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I just was reading a news article about Trump being ignorant because he thought Korea was once a part of China. Well, according to the historical documents I was reading it said during the Ming Dynasty it was a part of China. So how was Trump wrong? I don't get it. 9 out of 10 news agencies care more about their opinions than real news. At what point do we just ask for the facts rather than someone's personal slant on things. Isn't there enough drama in the world that we don't have to turn to a fiction writer who is creating it? I saw real facts about some people that should have put them in prison, but they weren't because they had too much political power, while the same news agencies twisted rumors to their own agenda. I believe that if a news agency spits out 3 news stories in a month that have no real proof, then it should be shut down and the person jailed for 5 years, unless they state that it is only their opinion or rumor in the head line. And if it proven is just to defame someone, then double the jail time even with the "opinion or rumor" head line. One used to be able to believe what the news reported, but people have learned how much power there is in manipulating the media. So, I guess what I'm saying, is that I hope everyone is starting to realized they can't trust everything they read or see even if it used to be a legit source it may not be anymore since several news papers have been sold in the last decade. Good luck in sorting through the hype and conspiracies and pure fiction from some nut off his meds. Take care people and be wise.

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Shiki, Attendant of the Rich,

Kim Jong-Un was educated in Switzerland and is a Freemason. China controls North Korea and China is controlled by Hong Kong which was recently a British Colony. There are still many British bankers in Hong Kong today.