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Everyone knows that marijuana legalization is a one-sided issue that is only promoted and supported by people who smoke weed. It's nothing but legalized degeneracy. NEVER in my entire life have I heard of anyone dumb enough to support legalizing marijuana, but NOT smoke it. It's just not possible. I will KILL myself if I am proven wrong. That's how sure I am.

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Addison, Servant of the Poor,

I don't smoke but I will dedicate my career to finding less harmful treatments for patients, especially mental disorders, and illnesses that cause eating disorders. I fully support medical marijuana and making it available to the public. If alcohol, prescription drugs, hell, even junk food, is all so available... Why are you so judgemental towards the use of marijuana and making it available? Its the shit that actually has medical benefits and no side effects. I can see How alcohol can be considered "legalized degeneracy " but you categorizing marijuana in the same aspect is Fucking ignorant and a lame, worn out echo of a bad rep the world has given to the herb that needs to be eliminated. So go kill yourself I guess.. Right.. At least then the world would be rid of one less ignorant mf

Allison, Priest of the Financial Services department,

Wow look who's back. Wait don't you wanna throw in something about tattoos?

Andy, Paladin of Arts and Crafts,

Eat a bullet, you druggie degenerate.

Allison, Priest of the Financial Services department,

same old, same old. Not a druggie just cause I asked you about tattoos.

And no, I don't need to eat a bullet either. so interesting what makes types like you angry.