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They are satanic witches that eat genitals and babies. Hillary Clinton is a promoter of abortion and the real agenda behind it is harvesting babies and many young women are mislead into abortion by satanic witches that run the Democratic Party. Satanic witches really do eat children as well as sexual organs and they sexually get off on it. It is sexual cannibalism. That is where the story of Hansel and Gretel comes from. Hansel and Gretel is about two children that a witch tried to eat. This is the reason witches were burned alive. They are evil and they hurt children. Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton are top satanic witches in the United States and they hurt children. Katy Perry is using the defense of she is an "Illuminati mind control slave" and that she has no control over what she is doing. That is a lie. She is willingly wicked and using that as a defense. That is the real meaning of her song "chained to the rhythm" They are also threatening to murder children in response to me exposing them for hurting children. The Clintons are connected with the Chicago Mafia and the mafia are involved with human trafficking.

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Adrian, Musician of the Hungry,

They claim that exposing them as child murderers gives them the right to murder more children. This is how insane they all are.