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He was travelling to work through a residential district when his vehicle was sprayed with bullets, police said. Mr Bhatti, the cabinet's only Christian minister, had received death threats for urging reform to blasphemy laws. In January, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who had also opposed the law, was shot dead by one of his bodyguards. The blasphemy law carries a death sentence for anyone who insults Islam. Critics say it has been used to persecute minority faiths.
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Max, Knight of Arts and Crafts,

I don't know how you see it, San Francisco has the highest percentage in LGBT population in America.The Golden Gate Bridge is a good place to invoke Sharia-- the Taleban ordered the execution of three men for sodomy in the southern town of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. They were ordered to be buried alive under a pile of stones and a wall was pushed on top of them by a tank.ISIS they just take them up high on a building and throw them off. the bridge historically a good place to commit suicide , everyone who has ever jumped off of it has never survived .

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

Do you know who else was buried alive by stones? Giles Corey. His crime? Suspicion of witchcraft. Christianity has blood on its hands too. We stopped doing that 300 years ago. Islam is 700 years younger. Give them another 400 years and then you can ask them to knock it off.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

Muslims didn't sell our country out to the Russians.

Taylor, CTO of the Lonely,

Mohamed was a murderer and rapist not a man of God....Americans are near the boiling point !!! We will take care of business Islam beware

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

You only know what Fox news spoon feeds you. Read some books, then talk to me about Islam.

Addison, Observer of the Poor,

You are another racist cousin fu**ing retard. Take a look at the violent crap your own government does on a weekly basis. Remember that after the Muslims your country's leaders will aim for the Mexicans, then the African Americans, then the poor and homeless. I would say next would be Native Americans but oh wait YOUR government and the same ilk running it killed almost ALL of my people and stole our land. So chew on that you illiterate jerkoff. -Bobbie, Monk of Muscleheads

Andy, Writer of the Lonely,

Can't nuke em ğŸ˜Ž. It will spoil the oil

Addison, Observer of the Poor,

And hopefully the nukes hit your house first. -Bobbie, Monk of Muscleheads

Andy, Writer of the Lonely,

Mohammed was a bandit who very fittingly died from diarrhea due to dysentery in his stinky tent😱😡. Guests bring bags of shit to Muslim weddings to keep the flies off the bride!

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

The flies came from your wife to begin with. Perhaps, you should leave here home next time.

Yoko, Templar of the Homeless,

Muslims are absolute human filth. They are ignorant ass backward animals. Its definitely time to play "cowboys and muslims" and rid the planet of this scourge. There IS NO GOOD MUSLIM, ever, anywhere, at any time. Islam is a religion that should have been left in the 7th century, with the decaying piles of camel shit that it came from. Mohammad is a son of satan, period! There are no 72 virgins, there is only mohmmad sucking Satan's balls. islam is a religion of ignorant savages killing becasue someone equally ignorant and psychopathic has encouraged them to do so. MUSLIMS WILL ALL BURN IN HELL. Mohammad is scum, muslims are filth. That is all!

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

How do you know that you won't be burning in hell? You have so much hate in your heart there is no room for Christ.

Addison, Observer of the Poor,

You are a moron. -Monk of Muscleheads, Bobbie!

Samantha, Scout of the Forgotten Lands,

Re: the last coment, I couldn't have said it better. I would add two things, though. One is that that their gutter religion is based on the psychotic rants of a pediphile butcher who married his 9 year old bride. And two, i am convinced that allah is one in the same with satan. My God does not condone the killing, maiming and raping of the innocent. These twisted freaks have come to worship satan himself. They will be in for a rude awakening when they stand before the pearly gates only to discover they've earned a one way trip to hell.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

He's not building the wall.

Dana, Herald of the Forgotten Lands,

No, Muslims aren't animals. They are human beings, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, they've been programmed from birth by a destructive, dysfunctional cult. For many Muslims, their innate humanity keeps this programming at bay, but Islam is diabolical in how clever it is.

You can't be a Muslim unless you take the Koran to be the unalterable word of Allah (god). And the hadith as the exemplar of how to live a good life. That's the definition of being Muslim. So no matter how human you might long to be, if you are Muslim, you are ultimately constrained by what is in those books. It gets better. Mohammed, may god have mercy upon him, said he was the last prophet, that no one in the future could alter the teachings he created. And he said that his religion was the supreme religion on the earth. In the hadith, he also said that if someone leaves Islam, he should be killed. A poll found that in all Muslim countries, a majority of people agreed that anyone who leaves Islam should be killed. In Egypt it was 84%. It is also, according to all mainstream Islamic philosophers, the duty of all Muslims to report any deviation from Islam that they observe to religious authorities. So far, custom has restrained this to public acts, but in this internet age, who knows where it will end. Thus, every Muslim is like a member of the secret police. Do you see where this is going?

