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why is there a limit for credit card deposit in the first place

and singtel is a shitty money grubbing company, technologically backward, and needs more competition

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Brett, Paladin of Light,

been had a purpose,thinking out loud, trying to make sense of what i saw and where i had been...things changed when i realized that would never haappen...and my faith grew....i dont need to know why or even the what as if i am off on a lark i generally get dragged back by my scruff....mind boggling...i woory like we all do and should i think it's our duety to live our lives learn our lessons and those along the way who struggle but i am and will be forever limited...cant even say why i think that..i live my life dealing with what is and idk i am content...i have zero doubt there is way more to come and my road to be traveled..happy trails