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Prince William is an effeminate bisexual involved with sex orgies, pedophilia, and blood drinking. Prince William was on the cover of a gay magazine because he is bisexual. The Windsor family run the Crown which runs orphanages or "Crown Wards" and the British royal family are involved with stealing children from these wards. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William as well as other members of the royalty and peerage are pedophiles and much worse. If they were to be taken out of power and investigated humanity would be shocked at what these satanists are doing.

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Harper, Master of Generosity,

The New York Times Washington post reported CIA links when the attack first happened Cyber Attack was ransomware demanding Bitcoin now they say North Korea to blame for global cyberattack using CIA software ? CBS This Morning shortly after Anonymous does a video The Rise of Bitcoin – Documentary !! People will believe anything . I find Anonymous guilty !! Anonymous: on one channel stated Mysterious Cyber Attack That Hit Washington D.C. Traced back To CIA Headquarters . and they did declare Global Cyber War against The new world order . and then they never said anything about blaming N Korea , for self attack. If Anonymous owns the internet then they know who did what , but surely they won’t tell on themselves will they ? Anonymous Official you should be jailed .