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Now I'll just get to the point and say this, vegeta is a better fighter than goku. On the surface, we look at all the fights that the two have been in, even against each-other, and saw the gap between their skill & strength widen and close time and time again. 90% of the time, Goku was superior to vegeta, always leaving him in the dust. Looking at the fights they've been in alone, of course it's easy to declare a winner when it comes to determining who the better fighter is. But is it really that simple?

In my opinion, the circumstances surrounding how these two warriors came to be as powerful and skilled as they are are highly overlooked. Let's examine as much of goku's training as possible: in the beginning, much like most fighters, he grew up in a fighting environment; tournaments, training with grandpa gohan and Roshi, etc. Even during those days into his adulthood, he showed he was a warrior with raw talent and power yet to be tapped. However, his training was not limited to "worldly" training, unlike vegeta.

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Aubrey, Barbarian of the Hungry,

Goku vs. vegeta and then Silver Surfer comes in and sets both their asses down

Peyton, CEO of the Forgotten Lands,

With respect, silver surfer has nothing to do with this, pick a fighter (Goku or vegeta) & explain why you think they're better than the other.

Besides, silver surfer really doesn't stand a chance against either of them 🤷🏾‍♂️

Peyton, CEO of the Forgotten Lands,

Goku's divine training with King Kai prior to fighting vegeta for the first time really set the greatest gap between the two. This left vegeta at a huge disadvantage, but even with this disadvantage vegeta managed to hold his own against goku, closing the gap from time to time (but not for long, and often times not all the way). Not to mention, after fighting cell and dying again, he received divine training for 7 years straight while fighting some of the strongest warriors to ever live in other world. Vegeta never got that luxury training. Every ounce of strength vegeta attained, he earned it without divine training. He became the strongest saiyan in existence (before meeting goku) on his own, he became a super saiyan on his own, and I will say it again, none of his training was enhanced by supernatural influence. In spite of the rather unfair advantage Goku had over vegeta, he proved to be goku's greatest challenge every time. At the end of the day, the only warrior who could hold truly hold a candle to him in every way possible, it's vegeta. Vegeta is a warrior that does not get the true credit he deserves, which in the end, he deserves the title of strongest warrior in the universe.