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Zachary James Carr is a computer hacker and has hacked the entire internet. He is completely evil. He is involved in human sacrifices. He has murdered innocent people. He works under Steven James Dishon. There are a lot of people with the name Zach Carr. He is in his early twenties, has long hair, is openly satanic and very creepy. He is possibly living in Idaho. He is censoring people who expose satanic cults and organize crime. He has no conscience at all. He is pure evil and completely apathetic. He is a menace to society.

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Taylor, Curator of the IT department,

Maple Street Los Angeles nigga rolled up wit a bucket put te spread out - Lashan did that . tryna hit ray- roy .

Dana, Barbarian of Good,

Aledo, Il.

Elaine, Butcher of Generosity,

He's in Los Angeles He's an Executive Assistant to CEO at G.R.B. Entertainment . Yes he is a menace to society . Last time I saw him he said to some I .hope you love living under tyrannical rule you blind sheep !! Sinsinawa