By the people, for the people.

Then get a few of those guillotines and Catapults that Obama purchased and when they sneak back over off their heads and shoot them over It worked in Babylonian times .

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Rook, Attendant of Evil,

I love how everyone thinks their fucking historians here. Yes that did happen and it destroyed quite a few nations. You never think before you act. You all assume that there is only one way to solve all your god damn problems, segregation. You love to take bits of history to prove your point, but did you also know that because of that disease ransacked everyone which led the the offenders own downfall. Ooh wait you wouldn't know cause your attention span is about 2 1/2 seconds. How about you actually read something before you accuse every democrat of being a media dwelling swine. And I believe the IQ your talking about is your own, because anyone who relies on that test to prove intelligence is a fucking moron.

Addison, Sheriff of the Idealistic,

There is nothing wrong with orderly immigration and to prevent unregulated border crossings. Period. NOTHING...if you say what about conditions in Mexico, then we put pressure on them to improve conditions. Nothing wrong with that either. In fact it is a good thing to do so.

Andy, Developer of Darkness,

what about conditions in Mexico ? We're responsible for them now ? In Britain almost one in three children live in poverty. the majority is white -- the reason is because they let millions of undocumented illegals in their country . now every body is pissed off about Brexit lol. You know the funniest thing -- an overwhelming number of Blacks in the united States are Muslim , and scream how the white man enslaved them , yet they don't know , Saudi Arabs Are Still Selling Black Slaves today !! Where's Farrakhan on that one ? Well with an average IQ of 70 Black folks won't get it . How can they they're too stupid