By the people, for the people.

O.K let the Niggers run the country. The same one's who can't run their own house holds . Remember the 13 year old boy that shot himself two weeks ago ? Yeah, the little baboon had a gun and his mother didn't even know it . Where was daddy at ? Probably in Prison for shooting his brother . or uncle or some stupid Nigger shit. They can no longer say we white folks are wrong in our claims. of how ignorant and Violent Niggers are. Old man picking up cans on the side of the road , and bam !! shot for entertainment . I'm sure white folks are going to give you any kind of control over politics.

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Harper, Druid of Light,

Whites can't vote, because all of the inbreeding made them morons.

Harper, Druid of Light,

Just because you make shit up, doesn't make it true.

Bobbie, Keeper of the IT department,

But of course - noone is "tired" of posts like yours.

Bobbie, Keeper of the IT department,

No, Liberal news does NOT say white people shouldn't vote. That's just crap you made up as an excuse to once again belittle, insult and crap on black people to the exclusion of all other human behaviors that make life difficult. So, no other race aside from black people have trouble maintaining families, economies and households? no others commit violent crimes? Really?

Rook, Ninja of Darkness,

What if I told you white folk go do the same thing but it doesn't end up on the news. No race is more violent than the next. If all you take is what they air on your tv then your very misinformed about everything that's happening. And where the heck did you find that? I couldn't find anyone who said that in the news recently.

Addison, Garçon of Arts and Crafts,

Damn, I tried I honestly did try not to laugh at your statement . but the truth is , as long as The black man is breathing , we will never have peace on earth . Not only are you violent , but you blame every body else but yourself when that dog died , you make up lies about every body else . The Chinese man at the gas station refuses my food stamp I should kill him. Hey it's the white man's fault he gave me the food stamps . We never have that shit going on in White neighborhoods . Then you wonder why your dumb asses get killed by police . Yay police kill one for me.

Harper, Druid of Light,

Did your sister make you sleep on the couch again?

Kadnyce, Maiden of Time,

I'm white dipshit, and a cop. Just go ahead and try something and I'll be the first to put your ass away for every number of crimes I can stick to your puny ass.