Yes, Islam is a closed system, an uber controlling cult. Really, Islam is fascism wrapped in religious trappings. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Hitler had read about Islam before he created Nazism. Though Nazism is but a pale imitation of Islam. Communism can only dream of the control that Islam has.

In the Koran, it is stated that it is a Muslim's duty 'to kill, enslave, or convert the unbeliever'. Hard for anyone else to co-exist with a religion that teaches that as an absolute truth.

And the history of Islam is one of violence. From the very first, Islam embraced violence. Mohammed himself took up arms and killed. And Islam has glorified and sanctified and exalted violence ever since. Do a search on Gandhara. Go to the Wikipedia article and read the account of the conquest of Gandhara by Mahmud of Ghazni written by a Muslim historian. And know that Mahmud Ghazni is one of the most venerated of Muslims. Many Muslims are named for him. So, the tale of Islam is one long, sordid tale of violence and oppression. At the time of the formation of Islam, most of what we call the Arab world was Christian. And it stayed that way for centuries after the founding of Islam. Until the Muslims were strong enough to use the sword to force conversion.

I find it very ironic that the very people whose ancestors were converted to Islam at the edge of a sword are so adamant in their defense of Islam. Laugh out loud funny.

Islam isn't a true religion, because Mohammed wasn't enlightened. He was a channeler. From the descriptions, he definitely had spiritual experiences. But because he didn't have a teacher, he went astray. An entity subverted him, and thus destroyed his chance for enlightenment. There is lots of truth in the Koran, but there is lots of nonsense, too. That's what happens when someone who hasn't realized god / void / the absolute creates religious texts. The dead giveaway in Islam is that they venerate scholars of Islam. As if memorizing and worshiping a book can bring realization. Like worshipping the finger pointing to the moon rather than the moon. Only dead religions venerate scholars. Live religions venerate spiritual accomplishment, realization, people who see the moon. The Sufis tried to introduce this to Islam, but have been purged so often by the orthodox that they have lost their true purpose. Most people who call themselves Sufi today are as blind and ignorant as orthodox Muslims.

It's easy to hate Muslims for the things they do in the name of their religion. But they are as much victims of that religion as the rest of us. It has blighted their lives. In a very real sense, Islam is a curse upon Muslims. Their brainwashing doesn't allow them to see that, but it is so evident to an objective observer.

With its suppression of human rights, a suppression encoded in unchangeable doctrine, it is hard to see how Islam can ever be a part of the 'West', the democracies that believe in tolerance and human rights. Islam, by its own doctrine, can't respect freedom of religion or freedom of speech. Those are religious crimes under Islam.

And scientific enquiry? Forget it. Nothing that questions religious dogma can be allowed. This is why, though they had all the early developments of the European basis of science for centuries, the Muslims gained nothing from it.

The world would be a better place without Islam.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

And what do you plan to do about it?

Bobbie, Venture Capitalist of Justice,

Listen, I once had a muslim girlfriend. She said if I loved her I Had to convert to Islam. I tried it for a fucking week of insanity (prayer and ritual washings half a dozen times every day), fucking BS book the Kuran, etc. I told her: Forget it, I can't buy this crap. It's insane, silly, stupid, illogical, Backwards, and a Waste of time and energy! She then tells me that I can Never leave Islam! Next thing I know, her brother is over with a Knife and says that since I'm trying to leave Islam I MUST DIE! I packed my things, got the hell out of there, and now I'm on the run!

Bottom line: stay the fuck away from Muslims--They ARe CRAZZZY!

Andy, Writer of the Lonely,

I guess you fucked her . Big bro or her daddy took her cherry though😋

Taylor, Sheriff of the Unimaginable Terror,

i know you're being serious but i had to laugh.

Taylor, Historian of the Lonely,

one thing is certain: wether we destroy islam or islam destroys the civilized world. all they do is steal, rape, kill, complain about the west....THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY HERE???? they dont belong here, the white people and asians (non-muslim) are so much more civilized than they are and ever will be.

we must act now, before it is too late. they will rape your daughters, they will kill your parents, they will torture your sons. ACT NOW OR WE ALL LOOSE!!!!!

