By the people, for the people.

Every Jew on the face of the earth needs to be exterminated for being a left-wing parasite that corrupts civilized countries from the inside out.

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Adrian, Real Estate Agent of Darkness,

Almost a week later, and Jews are still fucking worthless. NUKE ISRAEL

Addison, Observer of the Lonely,

They aren't worthless -- Why are Jewish men circumcised? – Because Jewish women do not want to touch anything unless it has not gotten a 20% deduction. and remember the difference between a nigger and an onion is nobody will cry if you cut a nigger. When a nigger starts to run just tighten the chain Jews are not worthless because they own every thing on the planet - Niggers are worthless because every other race on the planet has to take care of and control them . - Look at Chicago Detroit St Louis Atlanta every nigger hood a crossed the globe ,