By the people, for the people.

You fucking mainstream normie squares get on my fucking nerves. Nobody thinks you're cool or trendy or intelligent other than yourselves. You're all leftist parasites and probably kikes as well.

posted to society by Taylor, Warlord of the Satisfied (5 comments)

Rex, Venture Capitalist of the Rich,

Lots of people think some of the liberals who are "normie square mainstream" are cool or trendy or intelligent.

Max, Observer of the Idealistic,

Few Republicans like to admit that the Second Ammendment, in all it's wisdom, also means.... Elephant Guns. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yoko, Paladin of the craft table,

Pipe bombs -- Weighted on one end probably with Roofing nails two glass jars - Draino in one Gasoline in the other -- top of roof- see antifa drop the bomb on top of them- fire and hot nails should feel good to them. what you think ?

Peyton, CTO of the Irredeemably Moist,

You know I normally don't have a problem with hate speech. Everybody does it so you can't foul anyone for it, but I am tired of you shitty human beings lumping everyone together. I'm not asking you to get along with everyone, it would be fucking weird if you did, but if you think your fucking funny by picking a fight with every single person just because they aren't exactly like you, then you're going to have walls close in on you fast. You yell because you're angry and upset. You leg your petty little emotions drive you forward and bitch ant anything you see. You sit there watching the news as much as everyone else, so stop being an emotional bitch and use you're fucking head for once.

Taylor, Warlord of the Satisfied,

All of you need a fucking knife plunged into your necks.