By the people, for the people.

Don't threaten North Korea in any way. Instead let them trade openly with the world. Let them sell goods and services on the open market. Show them the power of capitalism so that they can feed their people and grow as a nation. When this happens they will not need Nukes. It's true that they do not have a Central Bank and their people are totally free from a debt based monetary system unlike every other country in the world except for Iran which the world hates as well per the media. Never mind, let's attack them and kill as many as we can and set up a central bank for those that are left. They need to pay the beast like the rest of us!!!!!!

posted to society by Harper, Accountant of Good (2 comments)

Halley, Fashion Designer of Imagination,

The beast, subordinate to the dragon, will eventually control the whole world. It has been foretold. There is no escaping for NK and Iran. Is it gonna be with war or trade ? Only the black nobility knows.

Allison, Attendant of the Homeless,

Thats the turn of events right there. There is no where to hide anymore , you either pay or you die