Andy, Apprentice of Time,
Muslims are animals, their religon is false, they do not deserve our time of day. We are at war with the muslims, why not just admit it. They started it, and we will finish it. Forget about being politically correct to the muslims....lets start telling like it is, and let them know what 90% of us think...
Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

Do be so sure their religion is false.

Yoko, Consultant of Space,

Can't wait to waste these fucking animals, Fuck Islam and fake ass Mohhamed

Ari, Fashion Model of the Idealistic,

islam a religion of peace? muslims tolerant of other religious views? the middle east a safe place for christians (or jews)? all you fucking camel jockeys need to be wiped off of this earth. i was once someone who was understanding of the distrust caused by western actions in the middle east, but using extreme violence to promote fear is, by definition, terrorism. islam is a religion of terror, not peace. those who do not speak out against extremist islamic fundamentalism are just as guilty as the lunatics who behead and torture innocents. i am sick of hearing "it's only like one percent who support it." bull fucking shit. there may be fighting among differing sects of islam, but they unite to promote death and destruction to the west (especially america). i want this pussy ass olive branch america continues to extend to be replaced with a bayonet. all of these pussy idealist american leaders who continue attempting to create a peaceful, unified global community are living in a fantasy world. kill all muslims, both domestic and abroad. the longer we play with the smoldering flame of islam the sooner we will be burned. do not let another 9/11 happen in order to drastically increase military action in the middle east. nuke mecca and medina during ramadan. show them their commitment to their "god" is as fruitless as their existence. alas, the left and their ass backward logic will continue to demonize the right and christianity for not allowing gays to marry, yet will continue to rationalize the actions of these barbarians. it has been a long time since the world has witnessed the wrath of the united states. it's time for a reminder.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

Where are your fucking priorities? The Russians are taking over our fucking government and you are worried about Islam?

Brett, Druid of the Forgotten Lands,

So, are are you gay?

Brett, Druid of the Forgotten Lands,

So, are are you gay?

Bobbie, Servant of the Lonely,

Can't wait for WW3, you know it's gonna happen. Muslims against the free world, only a matter of time. Revolution and end to all religions.

Taylor, Sheriff of the Unimaginable Terror,

faults religions.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

That is spelled false and Islam is no worse than Christianity. You both worship the God of Abraham, who is a mean, spiteful personality disorder, not unlike Trump. Hey is that why so many Christians voted for Trump? It all makes sense now.

Charlie, Rockstar of the Rich,

No. I don't agree with or understand their religion or way of life but I wouldn't say they are all animals. A huge number of them are though. I say, capture all of the extremists from all around the world (muslim or not), put them all on a small island and drop a nuclear missile on them. They have no place in our world.

Ash, Necromancer of the Satisfied,

If a Muslim in Libya made a film disrespecting Jesus it wouldn't even make the news. Defiantly not gather a mob of Christians to kill 4 innocent Muslims.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

It would make news if news of it got out of Libya.

Quit playing the American Christians are persecuted card. Once you have served time for your religion, then you can consider yourself persecuted.

Dana, Warlord of the Rich,
How can you blame ALL muslims for something that one or two muslims think or did?
Addison, Merchant of the Financial Services department,

I am getting so sick of Muslims trying to pass the blame and hide their hostility - it's written in their holy book, that everyone but them is to be killed, and it doesn't even mince words! That goes FAR beyond insanity, and can only be nurtured by a world of violence and corruption. A world of their own making, because they're too stupid to break away from their tradition of barbarism.

The same Muslims that try to stand up for their faith and practices by saying that it's a minority that does that stuff and believes that way, are the exact same Muslims that refuse to condemn the violent actions of Muslim-associated terrorist groups. They try to justify murder of people who never did anything to them. They're an archaic religious cult, and they're one of the most brutal on the planet. They still practice human sacrifice (child sacrifice, even, among many other barbaric practices) They act like animals, worse - and so they are, and they can die like dogs, and the other 3/4's of the world will rejoice because there are millions less psychopathic, morally devoid killers trying to bring down... everything.

Seriously, the sense of entitlement that comes with these cults (oh, sorry, religions) is unfathomable. Sorry, I never gave a shit about the Muslim religion before, and it would have stayed that way, if only your people hadn't decided to put noses in our business, and hurt our families and wage war on our way of LIFE, that we've had since before you ever knew we existed.

