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The father accused of abandoning his five year old daughter on a college campus in near-freezing temperatures he had been arrested., Ogden Police located Adrian Sanchez and he was taken into custody after authorities obtained a child abandonment arrest warrant. He would rather party than take care of his little girl . Ask the Ogden police how many times they come a crossed neglect cases every day because a parent wants to party instead of taking care of their kids ? I thought about adoption Child in Virginia caught my eye very loving little girl that enjoys going to the pool and being active.loves large breed dogs can be aggressive at times which means she'd fit in pretty well. they say she has difficulty understanding boundaries . Why they wouldn't let me adopt her ? She would have a clean butt (( Ice Cream )) Just Don't tell How ever We can go skinny dipping in my pool in the back yard .8 foot wood fence no one would see . Yeah I would lick her up and down but she would NOT be abandoned she would never be hungry or alone . She'd have lots of Attention . Oh, and did I mention I don't do drugs or hang around people who do .

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