By the people, for the people.

I am a straight white man in my upper 30's. Reynolds entry something happened that really made me think about labels that are accepted by the people which make up said group.

I have a "Gay" family member, and I 100% accept his choice on the matter. I truly believe that people should love who they wish to love and that should not be something that has a bearing on anything in world. It should be based exclusively on one's abilities l not who they fuck.

Recently with all of this "Trump" contraversy he has been posting crazy, hateful and angry posts about trump and in general. It causes a bit of a tiff between us as we have been very close since children. We have since made up but the episode has caused me to put a lot of thought into the subject.

I though about how one of the first things trump did was take down the LGBT pages off the government website. Many people straight or not were unhappy.

Here is the thing the gets me. Let's start with the word "gay". Gay was a word used by people who were ignorant and fearful of something different to describe a person who has homosexual sex in a derogatory way. So the word at its very core is derogatory and bad. Yet it is something that people who choose to have homosexual sex cling onto it and wave it in the air like a badge of honor.

I keep saying, "homosexual sex", and you may wonder why which brings us to the word "homosexual" Homosexual literally translates as "same sex". So if you call someone a "homosexual" you are calling them a "sane sex" which makes no sex, but in a similar fashion to those who would use the term "gay", the word homosexual has been adopted by fearful ignorant and closed minded people to label someone who has homosexual sex in yet again, derogatory way. And as such is a bad thing. Yet it is another word that the "gay community" or as I would rather prefer to say, "people who enjoy homosexual sex", seems to hang onto like it's something to be proud about.

As a matter of fact bisexuals is a term that is completely used incorrectly. Litterally translated it means "two sex". How does that make any sense? Maybe if you are attempting to describe a hamaphridite, or sex with 2 people of different sexes??? But it surly does not make sense for how it is used. And that is surly because it was coined by ignorant fearful people of lesser intelligence. It is derogatory and bad.

Lesbian is also a term to describe a woman or we on who like homosexual sex. Or.... "same sex, sex".

Why would a group of people with a similar belief choose to adopt such awful derogatory labels? It makes no sense. And not to defend Trump because it has nothing to do with him but why would you want pages littered with derogatory labels all over it that reference the sexual choices the page attempts to describe in such a derogatory way???

It is my belief that all of those labels should not be used nor should they be embraced. As I have said before, sexual preferacne should not be a determining factor in anything. It shod be left to the abilities or the person in question, and not who they fuck.

Think about it, accepting the label of "being gay" would be like a black person accepting and embracing the label of "house nigger". I must make it clear that that last sentence was awful and the word nigger is one of the most disgusting words ever, which reinforces my point, because the fomenting and discussEd labels are just as disgusting.

Let's all just be people, and let people be with who they wish because it's fuck in stupid to care who fuck who.. I mean seriously.

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Ari, Engineer of Darkness,

I am a guy, married to a woman. But I really am attracted to, and desire to have sexual relations with guys.

What would be my label, in your opinion?

Blaine, Barbarian of Arts and Crafts,

fascinating philosophy - for those who want that.

Let's all keep the labels we want and reject the ones we don't.

How about I choose what to call me and not someone who wants to decide what I should be proud of and what it makes sense for ME to call ME.