By the people, for the people.

those who recognise racial differences are simply racial realists, recognising scientifically confirmed genetic facts; to call race realists "racist" is simply a tactic of "politically correct" ideological thuggery, used by Multiculturalists to intimidate and silence political opponents, often quite effectively, whilst those same Multiculturalists promote large-scale immigration and globalism to destroy unique cultures and nations across the world. Multiculturalists will often point to particular individuals as a rationale for the swamping of Western countries by Third World peoples; pointing out a hard-working Asian doctor, a cute African child, a nice Arab person, etc., etc., as propaganda for their position, but they miss the point, or at least they pretend to do so. They can see the individual trees, but not the entire forest. The existence of various nice Third World people is no reason for all ethnically European countries to cease their unique existence, to open their borders, and to be swamped into oblivion by a huge tidal wave of Third World immigration. The Multiculturalists would have us abolish all national borders, and they know that to do so would mean that the populations of the Third World nations would swarm into the nations of "the West", into the ethnically European countries, and overwhelm our populations by sheer weight of numbers. Yet, there is no good reason for the Western peoples to want to commit national suicide, to submit their peoples to cultural and racial genocide. Those who merely wish to defend the existence and survival of their people are not "racists", but are simply defending their people against Multiculturalist genocide. Those who believe in a Protectionist philosophy only want to protect their people, industries, culture, and way of life. To acknowledge differences between the human races is simply a matter of acknowledging reality, not a matter of creating "hate". Those who actually hate other people because of their skin colour or race are usually prejudiced or bigoted. The common definition of "racist" as someone who hates people because of their skin colour or race can be applied to such bigots, but not to those Protectionists who simply wish to preserve the uniqueness of their own people.

      Indeed, if the term "racist" is to be applied to anyone today, it should be used with regard to the Multiculturalists, the Globalists, who are the true racists. They advocate genocide, seeking the destruction of peoples via immigration and assimilation, and they carry out racial discrimination against people because of their race, but call it "affirmative action", "special opportunities", or "targeted funding". 
      Multiculturalists are eternal hypocrites. They fawn over Asian and African cultures, yet often vilify and deride White cultures. They promote groups dedicated to Asian and African interests within our societies, yet they denounce any groups dedicated to White interests as "racist"; it is considered alright to create an "Black Students Association", but the creation of a "White Students Association" will immediately call forth the bigotry, prejudice, and hate of Multiculturalists against such a group. Multiculturalists are filled with hate for the existence of White nations, yet celebrate the uniqueness of Asian and African nations. 
      Any organisation created to further the interests of a non-White racial group may prefix their organisation's name with a description of their race, such as "Black", "African", "Asian", "Aboriginal", etc. However, any organisation created to further the interests of White people will immediately be subjected to harassment, bullying, and attacks from the media, Multiculturalist lobbyists, and Multiculturalist thugs. If that is not racism, then what is? Exactly when is it permissible for White people to have their own race-specific organisations, just like non-Whites do? The truth is that such anti-White prejudice is indicative of the racist and genocidal nature of the Multiculturalist ideology. 
      And, to make it worse, Multiculturalists pass anti-democracy laws to make it illegal to criticise Multiculturalist Globalism and its constituent elements, such as Third World immigration and Asianisation, and make it illegal to tell the truth about Islam or racial differences and their impact upon society. 

      In a democracy, the general public should have access to the truth about racial differences so that they can make their own informed decisions regarding the formulation of public policies, with regard to immigration and population policies in particular. 
      For example, if there existed a race of people who - as a group - committed murder, rape, and assault at a rate many times more than the general population, then wouldn't the general public be entitled to receive that information, so that they could make their own decision on the subject? 
      If there are disagreements on any issue, it is always best to let all sides debate and lobby for their viewpoint, and to let all sides be heard, because freedom of speech is the essential cornerstone of democracy. Yet, under Multiculturalism, laws have been passed to enable the silencing of those who criticise immigration, Islam, and the various realities of Multiculturalism; and these laws have been compounded by the threatening of the livelihood of critics, and by their harassment and vilification by the mass media (dominated as it is by Multiculturalists). Such laws and practices are enabled by the Multiculturalist elite, of politicians, big businessmen, academics, and journalists. 
      For the Multiculturalist elite, safe in their ivory towers, to dictate to the general public what issues they can and cannot discuss, and therefore what knowledge they should and should not have, is not only the height of hypocrisy, but is also indicative of the authoritarian nature of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. 

      In a democracy, both sides of an issue can have their say, without fear or favour, so that the public can make up their own mind. In a neo-fascist country, only one side of an issue will be allowed to be heard, whilst the government will "protect" the general public from having to make their own decisions, from having to form their own opinions. In a neo-fascist country, those who state an opinion different to that of the government and the country's "ruling elite" run the risk of being fined or jailed, just for speaking their mind on matters of concern to them. 
      Similarly, in countries that adhere to the ideology of Multiculturalism, critics can be silenced by the use of so-called racial vilification laws and other coercive methods. Under the rule of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, people can be threatened with fines, financial ruin, and even jail simply for stating their opinions, even if those opinions can be backed up with scientific evidence; because, under the rule of political Multiculturalism, telling the truth is no defence. 
      It is time to throw off the shackles of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, and to remove Thought Crimes from the law books. It is time to recognize and respect the freedom of speech of the Australian People, and to support the democratic traditions of Australian society.
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