If Muslims don't believe this way in general, why is it always Muslims murdering, raping, and sacrificing? Get a fucking clue. It's like your trained to lie to yourself.

It is not your place to tell me what to think, so fuck you and every last believer in your religion - following clear insanity, what the fuck is wrong with you people? If you find the world so unacceptable, kill yourself and leave the innocent alone.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

So are you going to make up for all of the crimes perpetrated in the name of Christianity? If not, quit taking out the crimes of a small number of Muslims out on all Muslims.

BTW, there is no child sacrifice in Islam. The Jews used to practice it however.

Ash, Butcher of the Wildlands,

Then can you give me an answer as to why whenever Muslims move into an area, they bring hate and violence? So much for a "peaceful" religion.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

That's because they heard you lived nearby.

Ash, Butcher of the Wildlands,

Then can you give me an answer as to why whenever Muslims move into an area, they bring hate and violence? So much for a "peaceful" religion.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

Give us locations, dates and crimes. Otherwise, you are making shit up.

Peyton, Carpenter of Good,

You can't Judge a book by its cover, but a first impression is a lasting impression......

It's not right to judge, but we as humans look at other people and see the good and/or the bad. Nevertheless, an individual person's actions, the way they interact, and how they treat others and themselves.

Birds of a feather flock together, but you do not see a Blue Jay in a Robin's nest. When a group of people have the same things in common, such as, religion, culture, heritage, ethnicity, origin, background, etc.

NOW THE TRUTH....... I can care less if you live in a cave, wipe your a$$ with your left hand, eat what food??? The biggest crop is the poppy plant to produce opium, there is a ton of oil in the Middle East.

More importantly, Non-muslim - Non-Radical - Non-extremist also believe in.....a rule of law called "Sharia".... believing that all women are subspecies and treated like crap, they can't vote, can't drive, are beaten for the smallest infraction, whipped, stoned to death, made to live wearing a "hijab" or burka over their face neck and head, and their entire body is completely covered, Women are NOT able to speak unless spoken to, and they are NOT allowed to look at another man is all absolutely despicable!!!! At age 11-13 a girl's clitoris is removed, cut off, so they can not feel any sexual stimulation!!!! Uncivilized all around treatment of each other and their sick twisted demented way of life stems from their f&%ked up culture, their religion, the be-headings, cutting off hands, cutting out tongues, amputating limbs etc is animalistic, barbaric, and Muslims are NOT the kindest gentle peaceful people they all claim to be. NOW, I am suppose to like these folks but NOT these people, like the good witch or bad witch on the wizard of Oz or something??? The lesser of two evils is still EVIL!!! I can think for myself and what I think is they are ALL messed up.... and bringing any form of "Sharia" to America is NOT going to happen EVER.... this isn't my GOD, nor is their Koran "Quran" have any teachings from a false prophet that I want to learn or admire, it's BULL$HiT... and so are ALL of the people... ALL OF THEM!!!!

Example, Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority".

There are PLENTY more other verses...LQQK for yourself...

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

There are plenty of shitty verses in the Bible too. Incest. Selling your own daughter as a sex slave Exodus 21:1-11 Jephthah Burns His Daughter, “He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.” Matthew 15:4-7

So does that make Christianity an evil religion?

There are millions of peaceful Muslims just as there are peaceful Christians.

Dakota, Carpenter of Evil,

How can one not?

Addison, Clerk of the Wildlands,

Counting isn't your strongsuit.

Blaine, Chef of the Satisfied,
All this death, destruction and targeting of innocents around the world is done by few muslims? Are u being rational? Who r u kidding? Every religion has its share of bad apples but among muslims it is way out of hand and the level of intensity is far more heinous than people of other faiths commit. If it is a religion of peace why this aggression and violence?
Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

The largest Muslim country is Indonesia. Do you hear much about violence from them?

The problem is not Muslims, but Arabs. The British treated them like shit and they are still pissed off.

