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Zachary James Carr is a cyber stalker getting paid to censor comments all over YouTube. Other cyber stalking hackers include Matthew Ayasse and Carey Cowles. They are all Satanists or Luciferians and involved with human sacrifice and are censoring information exposing organized crime groups like the Italian Mafia.

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Dakota, Pope of the Rich,

Two satanic witches involved with this include Alison McCarthy Senatro and Jamie Cahill Bailey. They are involved with running a very large satanic wiccan cult and are connected with very wealthy people like Jamie Cahill Bailey's father who is a top Freemason in his region. David Cahill is a multi millionaire with several businesses and receives fake investment loans that are really pay offs which he uses to finance gang stalkers, cyber stalkers, censorship, and other criminal activities. They all have the same objective and its Trumps fascist takeover all for enabling human trafficking.