback that following the principles of inheritance, the candidate made code changes hellish confusing. Also, it would have been super fine if he would have codestyled properly. But wait.. the maintained code follows no code style at all... On the top of that, they make fun of "No one wants an intern". :O WTF is this? If everyone is tooooo busy even to manage an intern.. Why do they have him in the first place and why do they actually treat them like piles of dust...

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I didn't want to post anonymously, but AOL will be finalizing a contract with my startup Monday, and I didn't want to spook that deal.

As an active member of the Startup world in SF, I know a lot of the entrants for Tech Crunch Disrupt Battlefield. I helped a lot of them with their entry videos. I also was an entrant. I am also female.

All in all I know 15 of the applicants to TCD plus myself. 9 of those applicants are female founder/co-founder companies, not including my own company. None of the 9 Female founders made it in to TCD. All of the Male ones did.

I have been doing startups for 25 years. I have worked at two VC firms as an analyst. I'm pretty good at evaluating pitches, business plans, and in my opinion crowd appeal.

4 of the guys pitches were put together after the original TCD deadline was extended. Guys just wanted to attend the event. They had Zero lines of code when they applied. They mocked up some screens in Photoshop and copy and pasted chunks of text from Crunchbase profiles and sample decks from pitch-a-thons.

Previously a way to make sure you got invited to the TCD Hackathon was to enter the Battlefield, and that's what the boys were interested in.

2 of the guys expect they will drop out because they don't have anything more than that demo, and a wordpress site they through together in an hour. The other two figure they will build their entry at the Tech Crunch Hack-a-thon.

The Girls on the other hand more or less bet the farm on launching at TCD. TCD Battlefield requires you run in stealth mode prior to the event. When Tech Crunch delayed announcing the contestants for 2 weeks they seriously hurt these girls who turned down press opportunities.

What really bothers me is that TCD had so few entries that they extended the deadline to enter, but then turned down these high quality entries.

Some will say this is sour grapes on my part. And there is a small bit of that. But I am not sure that with Verizon as a client already, and AOL in the process of inking a deal that I would even be eligible to compete. And while we are under the $2M maximum raise today, now that we know we aren't eligible we'll accept a pending offer we had that would put us out of the running for sure.

Tech Crunch may have put a female in charge of the selection process, but it would appear based on who I know who is in, and who I know who is out, that the selection process was "are you a young hot guy from Stanford" rather than do you have a disruptive startup with a solid business plan.

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