Adrian, Herald of Good,
One or two muslims killed this man. But millions, in many countries, support the laws that - at least to them - appear to justify actions like this, whether committed by a couple of nuts acting independently, or the government itself. And if most muslims don't feel that "blasphemy" warrants death, where is the outrage from mainstream muslims when an innocent man is gunned down for speaking his mind? If a Christian man shot a muslim man for insulting Jesus, most of us would expect that Christian man in jail, and possibly facing a death penalty himself for murder. A muslim shoots a Christian/Jew/anything-other-than-muslim, and there are a thousand ways they justify it. Yes, that's the "one" muslim. But they win, they get away with it, and the bull**** continues because MOST muslims support this nonsense, and I almost never see even one muslim speaking out for moderation. Of course, they can't - because they'll be labelled blasphemers, and they and their families will be killed, and nobody will stop the killers because it's all in accordance with the laws that they all support. All in the name of Allah. I don't blame Islam. I blame 99.999% of its followers. Any religion can be twisted into an evil corruption of itself. All it takes is blind faith. I believe the Quran, like the Bible, like any other religious text, was written in good faith. And if regarded in that same good faith, any religion is peaceful at its heart. But the followers are humans, and we're quite notorious for making words mean what we need them to, in order to justify actions that would otherwise be considered immoral by any rational person. Islam is not evil. Most muslims are.
Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

There is plenty of outrage, but you have to read foreign news sites to learn about it.

Dana, Venture Capitalist of Evil,

uhhh... dude... The Quran literally says to DESTROY NONBELIEVERS

Now there's a bunch of psychopath fucks running around "protesting," with signs that read "Behead those who insult Islam."

So, please, humor me - justify that ^^^.

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

And what does your beloved Bible say? Deuteronomy 13 and 17 both say non believers should be stoned to death.

Ash, Musician of Darkness,

Bigots will be bigots. Try to read this with an open mind and not kill me for being a Muslim, but we Muslims ARE speaking out against things like this. It's you bigots who aren't listening. Why should we even have to speak out? When ignorant people such as you are saying things like this, you're implying that we support the killing of innocent people unless otherwise noted. If you want a Muslim to speak out against this, fine, right now, I, a Muslim, am speaking out against this. "Killing one innocent person is like killing all of mankind."-Al-Qur'an 5:32 People of all religions are killing others for their views everyday. I don't know why Islam is singled out. I don't know why people hate me, not because of who I am, but because of what my religion is. Yes, I do however, know about 9/11, but read the above, please. I did not commit these disgusting acts. It wasn't me; it was people who were blinded, who twisted the words of the Holy Book, who did it. Open your eyes to the truth. Honestly, I don't even know why I am replying. People will twist and change my words, while others will not hear this. Those who do not want to see and hear the truth will close their eyes and plug their ears, going around spreading lies. (Before you get all angry, I am not specifically talking about you in particular; this message is for the more hateful comments. It's kind of obvious who the real animals are.) Society is always suspicious of those who have different views, different ideas, and even those who look, act, and dress differently. Close-mindedness is and always will be a strong trait amongst the people of this world.

Ash, Musician of Darkness,

I'm not saying that killing is okay, but that so-called Muslims aren't the only ones doing it.

Addison, Writer of Darkness,

"Islam is not evil."

Haha, excellent comedy! Thank you!

Samantha, Pirate of the Satisfied,

Can I please ask an honest question? When muslim women kill in the name of allah, does he promise them 72 cocks to suck? Just asking

Bobbie, Counselor of Space,
Fuck you, you castrated apologist bitch. Islam is not evil? Its holy book was written in 'good faith'? Nobody gives a shit about your meaningless opinions about things you don't understand. Shut the fuck up and learn something.
Dana, Warlord of the Rich,
you dirty fucking racist cunt
Rebecca, Soldier of Wild Parties,

Muslims religion 👿= warmongers & terrorists by definition! Not forgetting misogynists 😡

Ash, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror,

Judaism and Christianity are just as bad. Stone non believers. Fuck your daughter. Sell your daughter as a sex slave. It's all in the Bible. And if you don't think Christians have committed crimes in the name of their religion, you need to take history again.

Andy, Gigolo of Evil,

You filthy sand nigger. Muslims are a disease. Even the non-terrorists are pieces of shit. You let your contries be governed by religious law.. Not real democracy. Anywhere in the world a cleric has higher power than a president is a fucked up place. I think him being racist is def justified in this case. Muslims are all pieces of shit, with no credibility. Fuck every last one of them. You all smell like shit, and i just wish we would let them destroy each other

Rebecca, Soldier of Wild Parties,

Like Syriana😈 100 years ago they were cutting off each others heads in the desert and in 100 years they'll be cutting off each other's heads in the desert 😜

