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Quit telling everybody you hate white People you're half white . I walked in a Motel where your mother was working as a maid she had her back to the door and it was open. One nice shitter looking me straight in the face . She turned around to see who just shut the door and before she could react I had her I pinned I punched her in the back of the head tied her hands and mouth with a sheet and held her legs in the air 20 minutes and 8 months later you came out . The motel was on Calmont Ave Don't blame your mother she was just trying to make ends meat, yes you can blame me I'm a Pervert , a rapist , and you still can't change the fact that I fucked your mother and you're living proof.

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Adrian, Developer of the Idealistic,

Adrian, Developer of the Idealistic,

I'm sure what you did to his mother (fucking pervert and your asshole deserves to be ripper to shreds by the biggest guy in prison) plays a big part but he also has to deal with the fact that he is half white but he's still treated like he's all black. He doesn't get to enjoy the white privilege you get to. He not only has to think about the fact that he is the product of a rape and rapist but that you are out and about enjoying your life and white privilege. He can hate a part of himself. He has every right to not like any part of him that has anything to do with you. That is his right! You took away his mothers right to consent. You took away his ancestors rights to freedom. You now you are trying to take away his right to feel however the fuck he wants to feel. If he hates white people, who fuckin cares? If he hates white people because of you, who fuckin cares? If he hates you just because you're you, who fuckin cares? You didn't care about anything but getting a nut that night. You didn't care about how what you did to that woman will effect her negatively for the rest of her life. You didn't care, so why the fuck should anyone else? You couldn't help yourself? Waste of oxygen. Waste of space. Waste of everything that is you. I truly hope you rot in heaven strapped to a post with a never ending thirst as you watch all those who have repented for their sins enjoy their afterlife.

Charlie, Trollop of Wild Parties,

So, you're here to prove his point? He has good reason to hate white people?

OK, well done.

Charlie, Wizard of Time,

He's half white he doesn't hate the race he hates me He knows it but won't admit it It wasn't his fault I raped his mother it wasn't his fault he was born his mother chose to keep him, but that anger he has toward me, is destined to get him or some innocent person killed - or even worse he'll end up in prison . That should have been my fate not his . Nobody should hate an entire race - because of a few bad people - That's like saying I hate all Haitians because I know one who has stinky feet .