By the people, for the people.

Hello my friends.Its me. Sinsinawa I have a very important message for some, you call them, "Anonymous Lets go. Dear Anonymous Do you really think, that you are important for us? I dont think so. Just because your wearing, a Guy Fawkes mask, you are not scary at all In my opinion, a member of any organization must be willing to make a difference hate people like you because you perpetrated a great fraud among the youth . , people who buy a Fawkes mask and pretending to be a part of your collective should never have been allowed and then you condemn them for so doing ., again interest for Anonymous, they are not important. In real life, you are too cowardly you pound a keyboard and condemn those ,who have taken an all out assault against The Elite They have even been infiltrated by The Clandestine Illuminati .In reality, you are not interested, about the big problems, of our world.

Its very easy to buy a mask, and than saying that you be a part some one and then report what they are doing to The CIA But you cannot accuse that of one of us. I think that anonymous has become a big family of vipers A family that, has no idea what a family is , or should represent .A family that, really cares about the improvement, of the world. must be willing to die for his brother are you willing ? No some of you betrayed your own .But all these things, you dont care., you care about publicity .So my question is:Why do you think, that you are, bigger than us? Can you answer this question? No, you can not. Because you dont know, about everything.Though you think you do .Do us a favor, and throw your masks away, and dont pretend, you are for any one For most of you are scared of a real fire fight Makes no more, embarrassing photos and videos of yourselves , where you talk, unimportant stuff When I saw, something like this, i am the one who drowns the irresponsible for it You are not Anonymous.if the CIA knows you .You are not Legion And I dont expect you. Please don't take this seriously some one needs a swimming lesson . .shall we gather at the river the beautiful river tonight

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