Andy, Pope of the Unimaginable Terror,
"you dirty fucking racist cunt" You must be talking about those heathen ass islamofacist bastards. It should be more like "dirty murderous fucking racist psychopathic cunt" but the muzzies don't get cunt unless the kill a bunch innocent people and die and go to the big ass whore house in the sky where their imaginary friend mohammud will hook them up. What kind of sad ass motherfucker kills and calls it justice for blasphemy? What kind of pathetic idiot prick would defend shari'a law? You are sick.
Adrian, Sheriff of the IT department,
i hope they do start their holy war so i can kill as many of the piece of shit sand niggers as i can, id wipe everyone of them off the planet if i could. they treat their own women and female children like dogs and slaves, and treat terrorist as heroes. why do you think they hide them out and then try to make americans look bad when "civilians" get killed? they are laughing at us while we spend away our childrens future to help them "rebuild" so they can stay filthy rich of oil and never give us a penny back. death to all fucking piece of shit sand nigger muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stevie, Pirate of the Idealistic,
Defend your position, you dumb shit. You have no defense. Fuck off.
Max, Barbarian of Good,

Some times if I am sick to my stomach my Muslims come out all runny. When I get better they plop I to the water with a nice little splash. Of course I always flush and wash my hands well after making Muslims.

Samantha, Musician of Light,
It's not 1 or 2 muslims. It's millions of the psychopathic followers of a 7th century death cult. If there were "good muslims" they'd be killed by the same bloodthirsty criminal cults that make up the lot of the bunch. They are animals. Murderous and insane. They want anyone believing differently subjugated or dead. islam is a scourge on the planet.   
Ari, Developer of the Poor,

there may be people who consider themselves moderate muslims but Islam considers them to be non muslims. the fact is Islam is radical full stop. We have seen enough to judge them now. To say they are animals is unfair to animals, but the sentiment is correct. Nobody can trust lying muslims hiding behind taqquiya where they lie lie lie. They will not stop reproducing and spreading their evil political agenda. and the west just does nothing. no more immigration of muslims. deportation of anyone connected to convicted terrorists or sympathisers.

Blaine, Lord of the craft table,

So now YOU are the voice of Islam to the rest of us? What makes YOU someone who's view should be trusted?

I fear the choice that PEOPLE will make - not muslims. People who are moderate today and become radicalized later.

People who are not muslim at all but who, for whatever reason, join radical groups.

THAT's the problem that we have - not "Islam".

Take away "Islam" and we STILL have those other problems. It wouldn't even take time for them to organize, get a name, a philosophy to rally around. They're already out there.

Addison, Garçon of the Irredeemably Moist,

they are dogs all mooslims are animals in fact lets call them what they are ISLAMINALS period end of story send them all back

Dakota, Ship Master of the craft table,

Effin Aàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Addison, Real Estate Agent of Space,
Spot on! Could not agree more. The only 'good muslims' are already dead because the rest are scum! Islam is what is dragging the whole western world back into the dark ages
Andy, Counselor of the Lonely,

Muslims make up almost a fourth of the human population. More than 95% of the worlds Muslim population are not terrorists. Most of the 95% condemn terrorism just as Islam does. If you have ever read the Qur'an you would see how easy it is to prove that the terrorists who call them selves Muslim are actually going against what the Qur'an teaches. Terrorism is forbidden in Islam. Just because a small, a very small portion of the population commits terrorism doesn't mean the rest of the population does. Its stupid to say otherwise.

Bobbie, Clerk of the IT department,

You numbers are way off but hopefully drones will continue to cull the jihadi population🐷

Taylor, Musician of Space,

I have no idea what book you were reading but it was not the Quran. You might want to refresh your understanding of this psychopathic book and acknowledge that latter passages trump the former passages. Terrorism is not only condoned but is blatantly commanded from that pedophile, totalitarian tyrant, they call the prophet of the false god allah.

Aubrey, Peasant of the Irredeemably Moist,
the korasn says many things about peace then condones killing of infidels.wake up anyone who reads koran and stays muslim is wrong.i have read that book of babble makes no sense and tells muslims they cannot be friends with us. lies and deceit are condoned by their allah to deceive us. the terrorists practice true islam and the so called moderates will either be killed by them or they will join them when islam gets power.
Samantha, Curator of the Forgotten Lands,

So, if it is only a small portion of Muslims that are OK with killing innocents, then why after every attack or incident are the streets of multiple nations flooded with tens of thousands of people celebrating said killings? I'm asking seriously -- the chants of "Death to (whoever is not in 100% agreement) are heard loud and clear, and yet when we take that at face value, we are wrong?

Max, Templar of the Hungry,

You do realize that when one verse says not to kill but the next one says kill the non believer the second verse cancels out the first or have you been drinking too much kool aide?