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Spent yesterday listening to 80s and 90s music- bobby brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, mc hammer, whitney Houston, George Michael, Irene cara, culture club, Elton john. Their music so superior to the crap called “music” today. What’s wrong with today’s musicians? Has the muse of music departed the planet or what?

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Bobbie, Chronographer of the Hungry,

pfft - that's what people said in the 50s, the 30s, the 20s and so on and so on.

Why can't people get over themselves and realize that eras come and go and that this is perfectly normal?

George, Monk of Space,

Johnny Meadows was driving his 1969 Cadillac on I-95 just north of White Marsh, Baltimore County, MD. Unidentified person(s) dropped a cinder block from the Forge Road overpass onto the windshield of Mr. Meadows' car. As a result, Mr. Meadows lost control of his vehicle, crashed and was killed. Katey Wilson was the person who dropped the cinder block did it on a dare