By the people, for the people.

Ever notice how with some people - if they take any extra effort, go the extra mile, note critical details - then they're adding quality to the process. It's all about how much you put in to get good out. The choice is valid and should be appreciated instead of hindered.

But somehow - when the shoe is on the other foot and YOU are taking extra steps, noting critical details with the goal of a better outcome - "You're overthinking it" "Stop being so nitpicky" "We don't have time for that" "Everyone's waiting" "Noone's going to notice but you"

One more definition for who has freedom and power in the situation. The one who gets to choose and overthink and nitpick over details.

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Ash, Counselor of the craft table,

From:[filtered hyperlink] To: [filtered hyperlink] Date: 2011-01-13 06:56 Subject: Holy Shit Dude - MalwareDomainList offers their full db as a free DL

58k+ rows of blacklist candidates attached. There is literally 10's of thousands of great blacklist domains, IP subnets, admin contacts etc to get us started all in this little 8.5mb CSV file. I could even load/use this list in its literal format in about 30 minutes of CSV parser coding if I wanted. (although in actuality I'll probably have the Master box parse/convert to a native HBG/Razor config format which is what will get distributed to the slave razor apps.)

BONUS: They also have an RSS feed you hit that we can have the Master hit that will give us just the hourly/daily updates of whats new.

With the help of a few great sources like this our OSINT pimp-hand will be very strong. Thanks for the clue on checking out malwaredomainlist. :P

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