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Donald Trump is the greatest President EVER. Almost 24 hours later I'm still invigorated by his speech! DONALD TRUMP IS PROOF THAT GOD IS NOT YET DEAD!!!!!! DONALD TRUMP IS PROOF THAT GOD HAS NOT YET GIVEN UP ON AMERICA, AND ON MANKIND. I hear GOD in Donald Trump's voice. Maybe Donald Trump IS God.

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Arthur, Investigator of the Irredeemably Moist,

Knoxville's new serial killer case will likely be unsolved. they are mind control. Murders 700 active cold cases East Kentucky no one says a word

Harper, Warlord of the Irredeemably Moist,

I heard a Mark Taylor prophesy that Donald Trump has the gift of prophesy SPECIFIC to political issues. Check his videos out on YouTube. He prophesied Trump would eventually become president back in 2011/2012. Even when there were 16-17 other Republicans in the primaries he prophesied Trump WOULD become president, not MIGHT, not HOPE SO, but WOULD.