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Taylor Swift is known as Bia in Greek Mythology the spirit of violence and force. She emanates a spectrum of the left atrial systole which rushes blood to the mitral valve also called the bicuspid valve and generates the atrial kick in the cardiac cycle. The atrial kick is a swift force. She practices spiritual alchemy and attacks peoples hearts. She is a psychic sex predator and a thief. Her motivation appears to be demonic lust and greed. She serves Olivia Wilde's Amazon cult of sexual predators in Hollywood. Taylor Swift has an album called "Fearless" and that is the attitude these devils all have. They honestly think there will be no consequences for what they have done.


In Greek mythology, Bia[pronunciation?], (in Greek: Βία, "Violence"), was the personification of FORCE and raw energy, daughter of Pallas and Styx,[1] and sister of Nike, Kratos, and Zelus.[2]


Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter. One of the most popular contemporary female recording artists, she is known for narrative songs about her personal life, which has received much media attention.


Left atrial systole coincides with left ventricular diastole, driving blood through the mitral valve (MV) (also known as the bicuspid valve), into the left ventricle. The time variable of left atrial systole is (MV) open to (MV) close. The atria contains two valves, the mitral (bicuspid) and the tricuspid valves which open during the late stages of diastole.


The mitral valve, also known as the bicuspid valve or left atrioventricular valve, is a dual-flap valve in the heart that lies between the left atrium and the left ventricle.

Left atrial contraction (left atrial systole) (during left ventricular diastole) causes added blood to flow across the mitral valve immediately before left ventricular systole. This late flow across the open mitral valve is seen on doppler echocardiography of the mitral valve as the A wave. The late filling of the left ventricle contributes about 20% to the volume in the left ventricle prior to ventricular systole, and is known as the atrial kick.

The word mitral (/ˈmaɪtrəl/) comes from Latin, meaning "shaped like a mitre" (bishop's hat). The word bicuspid uses combining forms of bi-, from Latin, meaning "double", and cusp, meaning "point", reflecting the dual-flap shape of the valve.

medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary /atrial+kick

a·tri·al kick

the priming FORCE contributed by atrial contraction immediately before ventricular systole that acts to increase the efficiency of ventricular ejection due to acutely increased preload.

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The identity of Kratos is David Young and he is known as the spirit of power and might. David Young is actually a small man with deep insecurities and he is serving Pandora. David Young has similar hair color and skin tone as Taylor Swift who I identify as Bia and the left atrial systole. Kratos emanates the left atrium which is a chamber. The ancient Greek word Krater is a mixing vessel or a container used for water and wine; similar to a heart chamber that contains blood. The Illuminati and Occult use wine as a metaphor for blood. Kratos is a murderous spirit that alchemically attacks and sometimes murders people as sacrifices for energy. The hearts of the fallen are empty inside and they fill their hearts with the energy of others. They all act as if they have some god given right to torment people and steal their energy. They get excited from doing demonic and sadistic things. Fallen Jupiterians all serve the imposter Eurymedon who calls himself "Zeus Ombrios"


In Greek mythology, Kratos or Cratus (Ancient Greek: Κράτος ("Power") is the son of Pallas and Styx; he and his siblings Nike ("Victory"), Bia ("Force"), and Zelus ("Glory") are all essentially personifications.[1] Kratos, along with Bia, make a brief appearance in Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound, where in the opening scene, acting as agents of Zeus, they lead their captive, the Titan Prometheus on stage, and instruct Hephaestus to chain Prometheus to a rock, as punishment for his theft of fire.[2]


A krater or crater (Greek: κρατήρ, kratēr, lit. "mixing vessel") was a large vase in Ancient Greece, particularly used for watering down wine.

In fact, Homer's Odyssey[1] describes a steward drawing wine from a krater at a banquet and then running to and fro pouring the wine into guests' drinking cups.


The atrium (plural: atria) is a blood collection chamber of the heart.

The left atrium receives the oxygenated blood from the left and right pulmonary veins, which it pumps to the left ventricle (through the mitral valve) for pumping out through the aorta for systemic circulation.[3][4]  

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Justin Bieber is Ponos in Greek Mythology. Ponos is a Jupiterian spirit of labor, toil, and hard work. The name Bieber means "hard worker" and has a Jewish etymology. The ancient original Judans were primarily Jupiterians. Ponos appears to emanate a spectrum of the cardiac muscle cells which release Adenosine Triphosphate known as a "molecular unit of currency" making the cardiac muscles resistant to fatigue. Fallen angels misuse their affinities and give their power over to Satan and his sorceries. Fallen Jupiterians oppress the hearts of others and Ponos uses sorcery to steal the energy transfer to the heart over to other spectrums and other beings. The fallen angels are thieves.

Justin Bieber is an Illuminati idol worth over 50 million and he runs an Illuminati house or pyramid for the Vatican and Holy See. The name Bieber also comes from Beaver which build damns or houses. Justin Bieber is a Freemason builder. Generally Satan only allows sell outs to become famous and wealthy in the entertainment industry. Illuminati idols use their movies and songs as a way to gather fans which they rapture into their Illuminati pyramids or houses. They are soul traffickers and consider a soul as a source for energy or what they call spiritual currency. Fallen angels of Jupiter really are Zionists. They are stealing Z-ions. They are oppressing me and my people so they can steal ions.


Ponos[filtered hyperlink] was the god of hard labor and toil in Greek mythology.

ancestry /name-origin?surname=Bieber

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German biber ‘beaver’, German Biber, or Yiddish biber, hence a nickname, possibly a nickname for a HARD WORKER, or from some other fancied resemblance to the animal. In some cases the surname may be habitational, from a house or some other place named with this word. As a Jewish name it is largely ornamental.


Justin Drew Bieber (/ˈbiːbər/; born March 1, 1994)[2][3] is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

His U.S. album and singles sales total 44.7 million.[4][6] He has sold an estimated 100 million records, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists.[7][8]


Cardiac muscle cells or cardiomyocytes (also known as myocardiocytes[1] or cardiac myocytes[2]) are the muscle cells (myocytes) that make up the cardiac muscle (heart muscle).

Cardiomyocytes have a high mitochondrial density, which allows them to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) quickly, making them highly RESISTANT TO FATIGUE.


Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleotide, also called a nucleoside triphosphate, is a small molecule used in cells as a coenzyme. It is often referred to as the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer.[1]