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This is one issue I'm sick of hearing about. For one thing, the ONLY people who think weed should be legalized are stoners. If you don't smoke weed, why would you be in favor of it? Second, weed has been proven to be significantly harmful to one's health, contrary to what the fake-ass news media wants you to believe. Finally, weed smokers are a bunch of leftist parasites who should all be thrown in jail or executed. They certainly don't deserve the right to legally wallow in drug abuse at the expense of the general public.

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Harper, Sommelier of the Hungry,

I wonder what your stance is on alcohol.. Or prescription drugs.. Hell, even junk food..... If you think marijuana is " significantly harmful to the body" compared to the shit the average adult consumes on a daily basis, you are an ignorant Fuck. And yes, finding a way to tax something as common as marijuana would benefit the state. Not mentioning the help it would give to patients who are candidates for treatment and their families... How affordable their care could be... I wish people like you would shut the Fuck up and let the medical field at least progress and treat people with the shit that won't kill them verses coming up with more bullshit chemical mixes not meant for our bodies. Just because you have seen a few idiots act like idiots while using it doesn't mean that you can deny the science behind what it actually is and can do. Fuck how the world has portrayed marijuana thus far... It helps people. It is affordable. Its safer than mf Tylenol or a cheeseburger you prick. Maybe if you watched a little girl cry herself to sleep unable to eat for days then watch how her days following medical marijuana changed... Saw the picture she drew, how happy cleaning cookie crumbs made you ., and finally was able to see the little light that there before shine through.. If marijuana helps some people, If the taxes could benefit the state.. Why do you give a Fuck? Why do you think everyone who smokes is a mf stoner? I wish I could kick you in the face and then light you a joint so you could feel better without causing harm to your body with tylenol or whatever your bitch ass would take.. Pain killers kill thousands of ppl a year.. How many ppl have died smoking joints????....., please offer some mf facts before you continue to spread your hateful, ignorant bullshit

Frankie, Magician of the Wicked,

Except for the little kid that just had their 8th seizure today...sigh....

Brett, Archaeologist of Evil,

I know and the families of those who have chronic pain. And people who feel that its legalization would reduce the cost of policing.

Bobbie, Magician of Space,

Would that be you?