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Boycott Spain


The Spanish government has over stepped the line. This is a call to all lovers of democracy. If you love freedom, and the pursuit of happiness then join us in the boycott of a fascist regime. The Spanish government MUST be sanctioned by the good people of this planet. Beating innocent voters to suppress change is unacceptable. Stand up for what's right and boycott the Spanish government. Together we can show these tyrannical elitists what the common people can do. This is the charge of all free peoples of the world. If we don't not stand together we WILL fall United. I urge you, the reader to do your own research and then search your heart for what is right. This oppression can NOT be allowed to stand.

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Colin, Author of Good,

What in the world does it mean to "boycott the spanish government"??

It's not like the Spanish government is a store or restaurant and I can shopping there.